• Published 10th Apr 2013
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Life to Death Heaven to Hell Harmony to Disharmony. - EZthebeast

An elite solider from a post apocalyptic world after mission that takes a turn for the worst that lands him in Equestria. How will he adapt and will Pinkie Pie cause his brain to pop?

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Purple Ponies and Princesses

Purple Ponies and Princesses

“JoIn Us.” Ezra opened his eyes, he was in a graveyard his amour wasn’t on instead was a black tee-shirt and dress pants. There were four graves in front of him. He looked around there was a thick fog blocking his vision he looked back at the graves and blinked in shock each had his former teammate’s name on it.

Gavin Krieger

Mina Rahman

Aidan Stein

Sal Cahill

A wave of guilt then went through his body. I watched as they died. Just watched. I could have saved them. He looked at Mina’s grave. “Though I knew you the shortest I have to say in that time you proved at you maybe were the best of all of us. You had no remorse, no pity but you had a heart unlike most of us. Rest in peace.” He looked then at Aidan’s grave. “I admit I was scared of you, of what you did, what you felt pleasure in but we all have our coping methods after the things we all did. Rest in peace.”

Next was Sal’s grave. “Sal I’m sorry for sending you down to the basement, for leading you to your death. It was my fault and mine alone. You were smart but not smart enough to tell me when I did something wrong. I remember our first mission together three and a half years ago, assassinating that dictator. You thought I was too young to lead and that you should… maybe you were right. Rest in peace.

Last was Gavin’s grave he walked over to it and thought a moment of what he was going to say. “Gavin you were my best friend, we trusted each other with our life’s. But I ruined that trust, I failed you I didn’t save you like I could. Worst I sent you to your death after Sal went dark. It should of have been me. Not Mina. Not Sal. Not Aidan. Not you. Me.” He let himself cry because this was only a dream. A dream of his guilt. He kept crying until he felt something grab on to his leg.

He looked down and stopped crying when he saw what was grabbing his leg. It was a human’s skeleton arm with bits of rotting skin still attached to it. Worst it was coming from Gavin’s grave. Then another arm came from the ground and grabbed his other leg causing him to fall. He looked at the other graves and saw human skeletons climbing out of the ground and coming towards him. He tried to escape but he couldn’t move only watch. Then they spoke. “JoIn Us. JoIn Us. DiE! AnD JoIn Us In ThE dArKnEsS.”

The skeletons of his former teammate’s came closer and closer towards him. Once they reached him they bit into his skin. Again and again they bit him tearing out chunks of his skin. He could only watch then he saw one of the skeletons reach for his head he closed his eye’s and heard a scream.”

He opened his eye’s he wasn’t in the graveyard anymore he was on a small hill overlooking a city. He knew this city it was April the city where he was born and also home to the N.U. HQ. April used to be called New York City about fifty years ago but was renamed after the fall of the United States. But this wasn’t the April he knew the skyscrapers were on fire and some of the buildings were collapsing. Then he heard a strange noise in the air. He looked up and saw white electricity sparkling in the air. Then there was a flash and the electricity was gone instead was a V-296Q missile. Then there was another flash and coming from the missile. He looked at his feet, dust was being blown away and he knew what would come next. A loud roar came from the missile and the shockwave knocked him on to the ground. He looked at the city it was now just a crater with a mushroom cloud overhead.
“NOOOOOOO!” He screamed.

Ezra woke up and looked around. Through one of the windows of the clubhouse he could see sunlight coming in. His stomach growled he remembered he didn’t eat for at least two days. He reached into his medical kit and pulled out a food pill and swallowed it. He then remembered the nightmare, the graveyard and the city … and the nuke. He eyes widened in shock.

“I’m an idiot!” He frowned. “Of course they could just build another teleporter and nuke the city.” He then punched the wall making a hole in it. “They died for nothing.” He punched the wall again. “And the worst part I’m stuck in fucking ponyland!” He then reached over and put on his gas mask. I have to get home and warn them. But I’m stuck here… wait they said someone could help me, yes I could then get back to April and warn them of the threat. Don’t worry guys you didn’t die for nothing.

He then exited the clubhouse and jumped to the ground. It was late mourning judging by the sun but then the sun might work differently. He needed those fillies to lead him to Twilight. But it could be hours before they came to him so he set out to find them. He activated his cloak and headed to town. Maybe I’ll find them in the town.

By the time he got to the town market it was the early afternoon, which meant the market was more crowded. Ezra had to be careful not to bump into anyone as he walked around looking for the three fillies. After about what he guessed was a half-hour he decided to listen in to conversations in hope of finding them.

“Your right, the weather mare is being lazy.”

“Its only ten bits.”

“I’m telling you Bonbon humans are real!” What?

“Where did you get that scarf?”

“That mane-cut is amazing where did you get it?”

“Then I said ‘oh no you didn’t’.”

“Twilight do we really need all these quills?” Even better finding Twilight herself. He then looked at who spoke. It was a small purple and green humanoid figure. His first reaction was to yell mutant and kill it but that would expose him. He looked at it again and saw it wasn’t a mutant but some kind of lizard he quickly dismissed it as one of the many weird things of this world.

“Yes Spike we can’t run out with me so close to finishing that new spell.” Said a purple unicorn with a purple mane with reddish streaks he guessed this was Twilight. “Come on lets go back to the library, its cleaning day.” The Unicorn and the not mutant lizard thing headed home not noticing the shadow without an owner following them.

He followed them to what appeared to be a house inside a tree. What the fuck? Why would… you know what I don’t give a fuck. They went inside and he followed. He appeared in what was a large circular room with shelves full of books. A house inside a tree was a library. What the fuck? Twilight was at a desk writing with a quill and Spike was mopping the already clean floor. He stood by the door and took a deep breath and then decloaked. Spike saw this and fainted in a comical fashion. Twilight didn’t seem to notice this.

“Umm… Hello.” He said.


“I said hello.”


“Hey pony, I’m talking to you!” He then walked up to her and tapped her on her shoulder. Her head shot up and looked around and when it reached him her eye’s widened and she took a deep breath. Then she gave him a reaction he wasn’t expecting.

“Anewspeciesthisisamazing!What’syournameandmoreimporatnlyyourspecie’sname.Spikegetupandstarttaking….” He covered her mouth with his gloved hand.

“Listen up yes I’m a different species and I’m not from around here but I need your help getting home lives are at stake.” He said.

“Lives?” Said Twilight with concern in her voice.

“Yes lives, that’s why I need to go back home.” He said.

“Could I ask you some questions first?” She said.

“Are you saying your dumb questions are more important then lives?” He said with anger in his voice.

“YES! I… mean no. It just a new species haven’t been discovered in so long and if I discovered a new species I could name them and…”

“LIVES!” He interrupted. This pony got some screws loose.

“Ok so where are you from? And how far away is it? And what it the populati…”

“Twilight for love of God focus. Ok I’m from a…”

“How do you know my name?” She demanded.

“That’s not important. Anyways I’m from a…”

“Yes it is. Have you been stalking me or can your kind see the future or something. Or maybe…”

“You know what, forget about this. I’ve been tortured before but not like this.” He started to walk towards the door. “Bye. Adios. Rot in hell.” He said angrily. There was a purple flash in front of him and Twilight appeared where in occurred.

“What did I do wrong?” Said Twilight, He facepalmed.

“Listen I’m going to talk and your going to shut up and listen, if you don’t I’ll let someone else discover me and answer all of their questions. Nod if you understand.” She nodded. “Good pull up a chair because my story is a long one.” Her horn glowed purple and a chair appeared along with a notebook and a quill. His eye twitched. Fucking magic.

“Ok where to begin, I was doing my job. There was a new type of machine and an explosion, which I may or may not have caused. Then I woke up in that forest. That is the short version of my story. Oh wait I forgot to mention I sure I from a different world or planet. So… can you get me home?” Her eyes were on the notebook writing down everything he just said after a minute she spoke.

“That makes no sense?” He sighed.

“What part of it makes no sense?”

“All of it! Can you give me more details?” She asked.

“The machine was a teleporter and the explosion was caused by a V-296Q nuclear missile.” She looked like he just spoke in a different langue.

“I… sorry I just don’t understand what any of that means. Maybe I could…” He stopped paying attention to her. I’m stuck here and that nightmare will come true. They all will die and I can’t do anything about it.

“Spike stop taking a nap and write a letter to the princess.” What?

“Wait your contacting your ruler why?” Under his gas mask was a nervous look on his face. The last time I met with royalty it ended with twenty dead.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” He shrugged. “I said that Princess Celestia could help you, she’s my mentor and the co-ruler of Equestria.” At that point Spike woke up.

“Ow my head.” He looked at Ezra. “Monster!” He picked himself up from off the ground and hid behind Twilight.

“Spike I need you to send a letter to the princess about our guest.” She said.

“You mean the monster?” Said Spike.

“I’m not a monster!” Said Ezra clearly annoyed.

“It can talk! Please don’t ear me.”

“Don’t worry if I wanted to kill you we won’t be having this conversation.” He said in a calming voice but this had the opposite affect.

“Please don’t eat me.” Said Spike.

“I’M NOT GOING TO FUCKING EAT YOU! GOT IT?” Twilight tried to cover Spike’s ears but it was too late.

“What does fuck mean?” Asked Spike. Ezra facepalmed great I taught a child a swear.

“Spike!” Twilight shouted. “Go upstairs and wash your mouth out with soap!” Yeah, that’s going to stop him from saying it again.

“Why Twilight? All I said was ‘what does fu…”

“Upstairs now, no buts.” Spike walked up the steps commenting about all he said was a new word but this was ignored. Twilight then gave him a glare that would destroy entire armies.

“Umm… sorry, I had a rough week.” Monday killed someone during training. Tuesday teammate got eaten by a mutant. Wednesday my house caught on fire. Thursday all my friends killed in front of me and was ten feet from a nuke that went off. Friday ears made nearly useless by three talking ponies. Saturday getting a death stare from a purple unicorn.

“That’s still no reason to say something like that, and in front of Spike he’s only a baby dragon.” Dragon? I’m not ruling out this is just a dream. “Anyways I’ll just write the letter and when Spike comes down I’ll send it.”

“Good.” He said with no emotion. He then walked over to a chair and sat down on it with his arms crossed.”

“Umm… is it ok if I ask you some questions about yourself and your species.” He rolled his eyes under his gas mask. What is with her and knowledge?

“You get four questions no more.”

“Four?” She asked looking hurt.

“Four.” He deadpanned.

“Can I ask mor…” She stared.

“Three.” He interrupted. She gave him another death stare, which he pretended to ignore.

“Ok my first question what is your species name?”

“My species calls it self humans.” She was once again writing everything he said down.

“Ok, my next question is what is your full name?”

“Sergeant Major Ezra Allen Smith ID#125-23-3690 of the New Union Special Forces.” He said while still sitting.

“Which part of that is your name?” Smart girl.

“My name is Ezra Allen Smith but everyone just calls me Ezra or SGT Smith or ballbuster don’t ask about the last one trust me.”

“So your in your country’s royal guard?”

“You used up all your questions.” He said with a smirk under his gas mask. She scowled at him. “Now do you have indoor plumbing because I have to used the restroom?”

“Umm… yes its upstairs to your right.”

“Thanks.” He replied. As he climbed up the steps he passed a very pissed off baby dragon.

“Sup.” He was met with no reply. Great I’m already making enemies.

Spike passed the strange creature and continued on downstairs where he saw Twilight writing a letter.

“Twilight what is that thing and why is it here?” He asked.

“That thing is Ezra and he is from a place far away and he came here seeking my help out.”

“Why?” He asked curiously.

“He is from a different world or country and needs help getting back.”

“I don’t like him he got me in trouble.” Spike said with a grunt.

“I had a talk with him about his language he said in his defense he had a rough week. It shouldn’t happen again.” As soon as she said the last part several curses came from the bathroom followed by a yelp.

“…Anyways here send this letter to Princess Celestia.” She said as she handed (or would it be hoofed) Spike a letter. He then sent it to Princess Celestia by breathing his magical fire breath.

“Did you see the knifes he has, he’s obviously dangerous.”

“I ask him about it when he comes down. I admit he is a bit scary but he hasn’t done anything to threaten us.”

“Yet.” Muttered Spike. At that point Ezra came downstairs muttering about too small toilets. Spike kept a few feet away from him.

“Ok Ezra, Spike here is nervous about your weapons and I don’t want to jump to conclusions about them. So tell us what is the point of them?” She asked.

“I use them for my job, and no I will not use them against you.” He said getting a sigh from Twilight.

“Yea and what job is that?” Asked Spike who was still angrily at him.

“Soldier.” He deadpanned. Twilight wasn’t looking at him and was once again taking notes, while Spike was slowly backing up.

“H-have y-you ever killed Somepony?” Said Spike which caused Twilight to look up from her notes. Well if them find out another way it would look bad for me.

“If you mean someone then, yes I have killed before.” Spike was against the wall while Twilight was taking notes like her life depended on it, which in her mind it did. There was a minute of silence then Twilight spoke.

“Why?” Why? He thought for a moment.

“To answer that question I first must ask you one. Do you have friends and family that you love?” Both of them nodded. “Would you try to protect them from death, suffering, disease, and pain?” They nodded again. “That’s why I kill to protect my friends, my country, you might not understand, but I do it not because I want to but because I have to. Believe me I take no pleasure in doing what I do.” As he finished this Spike burped and a scroll, which caused once again Ezra’s right eye to twitch.

Twilight took the scroll and opened it and read it out loud.

“Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I’m interested in this creature you spoke of. I would very much like to meet this Ezra. It concerns me that it said lives depend on it coming home. I want you and the rest of the Elements of Harmony to come with it to Canterlot tomorrow. I’m sorry if I took too long to reply it’s just that there have been problems lately, which I had to fix. And tell Ezra not to worry we will find a way to send him home.

Princess Celestia

Ezra was speechless he could go home. He could stop them. But what are the Elements of Harmony? Also why is the ruler of a country a Princess and not a queen or king? Who cares, I’m going home.

“Thank you Twilight.” He then looked out the window the sun was setting. Twilight noticed this too.

“Ezra do you have a place to stay tonight? Because I have a spare bed you can have.” She’s giving me a practical stranger a place to sleep. Why? She can’t be doing it out of the kindness of her heart, there must be another reason.

“It’s fine I’m just sleep in the forest or something.” Now if there is another reason she would kept pressing me to stay.

“In the forest! That’s dangerous! You can stay here besides its only for tonight.” I’m on to your game Twilight I’ll play along for now.

“Twilight are you sure this is a good idea. He just admitted he’s a murderer!” Said Spike.

“Murderers illegally kill others when I kill it’s perfectly legal since I’m in the army. And for your offer I will accept the forest is no place to sleep.”

“Ok your room is upstairs second door to the left. Goodnight.” Said Twilight.

“Goodnight.” He said. He then walked up the steps and into his room. It was simple. There was just a bed in against the wall with a nightstand and a dresser, also there was a window. He then locked the door and placed a motion sensor against it. Then he took off all his armor, which took over fifteen minutes. He had on now just a black tee shirt with N.U.S.P. written the front with white letters and black shorts. He then lay on top of the bed, which was too small for him. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

This next part is very dark and violent but near the end of it is important.

He opened his eyes and wished he didn’t. He was tied to an old folding chair against the wall in a rat infested room. He was completely naked and was bleeding heavily in many places. He then heard a noise come from outside the room. Three men came in all masked and wearing rags as clothing. They each had a red patch on their arm with a picture of a bear’s head on a spike. One was rolling in a cart full of knives, blades, and other torture tools. The man who he assumed was the leader spoke.

“You would save yourself a lot of pain if you speak now.” “…” Ezra remained silent doing what he was taught in training.
"All we want to know is what does the New Union know about us. If you tell me I will grant you a quick and painless death.” How convincing. “…” Ezra stayed quiet with his poker face on. “Very well” he reached over to the cart and picked up some brass knuckles and put them on. He then punched Ezra in the face. His head was knocked back, he then looked back at his tormentor. He was sure his jaw was broken. But he didn’t scream he had to hide his pain. The man punched him again, then again, and again, and again. Until he screamed in pain. “Ready to talk yet?” Asked the man.

“…” He remained silent. The man then went to the cart and picked up a dirty washcloth and a bucket of water. Waterboarding a crude but effective method that causes panic. Ezra then slowed down his breathing and calmed his mind the trick was to take a deep breath right before the washcloth was placed over your face and remain calm. It was both a physical and mental torture. The man then placed the washcloth over his face and poured the bucket of on top of it. He had to stay calm but it was harder then it was made out to be. He felt like he was drowning and wanted it to stop. He was on the verge of panic when the washcloth got removed. He still had his poker face on showing that it didn’t work.

The man was clearly annoyed he then reached over to the cart and picked up a big rusty knife. “Ok, this is your last chance to speak.” He still remained silent, he didn’t show it but was on the verge of pissing himself. The man then took the knife and stabbed Ezra in his right thigh. He screamed in pain as blood dripped down his leg. He just wanted it to end the pain he was so close of reveling everything. He wanted to die. No that’s what they want you to think. He thought. But still the pain it was unbearable. The man then pulled out another knife and stabbed him in the left thigh. Once again he screamed in pain. The man then walked up to him face to face.

“Had enough?” He asked. He couldn’t take the pain he wanted it to end. Just stay quiet and the blood lost will end it. He thought. “Well?” Said the man. Ezra then head butted the man. The man recovered from the blow and grabbed another knife and went to stab it in his chest. Right when the rusty blade was about to make contact he froze, and not just him the others too. He closed his eyes and opened them and in the second that his eyes were closed the room and everything changed. When he opened his eyes the only way to describe what he saw was ‘What the fucking fuck?’

The area all around him looked like the night sky, and he was floating. He looked around and what he saw was even weirder there was ponies sleeping in beds floating around like him. He saw Twilight and Spike they were both asleep like the rest. Ok this is just weird I went to bed had a nightmare and now I’m here. Did I die in my sleep?

“No thou didn’t.” Said a voice it was female. He turned around and saw a midnight blue pony that was about the same size of him with both a horn and wings. Also it’s mane looked like the night sky. Great I’m tripping balls.

“Why would thou trip over balls?” Asked the weird pony.