• Published 20th Nov 2011
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Facets and Flaws - Scarlett

Diamond Tiara is spoiled, Silver Spoon is sheltered, both have secrets, will friendship survive?

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Interlude: A Bit of Polish

WARNING: This story will contain adult themes including homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and other controversial themes. I will be avoiding explicit sex, however if you are offended easily, please do not read.

Facets and Flaws

By: Scarlett

Interlude: A Bit of Polish

Earlier that Summer. . .

Sweetie Belle had spent yet another morning all alone, her two best friends gone at camp. Even sand castles weren’t cheering Sweetie up today, no matter how many parapets she added, not even the little flags she put at the top. So she had just been sitting alone in the sandbox at Ponyville’s schoolhouse when a pink filly who mirrored her mood and worse had slowly walked by.

“Hi!” Sweetie shouted running through her castle over in her haste, “Wanna play!?”

Diamond Tiara had flinched away startled as Sweetie Belle had announced herself, jumping onto the fence surrounding the playground and clinging to it as she peered over. Diamond’s response was the usual, “Oh, it’s the marshmallow, yeah, I’d like totally LOVE to play with you,” her tone dripping in sarcasm, as she looked over to Silver Spoon for confirmation— Silver wasn’t there.

“Great!” Sweetie said, though a flash of pain in her eyes may have indicated she understood more than she let on, “Wanna push me on the swing? Pretty please?”

Diamond felt a lump in her throat as she realized how alone she felt, and she almost said yes right then. “Why would I push you, we aren’t friends, like, you totally hang out with a bunch of nopony dweebs,” she replied haughtily.

Sweetie had asked, “Why arrr-en’t we?” wrinkling her nose as she drew out the contraction, it was similar to ain’t but wasn’t quite the same, did it mean the same thing?

Diamond had opened her mouth to criticize, but instead she bit her tongue and thought for a moment. Sweetie had been one of the blank flanks, and a quick ally of that bumpkin Applebloom, but she was also Rarity’s sister. Surely that counted for something. She had always been nice even when she and Silver had teased her. She missed Silver so badly. “A-alright, we can get on the swings, but I go first,” she demanded.

Puppy dog eyes ended up giving Sweetie first go after all, but Diamond had felt it worth it at the end of the day, and when Sweetie had asked why she had been sad, she had told her everything.

Sweetie had just given her a smile and a big hug, “I’m sorry, Diamond.”

Those simple words of commiseration had for a moment melted through years of self-loathing, was she really worth caring about? Somepony who wasn’t family seemed to think so for once.


A few weeks after that. . .

As Silver began spending more and more time with the Dancer girl, Glitter Spoon had noticed a change in her daughter. She was smiling. Even at home, Glitter would catch her daughter thinking of her plans for the next day with a grin upon her face. It wasn’t until then that Glitter realized her daughter hadn’t been happy with the life they had planned for her, not for a long time, and the thought began to haunt her. Why hadn’t she noticed, and what was so different about her time outside the home?

Wasn’t she doing what was best for her little girl?


About that same time. . .

Ruby Tiara had noticed right away as her daughter had begun to change. Instead of mean spirited gossip that Ruby had to chastise her for, and the latest fashions in all the magazines, Diamond spent most of their time as mother and daughter talking about some filly named Sweetie Belle and the fun things they had done that day. Ruby hoped Diamond was being a bit more careful this time, and making a true friend— and only a friend. She didn’t need to worry about the other for now, she was still so young. Diamond was probably always going to be a bit of a bitch, Ruby giggled to herself, but whoever this Sweetie was, she was making her a better pony.


Approaching Midsummer. . .

Big Macintosh was nervous, he hadn’t asked a mare out in years— but now that Applebloom was nearly grown and he didn’t need to worry about her nearly so much, a particular mare had caught his eye. Simple pony that he was, the Stallion realized she had been right under his nose for years. The very sight of her yellow coat nowadays was enough to make his knees quiver.

She wasn’t the smartest pony around like that Twilight Sparkle, or the coolest like Rainbow Dash. She was glamorous enough, but she wasn’t a Rarity— and a little bit more comfortable with civilization than his dear sister Applejack, yet at the same time didn’t mind being out among farm and forest. She definitely didn’t have. . .

. . .whatever it was Pinkie Pie had.

After getting to know all of his sisters friends a bit over the years, he had learned a little bit of what he wanted in a mare, and this one, well, she just seemed to suit him just right. He could imagine living out his whole life on the farm with her.

Now Big Macintosh stood at her doorstep and he only had one real question, was a bouquet of carrots a good gift for the mare? Big Mac knew he’d love a bucket full of apples if he had been a mare and was receiving the gift and—

Oh no! Did Carrot Top just open her door? What would he say?


Not long before Midsummer. . .

The only things that really and truly interested the young colt Snails, were cooking, magic tricks, and Rainbow Dash. Even though Snips was his best friend, he had still thought he might have some interest in that Twist girl— all red and white and normal colored, but she didn’t even have wings, or a rainbow mane, or that beautiful blue flank. . .

. . .the boy drooled a little. In fact the only flaw that Rainbow Dash had was that she wasn’t a chef, but nopony was perfect. He wondered if Rainbow Dash would be at the ball in a few weeks, he knew she sometimes performed in other towns, headlining her own one-pony air show— the Wonderbolts had proved too restricting for her, though they still asked her to appear with them on occasion.

Maybe he could ask her to dance— Snails swallowed loudly, would he have the courage?


That same day. . .

Their love triangle had grown so complicated that Rainbow Dash wasn’t even sure which of the other two she was supposed to be dating at the moment, or whose bed she was in. She did know that all three of them had far too much cider the night before, and now she did not want to open her eyes. She could feel the headache waiting to explode to even greater strength as soon as she pulled herself from the covers and opened her eyes to the light.

Maybe she could just lean over and tell by touch. That puffy mane had to be Pinkie Pie right? She seemed to remember Pinkie nibbling on her ear. So she was still upstairs in Sugar Cube Corner—

Then what was that wing doing there? And didn’t she remember somepony yelling, “Yay!” while she licked— where she licked.

This could not end well.


A few days prior to the masquerade. . .

Twilight stared at the letter in disbelief— Trixie wanted to see her. She was coming to perform at the masquerade, and she wanted to discuss, “Us.”

Twilight clutched the letter to herself tightly, breathing in the hint of lavender perfume. She could barely believe it, not after the way Trixie had run out the last time. Twilight had been afraid she had lost her forever, after she had suggested that Trixie stop traveling so much, maybe just a few big shows a year— Twilight wanted to raise a foal with her.

Trixie’s response had been to flee immediately, with only her cape, hat and stagecoach. Twilight hadn’t heard from her in months— that wasn’t altogether out of the ordinary when she was traveling, but Twilight Sparkle had been afraid that her sometimes friend, student, teacher and lover had fled for good.

Her thoughts drifted back to all those years ago, when the PI she had hired had finally caught up to Trixie. Twilight had restored her hat and cape to her, and after a long talk had helped her with a new act, and a new stage. She wouldn’t come back to perform in Ponyville, which disappointed Twilight, but she often came secretly just to visit. Twilight wasn’t even sure when they had first kissed. Their trysts had spanned years, with Trixie leaving to perform often.

She knew how important performing was to the mare, but she had hoped they could at least discuss it, compromise. . .

. . .she was coming back!


The morning Applejack snuck into bed. . .

Rarity had woken up at 3am, triggered by her magical alarm spell. Soon enough she would need to wake up the pony below her, but for now she could nuzzle into Applejack’s belly and enjoy the warmth, and the smell of apples and sweat. She purred softly and with a quick burst of magic, gave herself another hour to enjoy her love.


That evening, a few hours before she was supposed to wake for the masquerade. . .

Silver Spoon rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked around the dark room. Scarlett had kicked her covers off of her bed and they had landed on Silver as she lay on her mattress on the floor. That must have been what had woken her up.

She yawned and stretched, sitting up, and looked over towards her friend, “Scarlett, are you awake?” she softly whipered.

Silver Spoon looked up over the edge of the bed and gasped in surprise, she could see it. Scarlett’s slip had ridden up just enough on one side that she could get a full view. Wow, she couldn’t believe she hadn’t guessed anything like it, not at all.

Scarlett’s cutie mark wasn’t a stuffed animal, or a cupcake, or any of her other guesses. It was a heart with a bandage on it. It was SOOOOO CUUUUTE! Silver wished her friend wasn’t so self-conscious, her cutie mark was the best, so what if her hooves and shoulders were a bit larger than most filly’s and her hips a little too slim. She was adorable- if only she would show her mark off a bit.

Silver giggled softly clasping a hand to her mouth. She smiled down at her friend who fidgeted as she spread the covers back over her.

She kept glancing back at her sleeping friend as she tiptoed to the door— she needed a drink of water, and maybe the restroom, then hopefully back to sleep for an hour or two.

The grin remained plastered on her face, she was so happy she finally knew that secret at last.