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What happens when a little orange and purple cartoon horse appears? [DATA EXPUNGED]

Written for the April Pre-Reader Secret Santa event, in the style of SCP Foundation articles.

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This comment contains SPOILERS that will impact the intended tone of your reading. Please go read the "story" first!

For the writing event I was given the prompt: "Scootaloo has no parents because she's actually a magical construct designed to behave like a normal pony. She's either been lost or is being 'field tested', and her true nature is revealed when a passphrase is spoken in her presence. The precise nature of her purpose, the reveal, and the repercussions of this are up to you."

(Keep in mind that I only stuck to the vaguest idea of this prompt and that the true nature of Scootaloo as SCP-7909 cannot in any way be determined based on the prompt.)

At first I was going to totally parody the prompt and turn it into some sort of weird crossover involving the Iron Giant, starring Colt Horsely, who works for the government. Inspiration about giant attack robot Scootaloo never struck me though.

Then I randomly came across the SCP Foundation again this week. If you're not familiar, it's a wiki run by creative folks who write fake containment procedures for fictional dangerous supernatural phenomenon, usually erring on the side of creepy and psychological/body horror. So yeah, I was inspired, and after a bunch of research on SCP writing this monstrosity popped out.

2418236 Considering that Gizmoduck never did anything resembling what 7909aloo does, no, not quite. But I couldn't get it out of my head to include that little reference... Good catch!

Interesting story in an unusual (well-handled) format. Nice work.

I actually felt sad for Scootaloo and horrified for the human victims, though I can imagine you were more disturbed writing this than I was in reading it, especially since nothing was [REDACTED] for you.

2418514 Thanks! And yeah, let's just say that I have a very good mental image. Or, a very bad mental image, as it were.

Honestly? We need more stories like this.

I'm guessing nightmare moon is in scootaloo's head???

Also how do u hide your words like that?

Wow, so Scootaloo initially went berserk in Equestria when Sweetie read the dictionary, and to save everyone Twilight was forced to teleport her to Anywhere-But-Here-Ville?


Replace ( and ) with brackets [ and ]

(spoiler)Spoilered text goes here!(/spoiler)
Spoilered text goes here!

love it:pinkiehappy:

here's my favourite scp of all time > http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-096 this thing is fuckin' creepy

Author Interviewer

Cups, I love you and I feel you wrote this just for me. <3

I can say a few more things about the article itself, which I shall leave for further review. Hang tight!

Comment posted by RainbowDragon deleted Apr 13th, 2013

2419066 Thanks!
2419275 That's an interesting theory...
2420126 Maybe something close to that!
2420135 Heh, yup, that's a fun one. Just four pixels... just four pixels...

2420309 yeah, after this story i had to go read some more scp:s:pinkiehappy:

currently i have 12 folds up with different scp:s:eeyup:

2420341 Ha! It's always nice to accidentally inspire people to go spend a few more hours on SCP. :moustache:

Should we or should we not expect more like this? Because it's pretty good (better than I can do) and I'd hate to see such a great idea go to waste.:fluttercry:

2420846 When you say "more like this" what precisely do you mean? Because there are LOTS more things "like this," and better made than this, on the actual SCP Foundation site. If you mean more about 7909aloo, then no. If you mean me writing more semi-SCP articles about pony stuff and the SCP crossing over, unlikely.

For essentially being a corny pun, this was rather good.

I still believe in ya, Scoots...:applecry:

2420987 You mean the title? Yeah. I have the worst ideas when it comes to titles.

2420977 ...well, that's a shame, I was meaning the whole "7909aloo" thing and I already know of the foundation website ("Things Dr. Jack Bright Is Allowed To do at the Foundation" is hilarious.). Well, if you spontaneously decide to go against what you said and make more 7909aloo stories let me know.

Kudos for staying so closely within the format of an SCP file, It's much harder than most people realize. Anyway, a bit creepy and pretty near what I expected, though the personality shift was unexpected it does make sense in light of the reclassification to Euclid. Now that they know the trigger word though she could be reclassified to Safe.

2422587 Without knowing for sure that's the only way to activate 7909-2, I don't think that's really a very good idea!

2423797 You make a solid point. But really who programs something like that with multiple triggers? (magically creates?) I suppose that sort of thinking is why I wouldn't survive long in the Foundation.

2423805 For all we know, there's an SCP-7909-3 just waiting to be called out by the word Defenestration! :trixieshiftright:

I've practiced writing dossiers myself, and I say, this is pretty good. I wouldn't mind seeing more myself.

2423884 Glad to hear it, thank you! Honestly though, I think if I was going to write another one, it'd probably be a -J. But who knows, inspiration may hit.

All aspects of the alternate personality incident indicate a Keter classification to be more appropriate. 7909-2 is highly inimical to sentient life, and by all accounts impossible to contain while it is active, so it fits Keter like a glove.

2425170 Considering that 7909-2 seems to be completely contained using highly specialized but relatively non-resource intensive procedures, thus rendering 7909-2 to not be a constant threat while using said containment procedures, I feel that Euclid is an appropriate classification at this time.

Yay bureaucrat-chatter!

Given that Scootaloo has a memetic trigger (hearing or reading certain words) it can be contained easy enough by just isolating her.

So Scootaloo's going to be completely isolated for the rest of her life?

Damn, that's depressing... :applecry:

2425394 Yeah... I almost put a Sad tag on here, too, but... There's already four tags. I chose the four most appropriate, in my mind. But yeah, even if you DON'T read between the lines it's pretty sad. With some implying and imagination it can be reallyreally sad.

poor scoots.
on an unrelated note im assuming you like scp and there is a tv show that has a similar idea (capturing dangerous artifacts and locking then up) called Warehouse 13 and i adore that show so i can recomend it (i was actually watching it earlier today)

2470866 Yup, I obviously like SCP, but I also enjoy Warehouse 13. I'm totally up to date on Netflix and waiting for them to add more seasons.

2471609 you would have to be crazy NOT to like them

This story's great! I'm a HUGE fan of the SCP Foundation and the game based on it. Not sure if you already knew, but there's a MLP mod for Containment Breach and Scootaloo is actually an SCP in it! :scootangel:
My only weakness...a dictionary! EGAD!

3446420 Scootaloo is an SCP in it? Ha, neat! What kind?

3544493 It's hard to explain, but she basically stalks the player once they enter her chamber and follows them for the rest of the game. The only time you can see her is in the corners of your vision every now and then, and only for a split second, as she vanishes instantly. Very creepy.

You know, I wonder what the Crusaders would be doing back in Ponyville with the knowledge that Scootaloo went crazy and tried to kill them...

Maybe Applebloom got her cutiemark for beating a pony over the head with a shovel.

(Maybe a second chapter plot? *wink wink*)

The pppictures seeeem tooo have broke, I'll check on myy computer tomorow to see if its just on mobile

3904922 Thanks! I think I've fixed it, now.

This was fucking brilliant. Ten outta Ten, coming from someone terrified of the SCP foundation.

This was brilliant! Do more of them!

4062861 Probably not likely! But... anything could happen.

It's good, but a tad vague. I mean, I know SPC loves to keep things vague, and the horror is in the bureaucratic files, but maybe there could of been more?

Very good, short but good...

Ha. I don't know what SCP is, but I get the gist from this story. Also, rarely do I read something that reminds me of Duck Tales. That takes me back.

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