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Because most of TCB is based on Season 1 and Season 2 and 3 are ignored. It's the same reason there is so little Cadence and Shining Armor in TCB. Lets not even speak of reformed Discord or Alicorn Twilight.


Son, you don't read much of my writing, do you? I gots me a Cadence conversion dream.

Changelings, niiice. getting a bit better a structure too I see. Somehow, this is going to involve Braeburn, I can feel it.

let's see where this goes.

Or perhaps it could be that some of us don't feel like shoehorning in every element the show staff puts in, and just mark our stories using the "Alternate Universe" tag. Since it's an alternate universe anyway.

On the story itself, an interesting start, though the grammar could use some fixin' up.

You need to learn how to use apostrophes, DBK. And what's this? You don't plan on finishing the story? Why the bloody heck not?

every way that I plan out in my head comes off as shit on my head and I wasted too much time on it, I can write it but I don't feel like its going to turn out good in my personal opinion

cadence isn't a changling. Check yo self before yo Shang Kai Shek yo self.

No keep on writing it, I'm sure it will turn out good.

Nice. Can I write a story of this kind? I've wanted to do so for months.

Thats how long it took to write that small intro part. :fluttercry:

Oh No!

He got mind raped.

2373160 Chances are there wouldn't be TCB story if discord's reform was included. Seeing the mass extinction of a species that's literally neutral chaos incarnate would be something he wouldn't stand for.

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