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I have mentioned a "cloppy princest one-shot in progress" a couple times. Well, here it is: Sisters.

Eww but eww in a good way.:trollestia:

dat reference.

Also, ololol at the ending.


295758 Thanks^^

295761 You mean the reference to Banished? I just couldn't resist :pinkiecrazy:

And personally, I think the ending is the best part of this whole fic.

maybe you can make a sequel to this one shot that has twilight being the one luna pounces on since twilight/luna/celestia is a rare pairing


I would point you here while we wait for bass to make it happen.

295777 Not very likely, but I'm not saying it definitely won't happen. We'll see.

295802 I love that fic :twilightsmile:

Yeah, some Twilunestia would be awesome.
Liked this by the way. :)

295817 Thanks :twilightsmile:

I'll consider doing a sequel, but don't hold your breaths.



I'm willing to believe this sort of thing is canon.

After all, Luna and Celestia are all they have, consistently at least. And who's seriously going to have the spine, the utter balls, to tell them it's wrong? Taboo? Sure. But love is love, no matter how unconventional.

Also, dat ending

ok now I don't understand one thing?

Why Celestia banished Twilight to the moon for this?

why not offered her to join them?

or maybe banished her because she did not want to join?

Yes now everything makes sense :pinkiehappy:

296833 Possibly :twilightsmile:

298421 Two alternatives:

1. Something happened between the end of Sisters and Twilight's banishment.
2. The two stories are completely unrelated, and the reference was made just for fun.

296833 I first encountered this ship through art and the ragingsemi humanisation fics. They're the only other that won't die on each other, and also have the longest relationship in which bizarre situations that act as catalysts can occur, and can be the sweetest thing.
Also yeah, the Princess. Both of them. No one could try and stop them.
I can imagine Luna whispering in her sister's ear at court to troll her 'Whenever, wherever...'

Ending: All of my wat.

303268 Indeed, nopony would dare to try to stop them.

306671 :twilightblush:

331373 Sorry, Misspelling. YOUR WEIRD. :rainbowhuh:

331381 Um... I still have no idea what you're talking about.

331387 Have you even read the fanfiction you just wrote?

331403 No... What is it about? :pinkiecrazy:

331413 Okay, I'm pissed. I'm just going to go write a Regular Show/ MLP crossover to calm my nerves.

331422 ...so, why exactly are you calling me weird?

331428 R...Uh...GRAAAH!!!! Read the story, You sarcastic Prick!

331431 Actually, I have read it. I'm just curious as to why you made the decision to refer to me as 'weird'.

331446 EAT IT, SUCKFACES!!! I'M OUTTA HERE!! (thats my way of saying this argument is over)

331452 Actually, you came here, said I was weird; I asked why; you refused to answer.

Fucking faved. Nonhumanized Princest fics are RARE. Awsome job :3

Now I recall why I don't read clopfics -_-
But hey... at least it was incest :3

340513 Thanks^^
360246 ...
366197 Anything wrong with clop? You profile picture says otherwise... And does incest make things better? :rainbowhuh:

366224 As what they are? Nope, not at all... I just can't take them serious... its like when I watch porn and hear those fake moans I just want to close it and do something more interesting with my life :P

And incest? Well... thats a pretty long story, but I support incest (just like I support every other kind of sexuality that doesn't involve someone getting used/hurt against their will). and not because I want to go around and bang everyone in my family (I'm asexuel so I don't really bang anything) but if you are immortal and kinda wants something that doesn't just die on you those two are pretty much left with the only option of teaming up with each other :P

I Came... Twice.

I honestly came faster than I ever have before. The first AND the second time. This is what Luna does to me...

366368 I understand what you mean, definitely, although I do actually enjoy the clop myself.

373019 Happy to help :twilightsmile:

The actions that the two perform on each other is entertaining, but it's kind of hard to get into it with the way it was written.

It feels like you rushed to a lot of the juicy sensual parts, like when Luna started touching herself. We could have had some good buildup to this part, with Luna stretching her legs out, taking her socked forehoof up to her neck, and slowing running it down her chest, brushing against her stomach, and then faintly stroking against her most sensitve spot. She'd feel a soft tingle run throughout her body as her face flushed. She pressed against herself more firmly, closing her eyes and tilting her head back as she felt more comfortable with the pleasure she was experiencing.

With that, some of the diction could use work. Words like "got" as in "the moan she got in response" is kind of boring. Try to be more specific with your words, like "the moan she heard in response" or "the moan she elicited from her sister nearly made her succumb to her urges". Anything to give your reader a bit more to enjoy when they're reading.

381515 Thanks^^ I don't think I'm really going to edit this one, but I'll keep that in mind for my future writing :twilightsmile:

SEQUEL?! DO WANT! :trollestia: The ending is one of those darn cliffhangers :twilightoops:
"Haring the need in her sister’s voice" - Did you mean Hearing?
"Luna impaled her dripping hole on her sisters horn" - I can has apostrophe?
"or indeed focus on anything at all" - :pinkiegasp: A double space!

384093 Thanks, fixed those^^

Sequel? Hmm... I would rather leave the story as it is. I don't think a sequel could live up to your expectations, so it would only have a negative impact on the fic as a whole.

384795 I SHALL ENJOY IT ANYWAY :pinkiecrazy:

384795 clop is always enjoyable unless it has bad grammar

Alright, you have convinced me. Don't expect the second part to be up soon, but it will come eventually.

Do an Aloe Lotus man!

PS: Just reread this, god I still loved it

419723 Maybe. We'll see. I'm not going to promise anything, as I haven't really felt motivated to write anything lately. I hope I'll get back into it soon.

Cloppy princess one-shot?

always a fun read. :ajsmug:

"Luna Pounced"
I have a feeling that could be the title for another interesting read.

423742 Thanks :twilightsmile:
477321 Mmmaybe...

Normally I go for M/M stuff... But wow. Talk about a turnabout with this one! Ya got my attention, bucko. ^.^

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