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It's that time again. The Apple Family Reunion! Applejack has always loved getting together to catch up with her family, and this Reunion is going to be special, because she's going to finally get to introduce her marefriend Rainbow Dash to the rest of the family. Only problem is, Dash might be a little nervous about meeting them.

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Rather short, and a bit too reliant on tell-ing. As in, outright saying what they feel, having them lay out the entire problem a bit too concisely and neatly. Could have used a bit more... tweaking of the dialogue to make it feel more natural.

A cute idea, just needs a bit more work! :pinkiehappy:

I love reading these kinds of stories. As always, there is room for improvement. Keep up the great writing!

Good story but a bit short, I like it although it can always get better! :raritywink:

I'm so jealous!

Very cute AppleDash story. Only problem I had was that it was short. I hope you make some more AppleDash fics. Maybe a prequel in how AJ and Dash got together or a sequel with what happens next in their lives. :ajsmug:

2402786 I'm tossing around whether or not I want to make this into a longer story like the AppleDash Project, with somewhat short chapters. If I do, I will definitely be writing about how they got together and what happens next between the two of them :ajsmug:

Great story, i abso-TIVELY enjoy appledash. So it 's good to find a well written appledash, continue on wayward writter to more dashie snuggles! :yay:

Comment posted by JakeFourLeaf deleted Apr 10th, 2013

The strong relationship between Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash, and your excellent writing ability! :fluttershysad:

Don't worry, it seems like some people go through shipping fics purposefully and dislike them. Don't take it to heart, it's not about your writing ability. :pinkiehappy:
I'd enjoy seeing more Appledash from you in future, if you've any planned!

2404469 Well thanks :pinkiesmile: I think that's one of the reasons I like this ship so much too. It's the kind of relationship I would love to be in.

Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!! :ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

It's a simple little story, but sometimes those have the best quality to them. Subtlety can go miles and you don't need to be beaten over the head with a point.

2418241 Thanks :pinkiehappy: That's why I like writing these shorter stories so much. I realize it could be longer, but I just don't know how to spend an entire paragraph describing one emotion, nor do I really care to.

Another problem with doing longer stories is the eventual need to do padding whether it adds details or not. Then you run the risk of either including unnecessary scenes for the sake of word count or to increase the distance between scene changes, or even inserting personal political views about acceptance and whatnot.

2403890 I'd recommend the short chapter explanations beforehand. It seemed good, but to me, it seemed a little weird plopping it in as "Applejack and Rainbow are together" (though I love the ship). Explaining how it got to that point would be better in my opinion.

I think it was cute and a little funny Rainbow was afraid of her family! You did a great job.:twilightsmile:

Keep up the good work.:ajsmug::heart::rainbowlaugh: hate the haters.

orange, Stetson-wearing Earth pony:ajsmug: and a cyan pegasus:rainbowdetermined2: = Best shipping EVER!:heart:

A bit short, but I like it although it can always get better.
I'll give you a rating of 3/5 good but could use more work.

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