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Fluttershy gets tickled

Fluttershy gets Tickled (Requested by Hazel)

Fluttershy gulped

“I’ don’t think I wana do this…” she spoke very softly.

“I can’t here you, you don’t speak loud enough!” It was Rainbow Dash she was tying Fluttershy to her own bed. She was tightening the bonds so she couldn’t flail around.

Rainbow looked at the immobile Fluttershy, and grinned at her. Fluttershy gulped again. Rainbow Dash pulled out one of her wings and stroked Fluttershy’s belly, Fluttershy giggled.

“Does this tickle?” Rainbow asked, as she moved her wings to her sides.
Fluttershy squealed with laughter.

“Heeheeheehee!” she squealed

“Choochie! Choochie! Coo! Rainbow said as she got on the squirming Fluttershy and put her hooves to her sides.

Fluttershy laughed helplessly, she shook in her bonds as Rainbow tickled her sides, Rainbow then moved her hooves up under her front legs. She used her wings to continue tickling her sides

“Ahahahahha! Rainbow Please….” Fluttershy still spoke in a soft tone
Rainbow then blew a raspberry on her belly, which finally made her break out in loud laughter.

“WHAHAHAHAHAHAH HEEHEEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!” Fluttershy beat her wings as Rainbow kept blowing raspberries on to her belly.

Rainbow then nuzzled Fluttershy’s tummy with her nose. Fluttershy’s laughter died down a bit.

“What? That doesn’t tickle, I can fix that.” Rainbow then tickled both of her back hooves with her wings, it made tears come down her cheeks.

“What are you doing to poor Fluttershy?” Twilight came in the room.

“Tickling her…” Rainbow said

“Can I join in?” Twilight said

“Sure.” Dash said to her

Twilight came over to Fluttershy and levitated a brush and started stroking under her front leg. “Sorry Fluttershy.” She said as she tickled

Rainbow rubbed her tummy, while Twilight started to tickle both of her sides. Fluttershy shook around, in a pathetic attempt
to shake them off. Her mouth was wide open, laughing really loud


“Shouldn’t have told us that!” Rainbow Dash laughed and she started to rub her tummy faster.

Twilight moved to her lower body, where she used brushes to tickle her hooves again. Fluttershy was laughing and screaming at the top of her lungs, Twilight had never seen Fluttershy smile like this before, so she tickled her faster, Rainbow moved her hooves to Fluttershy’s ribcage. This made Fluttershy scream and try to push away Rainbow Dash with her wings. Twilight used her magic to control Fluttershy’s wings, Twilight made Fluttershy’s wings to stoke her ribcage so Rainbow didn’t have to.


Rainbow moved one hoof up and down Fluttershy’s belly; Twilight stopped moving Fluttershy’s wings and tightened the robe so she was more stretched out. Twilight went back over to her hooves and used a different kind of brush, a thick and softer one to tickle her hooves. Rainbow blew more raspberries on to her belly.


“Duh, that’s the point.” Rainbow chuckled.

Fluttershy was very sensitive to tickling, she hated it when her parents tickled her, but her parents loved to tickle her. She remembered her daddy held her down, while mommy used her big soft wings on her belly, but this was a hundred times worse, her parents knew when to stop, but Rainbow and Twilight didn’t.
Twilight levitated the brushes tickling her hooves to under her front legs. Fluttershy screamed with uncontrollable, helpless laughter, her friends were torturing her.

“Watch this Twi!” Rainbow said.

Rainbow pounced on Fluttershy and tickled her in every which way possible, Fluttershy laughed so much, she wet herself. But Rainbow didn’t stop.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle!” She said in an evil tone as she tickled everywhere around her belly.

Fluttershy wet herself again, as her laughter intensified. Twilight used brushes and feathers on her hooves, while Rainbow roughly tickled her everywhere. Rainbow grinned at her

“Having fun Fluttershy.” She laughed evilly.


“You already said that Fluttershy.” Rainbow said.

Rainbow Dash tickled faster and harder, to prevent Fluttershy from talking, and just laughing.

“Do you think we’re going over board?” Twilight asked

“Nah, Fluttershy can handle it.” Rainbow said

Fluttershy started panting and breathing heavily.

Twilight then pulled out an electronic spinning toothbrush and switched it on, Twilight put it to her waist, and Fluttershy just started screaming, scream after scream, the rotating hairs on her waist really tickled her, she tried to thrash around but her bonds held her firmly in place, so the two could continue their relentless, brutal torture on her. But twilight STILL wasn’t done; she pulled out two more electronic rotating tooth brushes, and taped them on her sides. Twilight switched them on at the same time and Fluttershy just shrieked her intense laughter sky rocketed to its peak.

“BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I CAN’T TAKE IT” Fluttershy moved her head around, Rainbow still tickled furiously on her tummy.

“Poor little Fluttershy, laughing her little whittle heart out, hehheh.” Rainbow taunted her.


Rainbow tickled her ever harder. Fluttershy pleated and begged for Rainbow to stop the brutal torture. But it worked the opposite; she tickled faster and harder. Fluttershy hollered at the top of her lungs. Rainbow blew more raspberries on her sensitive tummy.

“I think we should stop, Fluttershy is falling to pieces, we might make her pass out.” Twilight turned off the electronic tooth brushes.

“Alright….” Rainbow groaned “but I was having a lot of fun.”

Rainbow and Twilight started to untie the panting, tired Fluttershy. When she was untied, she thanked them for stopping the torture.

Rainbow and Twilight walked out of her house, Fluttershy still laid on her bed, for the rest of the night, but didn’t fall asleep, she was still trying to recall what the hell just happened.

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