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Daring Do, world renowned treasure hunter, has had her share of
adventures. But now, in the looming threat of war and world domination, she
must brave the toughest challenge yet - facing down a horde of dragons, and
the villainous unicorn Iron Crest.

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As an experienced adventurer, Daring should know better than to say those words.

I mean, they're almost as dangerous as "This Plan Can't Fail!"

Or "What's the worst that could happen?" Or even "Celestia Herself could not sink this ship!"
One does have to wonder at Daring's motives, though. It sounds like she wasn't so much "recovering" the statue as she was "stealing it from its rightful owners." But maybe that's subjective.
More of an interesting setup than the usual fare. I think I'll have to track this one.

Dear lord, daring...DON;T SAY THAT!!! The fates have special mayhem lined up for people who tempt them like that...just ask my fanfic character...

I believe the phrase "Famous last words" gets invoked any time those words are uttered.

"What could go wrong?"

And thus, with the utterance of those words, Murphy's Law was then activated. Good one, Daring. :ajbemused:

Still, I am curious to see where this goes!

My first encounter with the inevitable Daring Do fanfiction, and I am not disappointed! This is a great start, keep it coming. :pinkiehappy:

193791 Kind of like Indy at the beginning of Last Crusade? Except without the part where it takes years to succeed?

It belongs in a museum, after all.

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