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After an accident reveals that Sweetie Belle is a robot, she is abducted by the government and forced to defend her right to exist. She endures trial after trial in hopes to earn her freedom.

During this ordeal, she discovers dark secrets about her past.

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I'm already imagining that the ending will be something like this:
Sweetiebell: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those... moments, will be lost... in time, like... tears... in rain. Time... to die. "

And i'm guessing the Creator is... Derpy.

Where did Sweetie Bot even come from? Is that a tumblr or something? :applejackconfused:


It's from an abridged series called Friendship is Witchcraft, by Sherclop Pones

2361625 That explains it. I've never watched an episode of that. :moustache:


It's somewhat on the dark side, but its production values are damn good, especially the music. You should give it a try

Hmmm.. Cutie Mark acquisition program... My compass always points to sweetie belle.

Not philosophical enough for sweetie bot, but it is only the prologue. I mean because life is precious(the thing with the little plant). Sweetie Bot has such a clinging to life that wasn't shown really.

The other thought I have is will the other characters be mirroring FiW? Rarity didn't seem like shell shocked rarity.

Cool beans.

Yeah I did need to say that and this story deserves it.
Write more for the sake of ponykind.:pinkiecrazy:

Purple magic? Celestia's is gold. Hrmm


Twilight is now also a princess. Not a good sign....

This looks cool, I'll be sure to keep track of it!:yay:

You went fishing for my interest, and suffice it to say that you've caught it hook-line-and-sinker.

Apple Bloom. Two words. Also, Twilight's kinda acting... not like Twilight.

The story idea kinda reminds me of the later parts of the "bicentennial man" in proving your rights.

Oh, Twilight.

Hey there, working hard on chapter one. The prequel was a bit of a teaser. You'll see a lot more of where the story is headed in chapter one. I'll post a blog post with the first chapter to introduce my self better and introduce the characters.

A purple aura of magic...

Nice to see Twilight get in on the ancient government conspiracies. Although I can't help but think she'd be a bit more emotionally invested given it's Rarity's sister.

:twilightsmile:? Wha-WHAT!?!
Lulu? Could be
:trollestia:? NOOOO!!!

this reminds me of gunslinger girls:derpyderp1:

...forced to defend her right to exist. First thing I thought of was Star Trek: The Next Generation "The measure of a man".

Nice start, but will there be a second chapter?

i think its safe to say that this story is cancelled as it has not been updated in 4 years

Too bad it's basically canceled, this intro was pretty captivating.

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