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A young stallion moves to Ponyville after the death of his grandfather. He meets new friends and forms a special bond with them. A chance encounter with an arrogant griffon sends his life into a whirlwind as he strives to protect the filly he calls his little sister, along with the rest of his newfound friends.

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Nice start, I can't wait for more. Keep on writing!

You are not the shell of the person you were.

You just need to find the key you lost along the way. :twilightsmile:

While this is good, Fluttershy is insanely OOC. Fluttershy (From what I can tell) is more shy around ponies than animals, even monstrous ones. Her just talking to a new pony without knowing anything about him is just OOC for her. Remember the first episode of MLP? She hid behind her mane and talked in a whisper, being friends with Twilight and everyone else may be opening her up a little, she is still a very shy pony (Fluttershy(SHY is in her name for bananas sake))

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