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Sgt Maj Ezra Smith was one of the best the year is 2157 and in the aftermath of World War Four. The World is a wasteland filled with mutants and bandits. Raditation sickness is as common as the cold. While on a mission in what was Washington D.C. compilations happen. The result stranded in Equestria. How will he be adept? Will he return home? What is Celestia's plan for him? Will Pinkie Pie drive him crazy?

This is my first fic so go easy on me. Also this is not a self insert all the human character name's not based off of real people. Lastly this takes place before Magic Mystery Cure. Note the sex tag is because there will be some dirty jokes.

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Only about a quarter

I like it,I think its inspired from Metro 2033.

Wow.The last part was just awsome,I cant wait for more. :)

Comment posted by EZthebeast deleted Jul 22nd, 2013

Twilight :)

And for that OC :

ScareCrow (Fuck me i cant find a better name)


Male (or stalion)

I cant explain how it looks but i got an image of him :The pony
20 years old

A "man" ready for action expecting anything anytime and the sort of guy who likes to hit on womans (preferable innocent and smart XD),in shape,having shitty humor

Ex soldier,banned from royal army because he lost it and beat up a guy wtih the victim's penis.(If you want you can say he's some sort of mercenary re-hired by princess or something,and i support you 100% if you want to change the name)

And yeah,great story :)

I say zecora....... haha I have broken the rules!:trollestia:
but seriously :ajbemused: I think it would be funny if he stayed with either rarity and her OCD about fasion or fluttershy with her animal loving wishy washy logic.

ps. Why is spike a bullheaded douche?


To answer your question Spike is a douche for several reasons. First Ezra taught him fuck, which got him in trouble with Twilight. Second he is protective of her and since Ezra is a killer in his mind (because Equestria is so peaceful) he thinks that want Ezra does is unheard of and wrong no matter what. Another the reason I made Spike like this was to follow one of the themes of the story, is it right to take a life if it is to save another one.

2525556 thanks for the info and I have wondered if it was right to kill to save another for a while now that question is a real head turner

hmmm... I sense a shit storm coming.

My OC is not good enogh? :(


Don't worry your OC is getting used it's just I need five different OCs and I currently have only three.

IF Fluttershy dies then who will be the new element of kindness? No she won't die she can't.:fluttershysad:

Sir, this story is going places. BRAVO :pinkiehappy:

this story is getting good very good,keep it up.:ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::heart:

i love you, pls have my bby's

Yay....An update.......I tought you were dead...or something.

Well since I guess you don't know my user page has the amount I wrote of the next chapter and if I'm away or not I tell you guys so you don't freak out if I was gone a week.


I can understand how dyslexia makes it hard to read and right, so, you should try to get someone as a proofreader/editor. Just a suggestion.

15 years old and in the army wtf!!!?

not to be an ass but putting a block of c4 on a nuke and detonating it would not make the nuke go off only make a dirty bomb a nuke needs equal compression on all sides to detonate

there hasnt been an update in a while........did you die......:fluttercry::flutterrage::facehoof::moustache:

Just wondering, do u need any more OC's? Cus I have a few (about 6 counting the half pony)
If you do just pm me and I'll send you the list.


(Ps: loving the story so far keep up the good work)

Fuck shouldn't be used a whole lot.

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