• Published 3rd Apr 2013
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A Pony's Far Cry Experience - djElectrOctavia

To the peaceful lands of Equestria to the harsh violence of Rook Island, how will they survive?

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Chapter 3: A Narrow Escape

The two ponies snuck behind the houses, the exit being closer each second. The grass was very dry, and it was hurting their hooves as well as tickling them. The only obstacle stopping them from reaching their goal were two guards, having a friendly chat about their many sexually transmitted diseases. Fluttershy picked up a rock and threw it to the opposite end of the small alley-way they were at. The two guards instantly turned around and walked to the source of the noise whilst Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash started to crawl out of the small exit hole. It took a bit longer than expected for Rainbow Dash as she found it difficult to crouch and walk for too long. Just as she was almost out, she heard the two guards behind her.

“Hey, what’s that rainbow hair going out of the small hole?”

“I don’t know, let’s see…” one said as he fell to the floor in attempt to see. “OH SHIT! THE PONIES ARE ESCAPING, SOUND THE ALARM!!!”

“Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUUUUUUCK! Vaas is going to skin us alive if we do that!”

“Or he’ll pay us for seeing them escaping, DO IT! DO IT NOW!” he screamed. Fluttershy and Rainbow were quickly galloping away by the time the alarm was sounded. They had no idea where they were going apart from away from the maniacs. The loud booming noises once again filled the sky, and the ground started to form pillars of dust around them. Obviously their weapons fired projectiles of some sort as Rainbow saw a pellet fly past head and right through a tree. Whatever it was, it was powerful. They approached a cliff-edge with a lake below it, no beaches to be found. Without flight, Rainbow was useless. She had to make a decision on what to do fast if she was going to survive. The sound of that machine came closer and closer and closer, Rainbow had run out of time to think so she had to act fast.

“THERE THEY ARE, SHOOT THE FUCKERS NOW!” Vaas screamed, firing at them himself.

“JUMP!” Rainbow shouted, pushing Fluttershy into the lake far below before jumping herself.

“NO! COME BACK HERE YOU WINGED MOTHER FUCKERS!” Vaas screamed, looking over the edge. “They’re gone. Oh you fucking fucktards. Can’t wait until I get to burn you alive. I’ll be nice, you can keep your tiny dicks for now.” he spat spitefully.


Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes to be greeted with a darker human with glasses and a cup of some sort in his hands. She was in a bed, with a towel and cover over her. Rainbow Dash was already awake, sipping from a cup, shivering in the cold.

“Where am I?” Fluttershy asked to Rainbow Dash.

“Someplace called Amananana Town or something…” Rainbow replied, the lack of heat evident in her voice.

“It’s AH-MAN-AH-KI Town!” the man said laughing. “You’ve been sleeping for a long time, Fluttershy, was it?” he stated as he came to sit on her bed. She instantly retreated back to huddle in a corner of her bed.

“How… How do you know my name?” she whimpered. It wasn’t often that a random pony, or thing, knew her.

“Your friend over there told me. Don’t worry, I mean no harm unlike those pirates who kidnapped you. I also saved another man who was swimming in the same storm as you. I’ll take you to him when you feel better or vice versa.” he said. “Oh, I’m Dennis, by the way.” he said holding out a hand to shake. Cautiously she accepted it. It was weird feeling those things (claws?) wrap around her hoof, but it overall felt friendly. “Relax, you’ll do your muscles in huddled up like that.” Dennis said, standing up and placing the mug down. “It’s hot cocoa.” Fluttershy had not really had hot cocoa much, only a few times when she was young. She preferred tea as it helped her relax, yet this was equally tempting from either the thirst or the sweet smell of it.

“Um… Thank you, sir.” she whispered kindly as she slowly relaxed and started to sip on the cocoa. Her taste buds started to fry up under the heat, so reflexively; she stuck out her tongue and began to breathe.

“Uh, are you alright there?” Dennis asked, not used to this kind of behaviour. Fluttershy nodded her head and blushed; it was a bit embarrassing to do something like that, especially since her long-time friend was laughing her head off. Fluttershy just put her head down and carefully sipped the drink. Long, quiet minutes passed as they were all left to their thoughts.
One scene kept replaying in her head. The time she stabbed the man, it kept replaying, the feeling of warm blood splattering on her face and the slow start of the blade was pushing into the neck, then the speed of which it finishes its blow. She felt as if she would not be able to recover from such a crime. She had never done it before let alone seen it happen, unless you count Rainbow Dash’s defensive murders. She turned her head to see Rainbow Dash staring at her, deep in thought.

“Dashie?” she asked, pulling Rainbow out of her thoughts. Instantly, she blushed and turned away.

“Sorry, just thinking about earlier.”

“Me too…”

“You girls haven’t told me about your adventures yet, though I presume they were bad?” Dennis asked intrigued by their behaviour.

“I’d rather not talk about it.” Fluttershy said, hiding her mane behind her face and trying to think of better thoughts than the mind-haunting one.

“Guess it’s up to me then.” Rainbow said as she started to recall the terrible events that have revealed themselves.

“Wow. I’m not sure if I should be impressed you escaped or surprised about this magical pony land.” Dennis joked. Neither Fluttershy nor Rainbow Dash found his joke to be funny. In fact, Rainbow Dash felt offended by joke against her homeland.

“Hey! My world is much better than this!” Rainbow argued. “So, do you know where Equestria is?” she asked once calm.

“Not a single place on Earth called Equestria, sorry.” Dennis stated. Silence filled the room for several stretched minutes once more, before Fluttershy exploded into sobs. “Hey hey, what’s wrong?” Dennis asked as he walked over to comfort the distressed pony.

“WE’RE NEVER GOING HOOMMEE!!” she cried. Dennis ran to get some tissues to dry up the eyes of the pony. It was a bit difficult as the eyes were almost as big as his hand and she had fur which got damp anyway.

“Shh… It’s okay, I’ll help you get home, I promise.” Dennis said reassuringly.

“It’s going to be hard Flutters, but I know we can do it together.” Rainbow Dash added. This quelled Fluttershy’s tears and sobs.

“Well, first things first, I’ll go check on Jason, I need to give him the tatau of the Rakyat warrior.” Dennis said, slapping his hands on his lap and getting up to the door. “Best you two stay in bed for now, you felt pretty hot when I took you out of the waters.” he added as he left the room. The last sound that could be heard for hours was a simple click of the door closing.
Both ponies sat in complete silence, replaying the past in their minds and thinking of causes on why they are here. During this time, Rainbow Dash took one nap and finished two drinks. Fluttershy was intent on looking at her surroundings, trying to figure out the impossible. They say hope conquers all, yet hope is futile. Hope has never helped anyone. Hope. Is. Insanity.

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By the end of this fic, people will be calling him Jason Brony. Someone shoot me for saying this, please. Shoot me now -_-

Please hurry with more chapters :pinkiehappy:

2503120 thats absoulute genius :raritystarry:

Love the story though I'm disappointed by the chapter length.


It would be a shame to see a story this good go down the drain.

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