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Xenonic lives in the north of england and so has never seen the sun. She would put that she's a girl but there are no girls on the internet so she won't.


Soon after Twilight's ascension to Alicorn-hood, her friends followed and took control of the Elements - and when Fluttershy took control of the Earth, no-pony, not even Celestia, would realize what power they'd given her before she changed them all into stone and hid herself away in the Everfree forest.
Ponyville is deserted. Canterlot is in a continual state of crisis. Her friends have abandoned her.
But that doesn't matter. All that matters is that no-one leaves.

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This was a refreshing change of pace from the Bioshock crossovers and the HiE fics!All I can say is that I've never seen a fic that turned out quite like this. I'm a little confused about the Elements and the powers they have AND I noticed something a little odd in the dialogue. You put an action, which was a sigh, in the middle of a sentence as though it was a part of the dialogue. I think you should go over it again. Maybe put an ALT tag and look over the fic for grammatical errors?

2392860 I think it's fixed now, but I can't find the out-of-place sigh anywhere.

2394242 I'm sorry I meant sob :facehoof: I'm an idiot...

"B-but I didn't know...sob...I didn't know!"

2394562 Oh yeah...I'll fix that. Sorry, I did write it at like 9 o' clock last night

:fluttershysad: You made sad Alicornshy :fluttercry:
You monster :flutterrage:

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