• Published 6th Apr 2013
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Starlight - aynstainxpenelope

When Soarin's training Rainbow Dash for the Wonderbolts, they're great friends. But they both think it might turn into something more.

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Practice and Plans

“Come on Rainbow Dash! Flap them wings!” He shouted at me as I struggled with two saddlebags filled with weights on my back. “Flap them wings!”

I burst into a fit of laughter as I went plummeting back onto the cloud. “Soarin,” I choked out. “You’re a jerk.” I breathed heavily.

“I just said ‘flap them wings’. What’s so funny about that?” He came and looked over me as I lay on the cloud.

I giggled again. “I don’t know, it just sounds so funny.”

“Get up in the air and flap them wings, Rainbow Dash!”

“Soarin!” I barely got it out. “Stop saying that!”

“Not until you take to the sky as you’re flapping them wings!” He pointed his hoof to an above cloud.

I laughed again and flew up with trouble. “Okay,” I panted. “Am I flapping them enough?”

“You only know when you’re flapping them wings enough.” He gave me a crooked smile. The cute one he always gave me when he was joking around.

Wait... I thought. Did I just think that Soarin’s smile is cute?

“Okay Rainbow Dash, you can come back down now!” I didn’t even notice that I was up on the cloud because I was too wrapped up with thought.

“Oh, yeah.” I lightly fell down onto the cloud where Soarin was standing. I was tired from training and sore from the Rainboom yesterday. “Can we go eat lunch?” I whined.

“One more exercise then we can.”

“What is it...” I grumbled.

“Fifty laps around here.”

“I’m on it.” I started really fast, but very soon got tired.

“Lift them…” Soarin started.

“No! Don’t say it!-“

“Lift them hooves, Rainbow Dash!”

“Holy crap, Soarin, will you stop that!?” I laughed as I struggled running.

“Not until you actually lift them hooves.”

“I am!” I ran faster.

“Okay, that’s fifty. Good job lifting them wings and hooves. Made some progress.”

“Yeah,” I said grabbing for my saddle bag. “I probably toned my stomach too, because of all that laughing.”

“Better tell you that more-”

“No!” I nudged him playfully, dropping my saddlebag. He reached down to grab it the same time I did, making us bump heads and look straight into each other’s eyes. That was a mistake. We stood there for like, a full year, until resuming awkwardly as I picked it up and he kept walking.

In silence, we made our way from the giant training cloud to HQ.


“Hey.” I said as I walked into Soarin’s room, tossing a bag of veggie burgers and other unhealthy, but tasty, treats his way.

The food fell on his sleeping head. “Hey,” He mumbled tiredly. “Wha’ time is it?”

“Time to eat food.” I sat down on the chair.

“Like seriously, what time.” He sat up and rubbed his eyes with his hooves.

“I dunno. One a.m.?” I shrugged as he went through the bag.

“Celestia, you stay up late. Why? I mean like, sometimes I do, but this is every night for you.” He tossed what was left in the bag for me and I started to eat along with him.

“I have a hard time falling asleep. And there are things to do, things to think. I have a lot going through my mind before I sleep, so I wait till’ I just can’t keep my eyes open.”

“I see.” We sat in silence for a moment munching on our food, enjoying every bite. “Well, as a Wonderbolt, days are long and hard. You work hard, train hard, and your emotions kinda run out too. You get nervous before a show or derby or whatever.” He looked over at me with warm eyes. “You’ll sleep a lot as a Wonderbolt.”

If I become a Wonderbolt.”

“Trust me, you will. You’re an awesome flyer with amazing skills.” His eyes were so warm they could’ve melted a fangirl on the spot. We stared at each other as we finished our meals. We soon realized what we were doing and looked around the room awkwardly.

Great, I thought Second stare in a day.

“So, you know what tomorrow is?” He asked clearing the silence.

I gave a dry chuckle. “Your parents wedding anniversary?”

He laughed at my comment. “No, our free day! You get to go to Ponyville, don’t you?”

My jaw dropped a little. “Oh, wow. I totally forgot, I made plans like a month ago.” I smiled thinking about who I would visit. “All my friends are going to meet me. I’m so excited!”

He smiled at me. “Right, so there’s Pinkie Pie, the party pony.”


“And Rarity, the pony with the fashion sense, and Canterlot accent.” He said in a mock accent.

“Yeah, can you get them all?”

“There’s Fluttershy, who loves animals.”


“Twilight Sparkle, the egg head, who turned you into an egg head.”

“I only read, and it’s mostly Daring Doo.” I argued. “And I got you to read Maximum Flight.”

“Because it’s epic- Now let me finish.”

I laughed. “Go on.”

“And AppleJack, the one who makes the most amazing pie in all of Equestria.”

“You got ‘em.”

“Okay, now go to bed so you won’t be a grump when you see them.” He gave me his crooked smile. “I should be the only pony greeted with that in the morning; none of your friends need to greet you like that.”
“I’m not a grump in the morning.” I told him.

“You are when you don’t get enough sleep.” Soarin said to me leading me towards the door. “So get to bed.” His smile was the only thing that convinced me.

“Wake me up at eight.” I said walking away from his room.

“Night Dash.”

“Night Soar.”

Author's Note:

YAY. Second Chapter! Tell me what you think :3