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Applejack gets tickled

Applejack gets tickled.

Dusk walked over to four stakes which made a square.

"lay in the middle." Dusk said to her,

Applejack walked over to the middle of the stakes and laid down on her back. Dusk tied Applejack's stretched out front hooves and hind hooves tied the stakes so she was in a stretched out spread eagle position.

"Now time to make you laugh." Dusk said.

"So tell me why you want to do you want to do this?" Applejack asked, Dusk smirked and got out a box of tickle tools.

Dusk got two feathers from the cardboard box and tickled under Applejack's front legs. It made Applejack laugh and squirm around. Dusk then tickled Applejack's belly with his tail making her laughter increase a lot. Dusk levitated two brushes and made them hover over Applejack's back hooves and began to brush them. Applejack's laughter sky rocketed. Dusk then blew a huge raspberry in her belly making her squeal hard with laughter.

Dusk then got out two feather dusters and he tickled Applejack's sides making Applejack laugh really hard and buck in her bonds.

“All right, quit it, it ain’t funny no more! Hahahahah.” Applejack said

Dusk tickled her faster, Applejack started shaking, and He moved the two feather dusters from her sides to her thighs. Applejack laughed uncontrollably. She kicked her four legs, but Dusk kept the feather dusters on her thighs.

“Heh, heh, heh, I’m beggin ya, no more, pleheeheeheese!” Applejack begged “This was only supposed to be a game ya no, you’re turnin it into torture!”

Dusk stopped tickling her thighs and got out a spinning brush mechanism. Applejack looked at him in horror.

“No please don’t, we were only playin, this has gone overboard.” Applejack begged again.

“So what do I care, your tied down, and completely helpless, I can do whatever I like with you.” Dusk said tauntingly.
He switched it on, and put it on Applejacks belly. Applejack thrashed around, kicked and begged. But he wouldn’t turn it off. Applejack was laughing helplessly. She was squirming everywhere

“Stop squirming!” he said


Dusk moved a rotating spinning brush slowly to her waist. Applejack thrashed some more, tears poured down her eyes.

“if you threaten tell my mom, I’ll just tickle you harder, my mom’s outa town until tomorrow, maybe I could do this aaaalllll night…” Dusk taunted her again


“Dusk turned off the sander. Applejack panted and breathed heavily.

“You sure are more ticklish than I imagined…heh heh…” Dusk said calmly to her “What should I do next…..hmmm” Dusk thought.

“I’ll tell ya’ll what you should do next, untie me from these here ropes and let me go!” Applejack yelled again.
“But that would be…to boring.” Dusk said

Dusk got out a thick, soft paint brush with his magic and stroked her chest lightly, it made her giggle only slightly, when he found out it wasn’t effective enough, he moved back under her front legs. Applejack’s giggles became, laughs. Dusk stroked up and down. Dusk then moved the stakes farther apart, now the stakes were in a rectangle, and Applejacks front legs were high above her head. Applejack couldn’t thrash around as much now. Dusk continued to tickle under Applejack’s front legs for five minutes. Then he moved again. The filly then sat on top of Applejack and put her hooves to her belly, he rubbed her belly gently, then harder

“Cut it out, ya brat, GHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH!!!!!!” Dusk tickled her even harder to block out her pleas and begs for mercy.”

Dusk got off the tired Applejack. “So, Applejack…where’s your tickle spot?...” He asked with a grin on his face.

“I ain’t got none.” She muttered

“Everypony has a tickle spot. Even you.” Dusk chuckled

Dusk continued to torture Applejack for hours on end.

“Please….”she groaned “no more, I won’t tell ya mom, just please let me up…”

Dusk totally ignored her, And he laid out a whole bunch of brushes out in front of her, Dusk picked four. Dusk used his magic to tickle Applejack’s thighs and back hooves. Applejack started to tear up again, she slammed her eyes shut and tried to resist, she thought “Maybe if I don’t laugh…he’ll stop.” She used her effort to stop laughing, but the tears came natural, tears came in waterfalls down her face, she couldn’t take much more resisting.

“You can’t resist forever Applejack…” Dusk slowed the speed of the brushes tickling her thighs an increased the speed of
the brushes tickling her back hooves. Applejack started shaking, the slow strokes to her thighs were just torture, she could feel all of the hairs of the brush stroking her thighs and it really, really tickled. Applejack started sweating. She used all the strength inside her to utter out a sentence without a giggle.

“Ya know, this…doesn’t….tickle…..ugg…” It was hard to utter out but she managed to do it.

Dusk saw that it did tickle, so he made it harder on her by making the brushes on her hooves stop, and move to her thighs, but first he stretched out the stakes some more so she couldn’t twitch her hind legs. Dusk slowly and gently tickled her thighs with four brushes. Applejack shook even more “Don’t know how long I can resist…” she thought to herself. More tears came from her face.

“C’mon Applejack laugh, you know you wana.” Dusk said to her

This wasn’t making it bored for him, it was making it fun for him. Dusk slowed the brushes again. All those soft hairs on her thighs, just tickled to much, way to much, it really, really, really, really tickled and Applejack burst out in uncontrollable, helpless cackling. She tried to thrash around.

“That’s right Applejack just laugh…” he said

Dusk got out two more brushes, and he moved them over her ribcage. Now there were four brushes tickling her thighs and two one her ribcage.


Then Dusk moved all the brushes on all sides of her waist. He stroked her waist very fast. Applejack squealed,


Applejack used all of her might to snap the ropes that held her in place. But whatever they were made of was impossible to snap. Applejack shook her head so much her hat flew off her head, Dusk could see the tears flooding down her cheeks, and he snickered at her.

Dusk stopped stroking her and out right pounced on her; he used his hooves to tickle all over her belly. Applejack could be seen with the sight of laughter, but she uttered no sound, Dusk used his hooves faster, Applejack shook from all the pressure that Dusk was putting on her. She regained her voice


“Then how about you just stay tied here, while I tickle you.” He said calmly

“YOU ARE ONE EVIL LIL’ FILLY YA KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!” Applejack was cut off by her own laughter

“and You are one ticklish big pony you know that?” Dusk taunted back

Dusk tickled her faster with his hooves. Dusk just smiled at Applejack.

“BWHAAHHAHHAHAH TOO MUCH TOO MUCH HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…UH…uhhh….ug…uhhhhh…………………….” Applejack passed out.

“Applejack?” Dusk asked “Oh…no…I-I…think I killed her… Gotta get outa here!” Dusk ran as fast as his little legs would carry him.


“Jackie…? You alright?” Applejack slowly opened her eyes, It was Big Macintosh.

“Uhhh….” She could move one leg Macintosh was biting the ropes that held her down.

“Somepony was ticklin me Big Mac, I’m totally beat…” Even though she was untied she still lay on the ground. Macintosh scooped her up and her hat and carried her on her back, back to her bed.
Applejack was already asleep, as Macintosh tucked her in her bed, and left the room and closed the door behind him

“Night Jackie.” He said before blowing out the light.

Note: Dusk is one of my orignal characters. If you want me to tell which pony I should tickle next, just say so in the comments or message me, I would be very happy (if theres time) to fill out your request. I request that you do leave a comment on which pony I should tickle next, cause I can't decide which pony I should write about being tickled.