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Kharak, a barren wasteland orbiting an insignificant star, has been our home for as long as we can remember. Until now, only vague myths of our past remained, but then came the discovery: an ancient tablet long hidden in the Great Banded Desert, buried within the wreckage of a half destroyed spacecraft. Now we know, this planet is not ours. We have been driven away from our Homeworld by conquerors, and billions of our people are dead. It is time to leave this cold, lifeless planet. It is time to return home.

Based on RELIC Entertainment and Sierra Game Studios' HOMEWORLD

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 79 )

Ohh geez I remember this game.

Also spoilers for those not in the know.

Those feels man, those feels. I nearly cried the first time I played this level.

Anyways, it'd be nice if you could make the chapters longer.

i like what i'm reading so far. i'm hoping for lovely space battles and drama :raritystarry:

Mission 3: RtK was indeed sad.

I'll work on making the chapters longer, its just that the first 3 missions are very short so there's only so much i can write for them.

Thanks for the Fav and ur positive comment.

As for epic space battles... I'll try, but i don't know how well I would be able to capture the idea of the very cinematic battles in HW. I mean this game isn't just strategy, its art.

When i saw that HW:E had been approved i did a silent fistpumpYES!
then i see 2 favs and 5 upvotes and i was like:rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

I'll be posting every 3 days or so, cus I'm playing through just so i can be sure to keep some HW canon, but my performance in missions will also affect the story. I just finished M3 last night, so expect Missions 2+3 in the next day or so.

Also minor spoiler, i only saved 5/6 cryotrays, fuckin goodfernuthin Taidan:twilightangry2:

More on which MLP race is which HW race coming after mission 4. i have two locked:
Kushan - Ponies (duh)
Bentusi - ??? (already decieded)
Taidan - ???
Turanic - ???
Keepers of Kadesh - If you've played this game then you know already, if not. Mhuhahahahaha!

Lets see your guesses

Hey, a fellow Homeworld fic author! Awesome!

That now gives us a total of 3 Homeworld fics. Although the very first fic was written pretty badly by some dude a long time ago, who basically copied the script of the game, and used ponies for characters.

You won't find a bigger HW fanatic than me, that's for sure! I still enjoy playing the first, through I'm loving the mods on the second.

Aaaaand random OST inbound:

I'm going to stick very close to the games script and try keep HW canon as much as possible, but on a sub level i will start exploring how ponies would live on a colony ship, and interact with each other.

Also, don't expect a happy fun time story. Ponies will die. HW is filled with death, M3 RtK is proof of that.

On a side note. I'm working on Mission 2 : Outer Kharak so expect it before the weekend. I'll do my best to get it to you by then


Sticking to the script is fine, as long as there is something else. I think your story can really stand out you do go for the the 'interaction on a ship' thing, so I wish you the best of luck. There is so much potential for a heap of stories here, considering the journey to Hiigara took 6 months. That's a lot of time in hyperspace!

Feel free to shoot me a message if you want any assistance on canon, like Kharak's history, and the Kiiths, which, by the way, could be an interesting idea if you want to add conflict aboard. Ahh, but it's your story. It's Homeworld. That automatically makes it awesome!

I'm going to stick with my own time scale as i have developed an entire date system. time progression will be seen in the dates on Eclipse's journals. more explained later.

Also i like the Kiith idea, but what I'll do is extend it toward the 3 pony clans(read tribes)

I haven't read this yet, though I will. Right now it's on my read later list. Sorry, I don't feel like reading much right now. My brain...:facehoof:
As for cryotrays. While it is possible to save all six of them, it is really difficult(I somehow did it once, a long time ago) and there is no voice confirmation of it. The count goes to 500k and that's it. I think it is assumed you will not secure that last one. I might be wrong though, seeing as I haven't played that for a long, long time.
And derp... I remember Keepers but who in the world could they be in MLP-verse? My stupid brain can't think of any... Will have to read at some point and see. Though maybe Changelings? Kind of fits... what with join us or die or something... I do remember that correctly, right?

You know, I never did finish this game. The farthest I got is that station that blocks hyper entry surrounded by that hundred or so Ion Frigates. I somehow got into this empty skull of mine that I wanted to capture them all, mwhahahahahaha! Standard procedure, use cloacking generator and a swarm of capture frigates salvage corvettes... shows what I remember... and a lot of careful luring. I already was like 30 in when I was forced to abandon computer... I got the saves and I do believe there are still somewhere there... I just don't know where. It was, like, seven years ago? Kinda lost count... Plus I kind of lost the drive to play recently... dunno why.

Hmm... maybe I will regain my drive soon and I shall reinstall and replay that piece of art.

Amazing chapter and I hope to see more of this awesome story!

I know that behaivior, my Unread Chapters count is sitting at 126 at the moment.
As for saving the Trays, often they get attacked by 4 assault frigates, but sometimes the game derps and only puts in 3. which makes it much easier to save all 6. if they do make a remake of HW, that should be an achievement.

Achievemnt Get: Hero of the people
Save all the Cryo Trays

and with the keepers, i'm thinking of doing a freaky thing that references another fic i like. wait and see

Ah, that warm fuzzy feels, when you try something out of your comfort zone and people like it.

Mine is 180 at this point.
Four? I always had three... I think? The number was consistent, of this I am sure.
Remake??? Mind pointing in the correct direction? Is it that HW2 mod? That's the first thing I found. Well, second. First was some old uncompleted Linux port.
Welp, derp... I am blind... disregard this one...:derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2: Missed one crucial bit and understood it as when they do, implying it is in making...:twilightsheepish::facehoof:

Nope a remake is just a wish of mine. mabbi HW fans should petition RELIC?

I'll load a screenshot of the 4 Assaults later

I think we all wish for a remake. Or at least for easily obtainable series... Don't have cataclysm and amazon is not really an option for me. Different continent and all that jazz with shipping and stuff...
Oh, it would be awesome for, say GOG to get them... Mmmmm... Oh, well, a man can dream.
And you don't really need to post screenshots. I believe you. Maybe I simply don't remember? It could be that it's four and I simply forgot it glitched to three at that one time? Dang it, where did I put that game's CD? For that matter, where is its copy, made because original started behaving funny at one point?

Darn, just realized I wrote capture frigates instead of salvage corvettes up in comments... shame on you, brain... shame on you...

Edit 2:
Now that I watched playthroughs... it's four. And I think it was four that one time. I think I spammed them with salvage corvettes. Or maybe I used repair ones to heal that one tray...

Confusting 1 and 2. thats why i'm playing through again to keep story write. my first draft had the Sajuuk-kar. that is brain fail. might still reference though.

my disk didnt want to install the game so i had to download it off the pirate bay. also HW2 doesn't like win7 and the fact i have daemon tools. even with the legit disk and no iso's mounted i still get securom screaming about disk emulation. so i had to crack it too. scumbag DRM

You're both right. Actually, this is a dynamic difficulty feature of the game. The size of the enemy fleet per level will vary slightly, based on your own fleet size. My tactic was to build up a load of salvage corvettes, and then use my scouts to distract the assault frigates, while I grabbed them all! I would then retire them, so by the time I was ready to attack the first Taiidani fleet, I had enough resources for the deadliest weapon of all: A wall of heavy corvettes backed up with support frigates.

Seriously, 36 supported heavies will rip through almost anything.

and then you pres "Z" with them selected and targeting a single ship in Sphere formation.
unleash the hurt.

with H-corvette z activates a barrage fire.

I replayed mission 3 and did M4 last nite. so fun. caputered the required ass frig and a spare, then in M4 the turanic HS jumped 6 Ion-Array frigs to my MS... i had 12 salvage waiting for em. there where also two escorting the carrier. all 8 are mine now! Mhuehuehuehuehuehuehue:trollestia:


I had a little too much time on my hands one time, and on M2, I decided to let the Raiders attack until they ran out of fuel. Then I launched my salvagers and took them all.

Bit tricky, though. You need to do it one at a time. Set your corvette to kamikaze, then just at the last second before it hits, you cancel the order and issue a normal attack.

I ended up with all the Turanic ships, and retired them for more salvage corvettes. Got 11 ion arrays in M4. Man, it was hilarious.


I have faith in you sir that you will not buck this up, because I am a huge home World fan.

For more HW fic greatness check out Hiigaran's fic: Also called Homeworld: Equestria
I believe its set after the second game, while mine follows the first.

To be honest, i am thoughraly suprised at how many people know and love this game. every gamer i've spoken to (even at the rAge expo [SA's biggest Gaming and PC expo {I've gone to 7 of the 10 that have happened so far}]) have no idea what i'm talking about


Bah! Their minds have been corrupted by the crap that is today's games. Everyone these days is content with each new installment of COD (ie, same gameplay, different weapons), or think that DOTA and LoL are RTS games. They are not. They are the retarded cousins of RTS. True RTS games such as Homeworld and Company of Heroes are where it's at. Even Dawn of War. Funnily enough, Relic made all of them, and with the exception of Dawn of War 2 (they turned it into a hybrid RTS RPG, which ruined it with all the repetitiveness), they are probably one of the best developers.

Also, if anyone still plays HW2, seriously, get the REARM mod. It's awesome.


Turanics and Kadeshi are playable races.



I have HW 2 i'm just having trouble getting it to run on WIN 7. i'm thinking of partitioning my HDD and reinstalling XP just for HW2

I must admit, i saw the REARM mod a few days ago and was :pinkiegasp:

Oh! And to see Eclipse:
Before M2: i.imgur.com/Wga4RQj.png
After M2: i.imgur.com/85JXh4L.png
Credit goes to Genaral Zoi , who’s pony maker I used to make those two models
I used Fluttershy style mane and tail in the maker as it didnt have quite the mane and tail that i originally envisioned.
I’ll put Maelstrom up with the next chapter cus I’m lazy.


Yeah, Win7 has issues, but you can fix them. You need to make sure you patched it to 1.1, and then in the options, you need to enable vsync, or otherwise you cant rotate the camera.

I should probably ask what issues you have, for starters.

Thanks for the vsync prob. my friend had that prob. then called it a crap broken game. i nearly punched his face for that.

for me. If i legit install it gives me shit about rom emulation because i have Daemon Tools installed, so i downloaded a win7 repack off tpb and it launched the first time. now it doesnt do anything but i can see it in system processes. thats one of the reasons i want a remake.


Try replacing DT with PowerISO. Still has the ability to mount disk images, but I've never had a problem with HW2.


Is it free? is it easy to use?


Yeah. It will bug you about buying it when you open it up, though. Sort of like WinRAR, but it never locks you out. And you dont even need the program running to mount files. You can just right click the file to mount, and it works.


Twilight Sparkle Approved!:twilightsmile:

Amazing chapter and I was amazed at the emotion in this chapter! Hope to see more of this awesome story!

Your welcome and what you can do is keep making this awesome story! Just so you know this is not me rushing you if you think it is.

If anyone has played this game, then has anyone else gotten their ass kicked repeatedly by the Garden in the nebula?

I've quit because I can't get past that.


You should spend the previous levels building up a wall of heavy corvettes with at least 4 support frigates. Do not build any multi gun corvettes, as their firepower is lower than the heavies. Once you reach the Garden, your heavy corvette wall should be your front line, while being constantly repaired by your support frigates. If you have drone frigates, they should be at the front lines, too. All other ships should attack the fuel pods. By destroying (or salvaging) fuel pods, the swarmers need to pull out of the battle for longer times, as they return to the needleship, which makes attacking them easier.

Don't waste your resources building up a fleet of destroyers. It's not worth it. Not at this point. The best tactic would be to max out your corvettes with heavies (only after the first Great Wastelands level. You should have a lot of salvage corvettes before, to capture all those ion arrays), have 4 to 9 support frigates, and the rest of the frigates as ion cannon frigates. The heavy corvettes will literally shred through anything that is a fighter, corvette, or frigate, and given enough support frigates, they can quite easily take down a destroyer. Missile destroyers are even easier to take down. All you need now are the ion cannon frigates to take care of anything larger, and you're good to go. If you still have resources to spare, you could get some attack bombers to back the ion frigs. No need for interceptors, with the heavies around.

Timing and management is also important. Make sure you use the group functions (select some ships, then press ctrl + a number to assign a group, which you can later instantly select by pressing that number). So assign heavies to group 1, ion frigs to group 2, and so on. Don't select all your ships to attack everything. In kadesh, get the heavies to attack swarmers, ions to fuel pods (and later the needleship), and so on.


What Hiigaran said, also in mission 4 where you first meet the Bentusi, try capture as many Turanic Ion Array Frigates as possible. while the relicnews shipyrds suggest that the ion frigate you build is better in beam duration, the array frigate has a longer reach. i recommend a mixed group.

If you find the garden difficult, wait for the cathedral...

Egghead mode Activate!:twilightsheepish:
Interesting side note, Kadesh is/was a real place Kadesh: Wikipedia, what isn't mentioned in the wiki article is that Kadesh was also a place of sanctuary for those awaiting fair trial, they could go to Kadesh until the time of the trial so as to avoid persecution. -Kadeshi hiding in there makes sense now don't it
Homeworld has tons of religious connotations too, you just have to pay attention.:twilightsmile:


Aww, the Cathedral was fun! Where else can you salvage 20+ incredibly OP quad-ion frigates?


the Kadeshi Multibeam frigates are the most OP units in the game per class, they shoot further than even the ion array frigate, beam is sustained for up to 15seconds and requires 5 sec to recharge, agile enough to track a corvette, yet devistating enough to take on any other frigate alone, a group can own a destroyer easily, they may struggle against a H.Cruiser though.
aslo: "Do a barrel roll!"



Always issue move orders, to keep your guys out of enemy firing arcs.

ESPECIALLY in HW2 against a Vaygr BC. That trinity cannon rapes everything. You gotta get in close, then start circling around. The missiles still hit you, but the cannon won't.

Maelstrom is my Brother!:rainbowwild:
So awesome!!!!!

FRICKING CELESTIA, YES. I was just going on and on about this game yesterday, lamenting the death of the fan community and the franchise. So glad to have found this. I'll read it as soon as I get a chance. ^^

No way. NO WAY. HOW have TWO PEOPLE stolen the name for my story! ARGH.

On a less RAGE-filled note... I'll have to read this later.

Everyone's stealing my good ideas before I even come up with them... rrrrgh. I have severely underestimated the Homewrold fandom...

Ah... good. We took different approaches. WAY different approaches.

Criticism follows, so if you don't want it, read no further.

I like the frame idea here, but I don't like Starlight Eclipse yet. In one journal entry, she has managed to irritate me immensely. Maybe that's irrational, maybe that's just me, but that's what I took from this. Still, knowing what all those allusions to friends and family members mean, I expect some interesting character development as my feels are lined up and shot.

On another note... ARGH YOU STOLE MY EVERYTHING! ...sorry, it's just that I've been writing a story titled "Homeworld: Equestria" for a few months now, (not yet published, I'm editing it now) and... there are TWO stories with the SAME NAME. And now I'm going with the working title "Our Little Homeworld: Hyperspace is Magic". No, really. This is what you people have forced me to do!

I kid, I kid. It's nice to see that people still appreciate great games, though I was saddened by the omission of the Kiithid, and confused by the presence of corvettes at this point in the story. Still, the former is flavorful backstory and the latter is artistic license, so they're not big problems. The biggest real issue I have with this is the OCs, one of whom I don't like and the other of whom appears to be a self-insert. That said... not a huge deal, and I really shouldn't say anything this early.

Im going to take a guess at what the other races will be.
Taidan = Warlike Griffins
Turanic Raiders = Diamond Dogs
Bentusi being ancient unbound integrated into their own ships... Dragons?
Kadeshi are not exactly Kushan so maybe Zebra?

The only complaint I have is not enough epic space battles. Other than that, this story is good.
I wonder what Trixie would think of the Bentusi Super Acolytes? She'd probably get pissed off that they perfected the design so well they mounted it on a fighter, most likely.


Make that four fics, buddy. I'm not out of the race yet, even if you guys keep stealing my story name.

When our respective fics are done, we should all get together and craft some kind of elaborate Poneworld AU. (Poneworld. PONEWOOOOOOORLD!!!!)

We have been ever since Homeworld 2, bro.


I've got it working just fine. Have you patched the game? If not, this will probably fix your problem.

Criticism below. If you don't want it, don't read further.

...I'll be honest, this chapter could have been better. The feels were hurt, but not murdered. The characters all feel like high-school students, not pilots and soldiers, and Eclipse seemed more angry than sad that her brother is space dust. If that's what you were going for, then good, but it seems a bit odd to me.

The next chapter awaits.... I expect intense feel-death.


Screw the overrated FO:E universe! The HW:E universe is where it's at!

Also, Poneworld :rainbowlaugh:

I love it!

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