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"No! Twilight! You cannot die!! You are the Element of Magic! If you die, all the other ponies in Ponyville will die as well! Even the other five!" screamed Spike.
"No, Spike, it's a matter of life and death........" Twilight's voice trailed off silently.
"TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Spike.
But Twilight never responded again.
With tears, Spike buried Twilight under her favourite tree. The other five were there to attend the funeral. All the others- the Cutie Mark Crusaders, The Apples (and their whole lot of relatives), the ponies of Cloudsdale, the princesses........
The "disease" slowly spread. Everypony calls it the Yellow Death, as the pony who got affected will turn yellow from head to hoof-even the cutie mark. No one knows its cause and cure, so it is up to the young fillies to find out......

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 10 )

" ...I'll eat myself"

What Mrs Cake is going to eat herself?:rainbowderp:

this story is so good :pinkiegasp: but a little short:twilightangry2:

Main Six......MAIN SIX.............MAIN SIX!!!!!!?????

I don't like to be rude to a first time author, but this fic needs some serious work if it isn't a trollfic.

You have a plague sweeping across Equestria, which is a fairly good setup. But leaving aside the fact that the story starts in the descriptions, which is dubious form, what follows is just ridiculous. Ponies are dropping dead all over the place and nopony does jack shit to stop it! No one is investigating the disease, no one is looking for a cure, life goes on as normal except for the fact that there are funerals all the time. Even in the Black Death people tried to find ways to stave off the plague; they didn't work because they were based on hokum and superstition but they tried. The way that none of the mane six respond to the deaths of their number one by one (except for RD, who appears to have switched ages and maturity levels with Scootaloo) makes no sense. And even the CMC, who are the least prepared to be investigating a mystery decide to act and then...don't.

There is the gem of a good concept here, but you really need to go back and revise this before it becomes properly workable.

this needs some serious work:unsuresweetie:

2599136yeah no choice thnks for the stuff anyway ill improve:raritywink:

2599879for your info this is not a trollfic;this is just my first amateur story so *rainbow shrug face*

Hey, wonderful story!!! You should do and improved version and make it longer! :twilightsmile:

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