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Long ago, when Princesses Celestia and Luna both ruled together, a war was fought in the shadows between Luna's Brotherhood of Assassins and Celestia's Order of the Knights Templar. Blood was spilled across Equestria until the banishment of Princess Luna, and the Brotherhood went into hiding, while Celestia and her Templars gained complete control of Equestria. The return of NightMare Moon and rebirth of Luna brought the Brotherhood out of hiding and the war between the Brotherhood and the Templars began once again. The Brotherhood's targets are all known as the "saviors" of Equestria, the bearers of the Elements of Harmony.

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The dialogue seemed.. sluggish.
Tracking anyways

so, just wondering when to expect next chapter


I've actually put this on hold while I work on another story for a little. I'm not sure when I'll get back to this, but you're free to go read my other story in the meantime.

Tracking. And if you need an OC feel free to ask

530779 Thanks, and as for adding OCs, I'm not doing that with this story. Some of my future projects will definitely have quite a few of them.

And here comes the calvery, maybe

and this is where the doctor does what he does best..

"That can't be all their after. There would have to be more to it than just world domination."
7 paragraphs in, "their" should be "they're":twistnerd: sorry:twilightsheepish:

I imagine next line like this
Seeker: :facehoof: dude, what did I JUST tell you about capturing? when we get back to Canterlot I want a new squad-mate


Thanks for pointing that out. I would have never know otherwise.


Welp shit is about to hit the fan

the doctor the man who keeps running

Awesome story love the Assassin's Creed games and adding ponies makes at least 20% cooler i hope you find the time to finish the fic I must know what happens next. :heart:


yes you updated! I am so proud of you!:rainbowkiss:

I'm glad to see that you enjoy this, and expect more in the future.:twilightsmile:

Also, this goes to anyone and everyone: I'm still looking for someone that is willing to do some cover art for this. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Love Assassin's Creed.
Love fan fics.
I can't wait to see more of this story. :rainbowkiss:

Sorry for such a short chapter and for the delay. This chapter is more just explaining certain events that will take place in the near future.

thank god he didnĀ“t killed doctor whooves

That's too bad about Fancypants being a Templar. He was a pretty cool pony. Also, it's spelled "dying".

*doesnt read the story yet*


(no seriously, i didnt read the story yet...)

"Dyeing" is coloring cloth. "Dying" is to become dead. Apparently, "dieing" is to stamp with a die. Sometimes I hate the English language.

Finally, I found one! Assassin creeds fic, activate!

I have a feeling that it's going to be Tardis travel time

Aww. I like Spitfire. I hate Blueblood so kill him, but the rest I couldn't care less.

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