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The Poison Party - DeadlyRose

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Jungle Safari/ Fast Flying

"Oh yes! Nobody's seen anything as fast as a Rainbow- but me!"Rainbow Dash boasts. "Come on Tank! You can do this!"

The turtle gracefully made it to the finish line, leaving Rainbow Dash's mane hanging on a twig.

"Fluttershy, care to help a hand?" Dash sarcastically asks. Fluttershy quickly approaches Rainbow, and silently whispers, "yes."

Zoom! Dash quickly raced past, to and fro the clouds, leaving poor Fluttershy in a doozy.

Though not knowing it, Rainbow Dash was actually flying over Pinkie's head! When Pinkie saw the rainbow, she was certain it was Rainbow Dash, and thought she was coming to save her. As though hard it was to catch her, Pinkie Pie simply just threw a rock at her wing, almost so accurately. It made Dash fall down with a thud, luckily; right next to her.

"What is it Pinkie Pie?!" she shouted, frustrated. "Umm... Sorry?" she quivered.

The two ponies sit still glazing at the forest. Just as Rainbow tried to lift Pinkie, she couldn't. The cupcakes she ate made her heavier. Suddenly, a beast had attacked Dash, as she managed to break free, she jumped. Jumped?! She had to fly.

"Yadda yadda, now look at me, Pinkie?! The blistering pain of the beast that just shot an arrow on my one wing! Oh, it hurts it hurts!" But Pinkie just stared at her hair. "What is it? Is it a spider? Not- not that I care hehe..."

"Eeek! You're growing a h-horn! Like Rarity and Twilight! Wow!" Rainbow Dash was surprised. "I'm an alicorn? Never mind about that, well, cool! But..." Pinkie scoffed. "Uh-oh..." Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes until-

Shatter! A piece of glass broke, and was heard. "What was that?" Pinkie Pie asked. Orbs started to float around where the noise was. "Should we follow it Pinkie?" Dash questioned. But she was already laughing, following the orbs, touching on the path. Rainbow Dash raced across, next to her. Then, she blushed. It felt "fun" to be with her. Not that she liked her, it used to be the same. But pranking with her, it felt- righteous! An outburst of energy flashed, and her wings could operate, but wasn't fully healed.

'I see you arrived my destination, are you up for the restoration?" a familiar voice asked. Zecora! Rainbow and Pinkie had encountered her. "Quick, Zecora. I must be healed." Rainbow Dash returned, looking ahead at her spread, bloody wings.

"I see the problem. I can heal your wing, and yet still gift you a diamond ring. The ring was gift to protection, follow the steps in addition." Zecora says. The ring is fit into Dash's and yet Pinkie's hooves. The broken glass was Zecora's health potion, but she was able to recover the seeping green water before it soiled into the ground.

Slowly, as each drip wet the scar, the blood and the blisters disappeared. "Yahoo!" said Rainbow Dash as she flew up in air, soaring great heights.

As much as she wanted to leave the smelly jungle, she had the urge to stay with Pinkie Pie and use her wings when she needs it.

A sonic rainboom hit the ground, standing in the glittering dust, was one strong- well brave pony- with the best hair in Equestria!

No longer known RD, or Rainbow, "Dashie" pulled over Pinkie closer to her. She looked in her eyes, and said- "You really are the spirit of laughter. And fun. Oh come on-" Dashie felt no longer a tomboy, but a girl. "Friend."

Hello, friends. I am your spirits and souls. We will leave you. "Why?" they both questioned. "From here, you will learn to follow the orbs. They are your guide of direction. Heh, but don't worry, my braveness and loyalty will continue to be in Dash. And the other orb (obviously Pinkie's) just faded, and laughed. Hearing her own soul laugh, she began to laugh too. "Ha ha ha ha! Oh, you crack me up, dear soul of mine." She wiped a tear of with her hoof.


As the two girls had fun in the jungle, it was not fun in Ponyville. All the brainwashed "so called" elements of friendship are captured and taken in as slaves and ponyations, (robot or cloned ponies laid as servants to Nightmare Moon.) No pony was poisoned just yet, and princess Celestia and Luna are just fine. But their plans had just begun.

Head Twilight Sparkle, which commandeered all the other elements, spent time with Nightmare, kept on talking about how evil they both are, and how strong they are. Flutterguy, who wasn't very shy and more of a bully, tossed the kids around, while Applejack, lied to everyone, becoming a stealer, and Spike, more greedier than ever. Nightmare Moon easily visited Rarity's shop, pushing her head on the wall, her horn glowing black, her wings muffling her mouth, and- blast! She was down, and placed her soul into the soulbox, where all the others tender souls were kept. As she shot a laser at Rarity's heart, she easily got up, and bowed down to her new master.


"Wait." Dashie headed on out. "Maybe... This ring could help you get wings, so you can escape?" "Well, I guess so."
Pinkie Pie concentrated- so hard, her veins strained. "Give me wings, give me wings, give me wings, pleassseee...."

After a moment, Pinkie Pie threw the ring on the floor. "This crazy fake ring doesn't give me wings!" Slowly she put it on. "Though it makes a cute detail." she smiled. "Uhhmm... Pinkie Pie, you do have wings. Except they're green." Pinkie Pie gasped. "I HATE GREEEN! I LOVE PINK!" She blurted. "We see that, Pinkamena Diane."

She slowly turns around. "Call me Pink-e-Pie! And... Never.... Call.... Me.... Pinkamena..... Diane..... ever.... again!!"
"Jeez, I mean, what's the difference?" Dashie spit. "This is Pinkamena." Pinkie Pie quickly straightened her hair, and turned dull pink. "This is Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie Pie fluffed up her hair curly again, her happy pink coat, and her shiny teeth smiling in the bright sky. "I'll take the order for a Pinkie Pie!" Dash snorted. "Ha ha. Very funny." Pinkie flounced.

"Great. We can get out of here. Do you know how to fly?" Pinkie Pie was jumping, her wings flat.
"Ugh. Of course not. Okay Pinkie, follow my steps. Spread your wings, and jump. Got it?" Pinkie simply nodded. "Okay! Got it! Spread your wings, and jump... Spread your wings and jump!" "You know what, just stay there. I have enough power to lift you all the way to Canterlot." "Maybe I'll stick to a diet next time, and not into pies!" Pinkie squeaked.

A one, a two, a three, and- rainbow "dashed" and lifted up Pinkie Pie, following the orbs, all the way to Canterlot. "Umm, Dashie? I need to use the bathroom?" "Hold it. We're almost there."

As soon as they arrived, Pinkie Pie ran to the bathroom, not noticing which signs said "boy" and "girl". "Whoopsies!" cried out Pinkie as she accidentally used the boys bathroom.

"Pinkie! What took you so long?" Dashie asked. "Nothing?"
"Whatever. We have to go to Princess Celestia about this matter!"
"Excuse me sir, can we have this carriage ride to the castle, please?" said Pinkie, in her pleasing manners.
"Course. Your highness already is expecting you."
"She is?"
"She's been waiting for you.
"I guess."

The carriage came to an end with a thud- at the most beautiful place in Equestria! The palace! The kingdom! A waterfall rushed behind the castle, the leaves cut with dew, a magical place. "Fluttershy would love this place. Look at all the affectionate creatures!" sobbed Dashie. "I really do miss them." replies a stubborn Pinkie Pie.

As soon as they walked in...

"Hello, please, take a seat. I would love for you to join our dinner- salad to pumpkin pie, strawberries, to waffles,and-"
Pinkie Pie headed down the aisle munching on the pies. "Forget my diet." she says, munching.

Having a fun time, they began to chow down. They talked about their enemies and how strong they were. As usual, Dashie chowed on the energy meals, while Pinkie Pie stayed on dessert. Celestia ate her strong veggies, and soon, the royal Luna had arrived. "Yes indeed, sister! A nice meal with my saviors will be divine."

Pinkie Pie, raised her hand. "Yes, Pinkie Pie?"
"What is this relation between you and Twilight Sparkle?"
Deep silence filled the air.
Dashie elbowed Pinkie. "Don't ask the royal highness personal stuff like that! Sorry, my dear maiden."
"It's alright, Rainbow Dash. This was the matter I wanted to talk about. She is a daughter to me. I would hate myself to hear if anything happened to her. But seriously, I thought Twilight would actually attend. Is she back reading books eh?" Celestia and Luna laughed, with delight.

"So.. What was this matter you needed to tell me?" Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash exchanged glances.


~~ By: DeadlyRose
Characters owned by Hasbro inc.
Storyline made by me

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I'll fix any problems, notify me here. I'll continue the series and epilogue, and a new story called: "A New Princess" is unlocked'!

So... how's the story everyone?

Please watch or fave this artwork. It was my first one, so please no bad comments. I'd appreciate compliments or if I have something wrong, please say it once and not many times.

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Let`s see.

Primo, your story is atrociously hard to follow through. Events come left and right and none of them with any clue as to why or what precluded them. N.B. - no, saying that`s how Pinkie Pie views the world does not let you off the hook. All of her actions are connected by logic. Granted, it may be insane troll logic, but there is a line of logic Pinkie`s following. Your story? It has none.

Secundo, writing "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" in the bottom is quite incorrect. You do not own the characters, nor the show, therefore, you have no right to reserve any rights. All fanfiction comes under fair use rules.

Tertio - doublecheck the definition of words when you use them. In particular, this ". She is a orphan-like daughter to me." is outright grating. Current wording awkwardly suggests that Twilight is Celestia`s disowned daughter. It should be "She`s like an adoptive daughter to me." Or simply "She`s like a daughter to me.", seeing as Celestia`s speaking metaphorically.

Finally, quadro - but who was phone!?

205573 I fixed the heck of all those.

205573 And phone?! What phone? Lol :raritydespair:


It`s an internet joke. In case you don`t get it, don`t worry... much. You can always google for "but who was phone" and read about it in memebases.
It just pokes fun at your ability to put words together in pointless order. Like "So... has the story everyone?".

207750 Oh, Okay. That was a typo- my phone does that.

Sorry, it's just way too confusing and convoluted just from the get-go. You've got many different ponies doing things without much in the way of set-up or anything else, all scattered in paragraphs that don't make rhyme or reason. Sorry again, but I have to downvote.

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