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I wish you would tell us when switching point of view. Also, split ti into chapters, instead of having one long one. All in all though, good job! 'Twas quite adorable. And slightly hot during the sex scene.

2402837 I'm going to split it into chapters, with horizontal rules to denote the switch of perspective. I was already planning on it and am currently working on the first official chapter. The huge chapter is just for anyone who wants to see the unedited product as it happens. It's really for people to know my pain :trollestia:

Thanks for the feedback by the way!

2402882 You are quite welcome.:twilightsmile:

Holy anal cakes you replied fast, and that was the first time in a while I used an emoticon.

2402903 I have no life, and I usually respond faster than that if I'm on when the comment is posted.

2402915 I usually reply fast as well.

the only complant i have is the point of views i got confused about who was it talking as

2406839 I'm working on that. You'll see the first part of that massive thing uploaded, edited, as an independent chapter later on today.

Ran the stats on this story, and it got 69 views on 9 April. My life is now complete :raritywink:

2416862 Congratulations. I hope that you

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