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Life to Death Heaven to Hell Harmony to Disharmony. - EZthebeast

An elite solider from a post apocalyptic world after mission that takes a turn for the worst that lands him in Equestria. How will he adapt and will Pinkie Pie cause his brain to pop?

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“Master wait before you do anything let me remind you that the Element of Kindness is in critical condition from the virus that the creature carried. She won’t make it through the night” Said the male.

“But the human has the cure.” Said the female.

“You heard it from the human himself. The cure only works on humans and if it’s used on her it will kill her.” Said the male.

“It does not matter if she dies or not! You said you would kill the human, but failed!”

“But instead one of the Elements is going to die.” Said the male.

“You fool! Harmony will give the human the cure for the virus, in the end you accomplished nothing but alerting the human to us. All that remains is your punishment for failing me!”

“Master please have mercy!” Begged the male. Then the male disappeared in black mist while screaming.

“What should we do now?” Asked the female.


“What do you mean my lord?”

“The human doesn’t know about us but knows that something is trying to kill him and the elements. If we wait until he lowers him guard and that is when we will strike next.”

“Genius.” Said the female.


Ezra and the doctors walked down the hospital corridor in silence beside the doctors muttering to themselves about the strange virus and the cure.

“I saw you at the party last night.” The lead doctor said to Ezra causing him to nod. “My name is Doctor Cure.” He said causing Ezra to snicker. Cure ignored that and continued. “You really made quite an impression.”

“I’m not a fan of public speaking.” Ezra deadpanned.

“Yes I could tell.” Cure added, he then glanced back at the other doctors. “So you know about this kind of virus?”

“Yes it’s very common from where I’m from. It can be fatal if not treated.” Ezra said.

“How is it contracted?” Cure asked.

“If you are scratched or bitten by a Type A mutant you are at rick of getting it.” Ezra answered, the doctors behind him were writing down everything he was saying.

“Mutant?” Asked Cure.

“Mutants are dangerous creatures where I’m from. They used to be normal animals long ago but like the name suggested mutated over generations of exposure of radiation and chemical waste. They can carry diseases in their body that are natural to them and toxic to us.” Ezra answered which was met with some muttering of the doctors.

“You have the cure to the virus your friend is infected with correct?” Asked one of the doctors.

“Yes but it only works on my species.” Ezra answered.

“Why?” Asked another. He sighed.

“The cure uses advanced nanobots that…”

“Nanobots?” Asked Cure. Ezra sighed again.

“Nanobots are very very tiny machines that my species puts into our more advanced medicine. Nanobots aren’t sentient like us but can think and adapt to follow their primary program. The nanobots that are in the cure attack the infected cells in the body while protecting the non-infected cells. The problem is the viruses from Type A mutants are strong mutations of regular virus that assimilates with healthy cells infecting them. The infected cells are so similar to regular cells the nanobots have trouble telling them apart and end up attacking healthy cells, killing the patient."

“What does that have do with the cure only working on your species.” Asked Cure.

“I was getting to that. Scientists couldn’t stop the nanobots from attacking the healthy cells. So they tried a different approach. Since the mutants that carry this virus aren’t the same as my species, a bit of non-human DNA exists in all the infected cells. The scientist changed the nanobots instead of trying to just attack the infected cells they attack all cells that aren’t human origin. That means if I eject Fluttershy with the cure the nanobots would attack all the cells healthy or infected… killing her.”

“Can’t you make change the nanobots to attack just the infected non-pony cells?” Ezra shook his head.

“To do that I would need to make fresh nanobots that have been given pony DNA and also I would need a large sample of infected and healthy cells. All of that is impossible. One you ponies from what I have seen are much much much less technologically advanced then humans. Meaning you lack the technology to create nanobots. Two even if you had the technology it would takes years to create the cure and Fluttershy has less than a day. Third I have no idea how to make or program nanobots.”

“What do you mean no idea?!” Said Cure. “You just talked about it like it was common knowledge!”

“Yes it is required for all combat medics to have a slight understanding of modern medicine. Or in other words have a basic idea of how it works not why.” Ezra answered.

“Combat medic? I thought you were a doctor.” Said one of the doctors.

“You are mistaken then. I do have a basic medial training but overall am just a medic not a doctor” Ezra answered.

“What’s the difference (1:23-1:40)?” Asked Cure.

“A doctor cures diseases and heals injuries, while a medic just stabilizes the patient until they can get the correct medical treatment.” Ezra answered. They then reached the lab and walked in. The lab was just a large room with many different kinds microscopes, chemicals in shelves and medical textbooks. Overall very primitive to what Ezra was used to.

“We placed the some of the infected cells in this one.” Said Cure while pointing a hoof at one of the larger microscopes. Ezra looked through one of the many lenses and saw the infected cells. They looked perfectly normal if you ignored the green blobs sticking out of the sides. Ezra looked closer and saw a tiny amount of black mist, the same from the Brute on the edge of each infected cell. The doctors looked through the other lenses. Ezra then placed a tiny amount of the cure on the slide under the microscope and looked back through the lens. The nanobots, which were small steel colored balls surrounded the infected cells and converged on them. The doctors gasped at sight. The nanobots then started to eat away every cell until nothing was left.

“If we injected Fluttershy with the cure the nanobots would that to the healthy cells also.” Stated Ezra.

“Then what do we do?” Asked one of the doctors. I don’t know you’re the doctors.

“Can’t you use magic or something?” The doctors shook their heads.

“We tried using magic before, this virus was pretty much immune to any spell we used on it.” Said Cure.

“Well there has to be something we can do!” Said Ezra who was on the verge of panic.

“If there was a way to save her we would have already of used it. I’m sorry.” Said Cure sadly. No! My squad trusted me and I let them to their deaths I won’t let it happen again!

“There has to be a way to save her I know it!" Said Ezra with his voice full of determination. I will do anything to save her even if I have to be one of those kind of medics.

“There is.” Said a voice that only Ezra knew and sighed. They turned around and saw Pinkie Pie wearing full doctor robes (that happened to have property of Doctor Medicine stitched on it).

“Pinkie what are you doing here, besides committing medical fraud?” Ezra said.

“Didn’t she used to be a patient in the mental ward?” Said one doctor barely audible. I knew it!

“I’m helping a friend out silly.” Said Pinkie with her huge grin.

“How?” He asked.

“With this.” Pinkie reached behind her and pulled out a syringe filled with green liquid. Is that the antivirus? How did she… you know what I don’t want to know.

“Is that what I think it is?” Asked Cure. Pinkie nodded still with her every present grin that would later give Ezra nightmares. “How did you get it?” Here we go.

“Well I author wanted me to tell a long story about how I went on a quest to get it. Full of aliens, robots and zombie ninja pirates. But it was boring so I rewrote this part.” She said making the doctors more confused then their first day in medical school. “Well I have to go I’m needed in another fiction, see you in a few.” Pinkie then disappeared in thin air and where she used to be was the cure. The Ezra and the doctors stared where she used to be for about a minute before anybody spoke.

“Did that really just happen?” Ezra asked. The doctors shrugged. Well at least I know I didn’t image it. He then picked up the antivirus and looked at it. It was identical in every way to the one he was holding. Only the liquid had a green color and the label was written in crayon? He looked at the doctors who once again shrugged. He then placed a sample under the microscope and stared at it in shock. There were nanobots in it! That’s impossible no way she could just find a nanobot antivirus. The doctors then placed another sample of the virus in the same slide as the antivirus. Ezra watched as the nanobots converged only on the infected cells and left the non-infected untouched. To adjust the nanobots to work on a different species would take years of trial and error. But Pinkie Pie somehow found a syringe filled with nanobots. That’s impossible no way ponies have this kind of tech, then again Pinkie can break the laws of physics at will.

“Would it work on her?” Asked Cure.

“It appears so.” Said Ezra unsure of what to make of the recent events. “But theirs only one way to find out.” Ezra then walked out the medical lab and headed towards Fluttershy’s room. When he entered he saw Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight, Spike, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie around Fluttershy, who somehow looked worse. Each of their faces was red from tears. Spike sent an angry look in his direction while the rest of them didn’t take their eyes off of Fluttershy. Pinkie saw him and mouthed ‘Ezra, use the cure’. He then walked up to Fluttershy and readied the needle. The others (expect Pinkie Pie) watched with horror and fascination as he jammed the needle into her wound and emptied the green liquid into her. Ezra then removed the needle from her neck and threw it into a medical waste bin. He then turned to look at the horrified ponies.

“What?” He asked innocently.

“Y-y you just…” Started Rarity.

“Gave Fluttershy the cure!” Finished Pinkie. Making them turn to look at her. Then Fluttershy let out a soft moan. Ezra felt her forehead and smiled under his gas mask. It was still warm to touch but lower than before.

“Fever’s going down.” Ezra deadpanned. “If that antivirus works like the normal ones she would be fine in a day or so.”

“Antivirus?” Asked Twilight.

“Yes, she was infected by a Type A mutant and needed a nanobot antivirus to fight the virus any other medicine would strengthen the virus.” Ezra stated.

“Type A mutant?” Asked Twilight armed with quill and paper.

“Yes a Type A mutant called a Brute. They’re from my world. That’s what attacked the market and did this to Fluttershy.” Fluttershy moaned at the name of the mutant. “But don’t worry I killed it.” Ezra said getting a scared look from those present.

“So that’s what happened to the market.” Started Rarity. “I was on my way to pick up some new fabric at the market and when I got there I saw all those destroyed stalls. I was like this is the worst possible thing because I have a large order to make and…” shut up. Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! “That reminds me your suit is waiting at Fluttershy’s house. And is that a tear!” She pointed at his back where his armor was ripped. “Darling must come by so I can fix it. You can’t go around wearing damaged clothes.”

“One for the last time it’s armor not clothes. And two you won’t be able to repair it. My armor is mainly made of strong metal alloys that are just coated in fabric, both of which are made using advanced technology, which I highly doubt you ponies have yet to even think of making.”

“Well then you can wear the suit since you can’t repair your attire.” Said Rarity. His eye twitched. Damn fashion addict. Then Fluttershy moaned in pain. They all looked at her wounded body.

“This is all your fault!” Shouted Spike. “That thing that hurt her must of came to Equestria the same way you did. If you never showed up it wouldn’t either!

“Spike!” Shouted Twilight.

“No he’s right.” Said Ezra softly getting a shocked look from all the ponies and Spike who didn’t expect him to agree with him. “This is my fault. Brutes are from my world and the fact that one came to Equestria right after I arrived can’t be a coincidence. And worst I failed the one thing that I’m always supposed to do… protecting the innocent. I let her get hurt and almost die, which shouldn’t have happened! I’m a failure.” I’m a failure to the New Union. I blew up a nuke just to cover up my mistakes. I let all my teammates… no friends die, while I watched. And now I can’t even protect a civilian. I don’t deserve to wear this armor.

“You’re not a failure!” Started Rainbow Dash. “You saved her not only from that mutant, but from dying from that virus.”

“It’s my fault she was injured in the first place.” Ezra replied.

“But ya saved her isn’t that why ya joined the army ta save lives.” Said Applejack.

“Yes, but no matter how hard I try I can’t save anyone. Before I cam here I watched all my friends get killing front of me while I couldn’t do a thing to save them.” Ezra said. The ponies (and dragon) stared at him in shock while holding back tears.

“I didn’t think that was true when you said that at the castle.” Said Rainbow Dash softly.

“See no matter what I do I can’t prevent those around me from getting hurt. Ironically my name means survival but I’m the only one who survives while everyone else dies in front of me. I don’t deserve to wear this patch!” Ezra then ripped off his N.U.S.F. patch on his right shoulder and threw it on the ground. “I quit!” Ezra said and stormed out of the room. He then exited the hospital ignoring the suggestions from the nurses to get stitches. Ezra then started to run away.

Ezra stopped when his gas mask started to get foggy on the inside. He took it off and wiped it only to find the fog was caused by tears. He then sat on the ground and cried. He cried about his parent’s death, about his friends getting killed, and about being a failure to the uniform. He then felt something warp around his stomach and turned around. Pinkie Pie was hugging him. She then saw him look at her and offered him a cupcake that appeared out of thin air. For once Ezra didn’t care about how she did something that any form of life that ever existed was not about to do. He took the cupcake and ate it. That cupcake was the best (out off all three) he ever had. She then wiped some of his tears with a tissue. (Don’t ask where it came from) He then saw farther away were Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and (for some reason) Spike. They came over to him and joined the hug even Spike, though he only pretended to hug him.

Ezra gently shrugged them off and stood to his full height. “Would a failure defeat a monst… mutant and save a town?” Said Twilight.

“Would a failure get to wear such awesome armor?” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Would a failure save three fillies without gettin’ so much as a scratch?” Said Applejack.

“Would a failure get recruited into special forces right after basic training? Or beat Halo 4 on legendary, solo without dying? ” Said Pinkie Pie. What is … screw it I don’t want to know. He thought.

“Would a failure get promoted to lieutenant and be put in charge in guarding the Elements of Harmony?” Said Rarity.

“Would a failure prevent an entire world from getting conquered while fighting off an army?” Said a new clam voice. They all turned around and saw no other than Princess Celestia herself with two royal guards behind her. The ponies (and one dragon) bowed while Ezra saluted.

“Princess Celestia what are you doing here?” Said Twilight her voice full of happiness, surprise, and strangely panic.

Princess Celestia’s expression switched to concern. “I heard a horrible beast attacked Ponyville and young Fluttershy was hurt by the creature. I came as soon as I could. Are the rest of you alright?” They all nodded expect Ezra. She looked at his exposed face and his eyes, which were red from crying. “Ezra walk with me we need to talk.” She then started to walk away with her guards following. Ezra ran up to her to catch up.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I failed.” Ezra said sadly under his breath.

“What?” Celestia asked.

“I failed! I couldn’t protect her. It’s all my fault.” He said.

“What are you talking about?”

“You put me in charge from protecting the elements and I failed. Fluttershy is in the hospital and it’s all my fault.” He said with his voice full of shame.

“But there was…” She started.

“That thing that attacked the town was a fucking Brute!” He said. Celestia flinched slightly at his use of a curse word. “Brutes are from my world and there’s no way in hell that it was here just ‘cause. I must have brought it here somehow, so it’s my fault that Fluttershy got hurt.” Celestia then smacked him with her hoof.

“It wasn’t your fault! Stop drowning your self in self-pity and listen! I came here so quickly for another reason.” He turned to look at her. “I sensed some very powerful dark magic come from the Everfree Forest earlier today.”

“Do you mean…”

“Yes that creature or Brute as you call it didn’t come because of you… it was summoned.”

“What!” He said in shock. Why would anything summon a Brute or the better question who would know about them?

“I also took the liberty to examine the market and spoke to the doctors at the hospital about the strange illness Fluttershy had gotten from the beast. Both had traces of the same dark magic.” She said.

“So? It’s probably from how it was summoned.” He said.

Princess Celestia shook her head. “That’s not how magic works or in this case summoning spells. When a pony summons a creature they use their magical energy to transport it. The thing that is getting summoned gets infused with that energy. But when it arrivals that magical energy disappears.” Ezra gave her a blank look. She sighed. “What I’m saying is after the Brute was summoned and the same thing that summoned it was feeding it dark magic to increase its power. And even in the hospital the virus was coated in that dark magic. Something wanted to make the Brute and the virus it carried more powerful. It gets stranger. That antivirus that Pinkie Pie somehow gotten also had a strange magical energy coming from it, but instead of dark magic was light magic.”

“Light magic?” Ezra asked right on the edge of utter confusion.

“It is also called holy magic the same kind the Elements of Harmony produce. It is a very powerful type of magic. Until today I thought the elements were the only things that produce it, but now I not sure.” Note to self ask Pinkie Pie how she got that antivirus then check myself into metal asylum. “There are powerful forces at work…”

“Stop right there!” Ezra said. “I quit.”

“What!?!” She asked both in confusion and shock.

“You heard me I quit. Even if I didn’t bring the Brute here I almost let Fluttershy die.”

“You just made a mistake…”

“A mistake! On Earth if you make a mistake you don’t just say my bad and move on… you die. If you trip while getting chased by a pack of Leapers you don’t just get up and continued running you get eaten alive. If you get captured by the enemy because you messed up, they don’t let you go… they torture you until your greatest desire is for the Grim Reaper himself come and take you away. The point is the next time there will be no hospitals, no life saving cure only death. That’s why I quit, now go and find something better than me.”

“That’s not the real reason is it?” Princess Celetia said softly. “I can tell it isn’t. It’s really deeper than that.” Ezra forced himself to nod while looking at the ground. “It has something to do with you past.” Ezra shook his head. “I can tell when you’re lying.” She said softly.

Ezra then looked her in the eyes and saw pity and compassion. He gulped. “I-its j-just… IsawthemalldieandIcouldn’tdoanything!” He then started to cry a bit. (I saw them all die and I couldn’t do anything)

“It’s about your friends dying isn’t it?” She asked.

“No it’s about my life.” He deadpanned.

“A tragic event in your life?”

“More like my whole life. It all started six years ago when I was nine a horde of mutants entered April the city I live in.” He hesitated for a second. “They broke into my house… I was there when they came in. God those horrible yellow eyes.” Ezra shivered at the memory. “I stood still in fear as them came towards me. Then they leaped at me.” He stopped again for a second. “M-my mom got in front of me right and saved me… but all she did was make a meal out of herself.” Celestia had a tear in her eye. No foal should ever have to witness that. She thought. “Then my dad ran down the steps with his old hunting rife. He yelled for me to run, but I was too scared I watched and did nothing, as he was overwhelmed. But standing in a pool of your parent’s blood makes you think straight again. I then ran away leaving them… or what was left of them behind. But that is only half the story.” Celestia’s jaw made an impression of Pinkie Pie and hit the ground. There’s more! How is he even still sane? “I ran into my best friend Gavin who witnessed similar events. We hid in a office building… then the army came.” Ezra then grinned evilly. “Those fucking beasts picked the wrong species to mess with. They didn’t stand a chance, but it was too late the damage was done. Our homes were destroyed from the fighting and we have no where to go.”

“So you joined the army.” Said Celestia.

“Yes for several reasons. Since we had nowhere to go we joined. Gavin joined to get revenge on mutants and for me at least was to prevent that from happening to anyone else.” How noble. She thought. “Since we were young he had some troubling joining but we got in eventually. After a hell of a time in basic we both got recruited right into Special Forces. I was given a squad to command despite many objections. Gavin, Aiden, John, Sal, and Patrick those were my teammates. We were all highly trained and given the latest tech right out of the labs.” He stopped talking for a second and started back at Twilight and her friends that were watching him in the distance. “At first it went well, command gives us orders, we get dropped off, compete our objective, get picked up and repeat. Then the deaths started. John and Patrick both died on this one mission when we were at sea. But since then on every mission their replacements and their replacements died while I watched and couldn’t do a thing. By the two year mark of me getting command over a squad, forty six of my former teammates were dead.” A lone fly went in and out of the guards and Celestia’s open mouths. “Word of this got around and we were called the cursed squad. But I knew the squad wasn’t cursed… it was me.”

Celestia tried to speak but couldn’t form any words. “My parents died with me watching and then my teammates. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but after ten times I expected something. Well the point is that there is always death around me and if I stay near the elements they will die. I think I speak for everyone when I say its better off if I go away.”

Ezra about to walk away to Pinkie knows where but was stopped when Princess Celetsia pull her wing on his shoulder.

“Ezra I don’t believe in coincidence, I think you were sent to Equestria for reason and I believe that reason is saving us all. Events are already set in motion and if you walk away now we are all doomed.” Ezra removed her wing and started to walk away. “‘I will protect all civilians until my dying breath, and if those I protect come under attack I would gladly lay down my life for them. Nothing will stand in my way of my duty. I will not die until my orders are fulfilled, and when I do, I will die with my fist down something’s throat’” He stopped. “Do you remember those words? You said that at the castle that is your creed, to protect all civilians. You stand for that creed. You lost everything and instead of just surrendering to fate you did something, you decided to protect all innocent life from danger. Are you really going to give up on the one thing you stand for? That you live for?” Ezra turned around and looked at her. “I admit I can’t even begin to imagine how you are still sane after all that pain and suffering you went through. But I know you don’t want that to happen to anypony else. So I ask you… no beg you to stay and help us.”

“What are my orders?” He said with a smirk. Celestia’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Protect the Elements save us all.”

“Where are the solder’s I asked for?” He asked.

“On their way, they should be here tomorrow. I told them to met you at the Barrel of Hay.” Not another pony pun.

“The what?” He asked dreading the answer.

“It’s a bar in Ponyville, just ask somepony for directions.” There’s a bar here, thank God.

“Now I believe there are those who don’t know yet that you reconsidered quitting. And here is your pay.” She gave him a bag filled with gold coins. Ezra them walked back toward Twilight and her friends. “We may just have hope yet.” She said under his breath.


“For the fifth I’m not quitting.” Ezra explained to the five mares and one baby dragon.

“But ya said…” Started Applejack.

“I had a talk with Princess Celestia and changed my mind.” Ezra said annoyed. “I promised to protect you all and I intend to kept that promise. The next thing that wants to mess with the elements better be ready for me.”

“That reminds me Ezra I’m interested in this mutant you and Fluttershy are the only ones who saw it clearly, while everypony else glanced at it and ran away. I’m curious about it and Fluttershy is not in a good state to answer any questions.” Lets see what my options are. One answer the questions and get it over with possible effect of my brain committing suicide. Two cloak and… wait my armor’s ripped I can’t cloak, well fuck. Three answer with a confusing question and while she’s confused run. But she knows where I’m living. I may not make it out of this one alive. Ezra sighed.

“Ok what do you want to know.” She smiled at his response.

“First lets start with something simple, what was it?” She asked. Well can’t escape now, or maybe if I fake having a heart attack… no that won’t work she’ll know.

“That was a deadly Type mutant called a Brute.” He answered.

“Type A?” Asked Rarity. Not you too!

“Humans documented and put all the types of mutants in ten different classes based on DNA, and body structure. Type A mutants are what used to be human such as Leapers, Brutes, Fakes, Crawlers, and Hunters. They also are the most deadliest types of mutants.”

“But what is a Brute beside a former human?” Asked Twilight.

“The best way to describe a Brute is to take a seven foot muscular human and mix it with a meat eating, blood thirsty lizard and add some sharp claws and teeth.” They shivered at the thought. “That’s pretty much the basic idea of a Brute. Anymore questions?”

“How does a human turn into that thingy?” Asked Pinkie.

“Radiation and chemical waste.” He answered.

“What and what?” Said Applejack.

“Radiation is caused by energy coming from unstable particles that are from toxic elements like uranium and plutonium.” Only Twilight understood this, while the rest of the ponies were looking at him like was speaking Spanish backwards. “Exposure to radiation can cause health problems and mutations over generations. Chemical waste is just toxic chemicals left around from the nukes. Like radiation it causes health problems but more rapid and more fatal. Over generations of exposure to both of those would change your DNA and your body structure. Any more questions?”


“Good. Now I’ll think I’m going home fighting a seven foot flesh eating monster really tires you out. Bye.” Ezra picked up his gas mask and walked toward Fluttershy’s house leaving the shocked ponies staring at where he used to be.

When he got there the sun already set and the moon took its place in the sky. He ducked down and entered the cottage and was met by Angel. “Not now I had a rough day.” He said to the rabbit as if it could understand him. Angel then pulled out a long carrot, at which Ezra rolled his eye. Then he noticed what was at the tip of it. There was a small white cloth attached to it. As Ezra stared at it Angel started to wave it around with his paws. Wait is he surrendering? Angel then held out his paw offering the carrot. Ezra took it from him and ate it.

“So this is what a carrot tastes like never had one before thanks.” Angel stared at him in shock not believing that he never had a carrot before. “So what’s with the peace treaty, figured out that you would never win?” He joked. Angel pointed a furry paw at a picture that displayed Fluttershy.

“Because I saved her?” He asked at which Angel nodded. “It’s what I do.” He said and then he walked upstairs to his room. Ezra took off all his armor and lay on the bad staring at the celling. If only my old team could see me now. He then drifted off to sleep.

Ezra opened his eyes to find he was in dreamscape again. He turned around and saw Princess Luna. “Do you do this to everyone or just me?” He asked.

“Just thou.” She replied with a smile.

“Why do you talk like that?” He asked.

She sighed. “It is because we haven’t adjusted to modern Equestrian ever since our banishment.”


“Thou see we have been sealed on thy moon for one thousand years by our sister.” That is one hell of a timeout.

“If you do mind me asking what did you do?”

“We were possessed by an evil entity that wanted to plunge thy world in enteral darkness.” Must have really hated putting on sunblock for it to want that.

“But you’re here now…” He said confused.

“Yes thy entity controlling us escaped our prison and came to Equestria only to be stopped by the Elements of Harmony at the same time freeing us.”

“Wait a minute your Nightmare Moon!” He said regretting it as soon as it came out of his mouth.

Luna looked like she was about to cry. “Yes that is what many still call us even that we have been free for its influence.”

“I’m sorry it slipped out.” Ezra said trying to undo the damage

“It’s fine. Anyways we are here to tell thou something important. There is a strange force that is following thou everywhere thou goes.” And I didn’t have enough to worry about.

“No this force gives off holy magic that even rivals thy elements.” Ezra held up one finger and imagined a cup of water that appeared in his hand. He slipped it and spit it out.

“Was that really necessary?” She asked causing him to shrug. “Anyways we must now go we have to attend thy night court. Goodbye.” She then disappeared and dreamscape turned into whatever a mentally scarred solider dreams about.


Several men wearing gasmasks and radiation proof suits were walking around in a large crater. “So this is how the cursed squad met its end.” Said one grimly.

“Show some respect! They saved us all.” Said another.

“I heard their leader was just a kid.” Said another one.

“That kid is now a hero, if only he survived.”

“Maybe he did.” All the men turned to look at who said this, the newest member of the team. “We weren’t there maybe he did survival.” The others just rolled their eyes and continued walking. “Ezra I will find you I promise. You saved me once and I’m going to return the favor.”

Author's Note:

I'm back (well at least for this week). Friendly advice to improve the story is welcome. I have something else to say scroll down move.

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If you do just pm me and I'll send you the list.


(Ps: loving the story so far keep up the good work)

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