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This story is a sequel to The West Is Not Enough

When an incident in a Manehattan theater quickly becomes a hunt for a strange killer, secret agents Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are drawn into a bizarre conspiracy behind stage in a city that never sleeps.
Proofread by the fantastic RTStephens. The cover image was made from backgrounds and vectors by SDC2012, Quanno3, EROCKERTORRES, and CobaltWinterborn on deviantART.

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You have no idea how perfect the timing of this story's publishing is. I'm literally scrolling through my read-later list, thinking, "Man, nothing I'm quite in the mood for," and then BOOM, one of my all-time favorite series gets an update. Hell yeah.

2398593 ditto! Hell to the yes for more awesome!

this need this

to me anyways

An intriguing start. I greatly look forward to another more serious M:Implausible story, and all the characterization is as fun as ever. The exchange between Watt and the receptionist was priceless.

Once more into the neighing dark!
I think you've captured manehatten pretty well. Sounds like the way my mom described New York and from what I've seen in every movie.
And that scene with Watt was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I love this! I went to college in New York and I worked there for two years and this story already makes me miss it so much. :fluttershysad: You are definitely still on top with these stories. Give me more! :flutterrage:

Who's on first, Watt's on second.

Looking forward to another fantastic installment in this series. You have yet to disappoint me.

2398842 I actually lived in New York for some years, and it's captured perfectly! :pinkiegasp:

And it's back! Huzzah for secret agent mares! :pinkiehappy:

:trollestia: New Wave faked her death because she would never amount to anything more then what she was now so using that old black magic she faked her death to later reappear and re take the themerse world as a new pony.

Oh I guess I should add this is my guess of what happened.

Ooo, I love your world-building. You know how to paint a picture. Characters seem interesting, too. And you (usually) can't go wrong with a good murder-mystery. No way I can pass this up!

If only the agents knew what they were getting into... :unsuresweetie:

No, no, no...

There we go, ^^

I just gotta say, the pony puns are the best. I also like the Watts on first bit.

Well, there are the three prequels if you want more. Heck, I might just go read them again for the hell of it.

2400469 :facehoof: but i need to catch up with like 300 more stories, you know what the banner says:
And i want keep on the new stuff :fluttershysad: Don't make sad Catchupshy plz :fluttershyouch:

Well, the Mission Impausable stories are quite short, only about 30,000 words each. And really, this one benefits massively if you read the others first. There's tons of characterisations and backstory that you're missing out on.

Great characterization of Manehatten (Can you characterize a city? I feel like there's a better word I'm missing.) and I love the idea of themerse.

2400045 Needs more wubs (but still awesome secret agent music.)

look at it this way if your investigation leads you to any of these places you will know where to go XD

I love the Who's on First, Watt's on Second gag. Keep up the good work.

Man, this is one hell of a premise and start, I can't wait for more!

Cool theatre magic and a visit to the Big Apple Orange in the 80s, when theater was seeing a revival? Awesome. :coolphoto:
Alternate title: Only the Dead Know Bronclyn. *Rimshot*
(Modern NYC trains have a blue interior color scheme, though the older trains occasionally see use, and the subway has cleaned up its act, if not its rusty steel beams. Yeah, on second thought, it's still pretty gritty looking, if not grimy. Clearly, though, modern NYC is not as fun to visit as a wretched hive of scum and villainy is!)
Celestia politely requested that the "Solar Empire State Building" change its name to the current moniker once Luna came home, so as to not give her sister the wrong idea. She quietly ignored protests from the building's owners that she herself had named it such in the first place.

Woohoo, it's here! Happy it got featured.

Has anyone noticed that the name Watt sun can be turned into Watson the name of Sherlock Holmes partner if anyone who hasn't heard of Sherlock Homles he is suppsed to be the greatest detective of all time.

*has written a story called "When Love Falls" THIEF!:flutterrage: :trollestia:

Lol, amusing story WAITIN FER MOAR!



2407845 Does only watching a bit of the show count?

2406488 I did indeed ride a few of the cars with blue interiors, although for some reason most of the trains I rode had the old orange and red seats. Probably because I mostly rode the 1 line, that one probably uses the older cars more often. Even with that, I'd consider the New York Subway pretty gritty looking, though I do love it so.


*has written a story called "When Love Falls" THIEF!:flutterrage: :trollestia:

I'm afraid I don't see the similarity. :trollestia:

2408418 Depends on which show, but if you're referring to the current BBC series, it just so happens I put in a reference back in You Only Live Twice. But that's really the only thing from Sherlock in this entire series. And "Watt Sun", I guess, but that's it.



There wasn't any hence the :trollestia: X3 great story bro! MORE!

Comment posted by Still Wearing Black deleted Apr 11th, 2013

At last, I'm officially up-to-freaking-date on one of my favorite fanfiction series of all time!

Great so far. I enjoyed reading all your descriptions of Neigh York; it's a very distinct environment and fun to read about.

Funny coincidence about Watt Sun's exchange with the receptionist: there is a Watt St. in my neighborhood, and a while ago, I punched out a "What street?/Watt Street" skit between two ponies. And just today, my friend walked by with me and started that same routine with me without knowing anything about this story or my script. Sooo I probably would've enjoyed yours more had I not already written it myself. :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for the next update. No doubt this fanfic will be just as witty, exciting, hilarious, and reference-packed as all the others. (Wow, that description fits defender2222 as well... Probably the only reason I love his stuff slightly more than yours is the presence of Spike!) Looking forward to whatever you cook up.

2407845 I have only seen the movies is that good enough?

2410131 You don't need to have seen any Sherlock Holmes stuff to follow along, honest. There was a single reference to the current BBC series and that's it. Ignore the loon with an affinity for caps lock. :derpytongue2:

2410339 I want to see the new show But I don't know when it is on.

2410350 It's on Netflix, if you have that. Totally worth it.

2408578 For the reply to LordChrysalis's comment, I think he is somehow referencing the title.

Ooooh, things got twisted here. The body count is rising and the suspect is playing hardball.

Nice use of the subway and the stereotypical Bronclyn accent. Too too funny!

The agents better speed up their process before more ponies hit the floor.

Keep at it!

If the pony wasn't a unicorn, and assuming the "magnet hooves" rule does not apply, I bet the murder weapon would have teeth marks on it. I'm not sure how unique herbivore teeth impressions would be, but if the murderer was human this would make him easier to identify. (He'd also be clearly off his rocker, stabbing people with a knife held in his teeth.) Even if he was a unicorn, I bet magic would leave a distinct aura on objects it affects.

Also, they've gotta catch this killer before too many of New Wave's wishes are posthumously fulfilled!

red tape and a pain in the ass if you ask me, because even though manehatten gave the case to them bronclyn will probably want to be kept in the loop since the cold murder happened in their back yard so to speak

The taxi driver was having none of it. “Outta my way, ya bums!”

“Who ya callin’ a bum?!” one of the mares screamed back.

“Yeah, put a sock in it, ya joik!” the other mare shouted.

I'm pretty sure the first conversation I ever had in the actual Brooklyn went something like that... Bravo for realism, Sir, :moustache:

Just like it to be a "for hire detective agency".

When the shit flies, the cops tie them up with suspicions and dumb questions.

Statue of Harmony? Sugarettes? If there was an award for Master of Puny Puns, you would be a finalist without a doubt.

The action sequences are coming in pretty small doses compared to your previous M:I works. Looks like you're going more for a gritty murder mystery here. Count me excited.

Hmm... do you plan on having any motorized chase scenes? Manhatten's the place to do it. :pinkiehappy:

Not a bad move on the killers part curtain call probably knew who he/she was and decided to um... off her before she could spoil the surprise:pinkiecrazy:

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