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A Guest FanFic by my friend, AwesomelyMe0728. Fic belongs to him, but we agreed to publish it here. Edited (Slightly) and published with his permission.

Fluttershy has never been the greatest flier. In fact, she's never really enjoyed it either. But when Rainbow Dash finds out, she decides immediately to help her "really use those wings". What could go wrong?

Cover art by yours truly.

Chapters (3)
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I assume that Mr Wiggums was Angel's predecessor?

Your explanation of aerodynamics seems... very off. For one thing, thrust in a dive doesn't HAVE to be zero in all cases. While it would be true for a weaker flier, I would think that a theoretical text like Twilight would use would recognize that, at least initially flapping to create thrust after going nose-down would create more acceleration.

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