• Published 30th Mar 2013
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Fallout Equestria: Letter Home - Keanno

Lily Bloom is a new student to Luna's Academy for Young Unicorns. She uses a diary that her Dad gives her to write down her experiences.

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Letter Home

Fallout Equestria: Letter Home

Hey Dad! Thanks for this diary. I hope it’s true what you said in the note that if I use the blue ink that what I write will go directly to your book, because you forgot to take my other bag off the wagon. It has my bedding for my dorm room. I’m really glad you remembered that I like to write when I’m scared, and this journal’s going to help me get through being away from you guys. Luna’s School is so big and nice, I can’t believe they want me to join. I’m excited and scared though. I want to jump around the halls because I’m so happy, but I’ve just been kind of moving slowly looking for my room. I guess I should tell you about my room since it was my first stop. It’s kind of smaller than my room back at home, and I already wonder if my room mate going to be mean to me like Rose Leaf. Then I don’t think I will like this place. Can you make sure she stays out of my room? She likes to get into my toys and she broke my favorite Adventure Filly figure.

My roommate came into the room a little bit ago. Her name is Misty Sky. She looks like that one filly down the street, the one that mom had babysit me and sis when you two were working. She seems nice so maybe I won’t have to have to deal with another little sister. Though I didn't really talk to her much. I just sat at the table and read thru the instruction book they gave us. I’ll be right back. They are calling all of us new students the the auditorium. I guess they are going to give us rules and turn in these papers.

I can’t believe it! I mean I just can’t believe it! But there she was. Princess Luna herself standing on the stage! I know this is her school, but I really didn't think we were that special to be visited by the princess on our first day. I thought she would come and see her students graduate or something, but there she was saying hello to us. I was so embarrassed when she saw me trying to hide myself in the chair. She walked right up to me and said hello. I just froze and even worse I tried to say hello, well, you remember when I first meet uncle Seed Leaf I stuttered? It was even worse with the Princess. I already heard one of the fillies call me Stutter Bloom after it was all over.

I just got a knock at the door. I guess its true that you can read my journal. It was one of the Professors. He had my bag with my bedding. I so glad I have something from home after today. Misty Sky hasn't said anything about it. We kind of just being in our own little corners of the room. I’m going to go to bed. I need to get up early tomorrow to get ready for classes. I love you dad and tell mom too. Good night.

Good Afternoon dad. I hope you and mom are have a good day at the bookstore. I started my first class today. It was called understanding our talents. It was really scary, they had each one of us stand up and introduce ourselves and show are magic. There so many other unicorns with cool spells and talents. I watch one of the colts be able to lift all of the items in the room. He even lifted the class fish tank. I don’t know how heavy it is, it’s a big fish tank and he lifted it without breaking a sweat. I think he said his name was Sweep. It’s kind of a goofy name I think. His cutie mark doesn’t even have a broom on it. Then that one filly who called me Stutter Bloom had her turn. She said her name was Sweet Pear and she lived in Baltimare. Her magic not that impressive. I bet other fillies and colts could do what she does. All she can do is make pictures on paints move. I bet I could do that if I practiced. Well maybe I could.

After her was a colt name Silver Wheat. He can make some really pretty music with his magic. He turned our classroom into a concert. Not one of the class concerts we did at my school back home, but like one of the ones we seen in one of the big cities like that one when we visited Grandpa Plum. Though I think he needs more practice. We could hear a few squeaky notes. But he kept his cool. I watched him and he just had his eyes closed and moved his hooves like a conductor. It was so amazing! I think the whole class wanted to dance. I know I did and we all applauded him when he was done.

Then it was Misty Sky’s turn. When she described what her talent is, she had same as me. I remember what the counselor said when we went to office at school. She is a unicorn and taps into Pegasus magic so easily. Just like me with Earth pony magic. Though I think the fact that she can walk on clouds and move them around is more useful than me being able to make plants bloom faster, and that’s what I did when it was my turn. I just made the potted plant in the corner of the class room bloom. Misty and Silver clapped for me but that was really it. I just sank back into my chair. Are professor gave us homework for class too. We have to take the spells that we showed in class and by next week do something new with them. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

It’s lunchtime and I am in the cafeteria. It feels a lot smaller then it felt when we saw it during the tour. With everypony in here eating, it’s just loud and crowded. I kind of writing and eating at the same time. I not sure if this school is really right for me. You said write in this when I was scared and I been reaching for the quill ever few minutes I think. I know, I know you want me to make friends and have fun, but I just don’t know any pony here. Misty and Silver just sat next to me! I going to go. Bye.

Hey Dad lunch went over really great. Misty Sky and Silver Wheat were really nice. They even helped me think of ways to improve the spell I showed in class. Though we didn't really have any good ideas. Well until Sweet Pear tried to make fun of me. She told me I should grow a salad. I think I going to do that. I ask Seed Plow if I can use some of his seedlings in the garden. If I concentrate hard, I think I can make a bunch of the daisies grow and bloom all at once.

I want to thank Sweet Pear, but she’s still mean. I think her parents had the wrong name for her. They should've named her Rotten Pickle or something. Maybe Flank Face. Something to warn other ponies that she is evil. I know that Misty Sky going to try to make it rain in the class. She can move clouds around but she never really tried to make it rain. Silver Wheat says he going to try to get rid of the squeaky notes he has in the symphony he played. I think he has it the hardest of all of us. He told us that he worked really hard just to be able to mimic that many instruments. He said that his family works as stage ponies for plays, and he had to stay in one of the green rooms while they work. They had a speaker hooked up in the room, so he just listened to the music from the bands that played and he started to mimic their sounds. We are all going to go to the courtyard near the front. Silver says that how the building was made makes it a great acoustic stage I think he said. I gotta go now have a great dinner tell Mom I said hi.

Hey Dad. I haven't written in the blue ink in a few days. I’ve been getting along really well with my friends and i'm not as scared anymore. Their are only two days left before I have to show what new things I did with my spell. I thought that the normal class work like math and writing would be my hard classes, but my talent class is a lot of work. Everyday me and my friends meet out in the Courtyard to try to make our spells better. Misty was able to pull clouds down from the sky and she said she had to condense them I think to make it work. Then Silver he just keeps trying to make the notes not squeak on the one part of this symphony. I really wish you and mom could come and see him play its amazing. I even gotten better! I made five of the seedlings grow and bloom so fast. I really think we could pull it off. I like to see what Rotten Pickle will think when I give her and the class a salad. Time to practice so more then we are going to get dinner I think they are serving country apple cakes and carrot soup. Though I think mom is the better cook.

Sorry I had to end so quickly the other day. The principal did not like us practice out by the courtyard. She said it was distracting the office staff. I would think she was the older sister to Sweet Pear or something but then she offer us the auditorium when it was not in use. I glad we can use it because well even after we showed that we improved are spell in class the other day. Also the daisy salad I made was great. I had to grow about hundred seedlings to make it for the class. Even better Misty made a light rain on the daisy and help them look pretty while they where growing and while we all ate Silver player his symphony. But he did not get as good of a grade he squeaked a few notes. I think its un-fair he has like the hardest talent to try to pull off and the teach being hard on him for it. Me and Misty are going to go take him to the cafeteria and see if we can get some ice cream for him to cheer him up.

Hey Dad I know been a long time since I last wrote in blue ink. I not letting your book you gave me go to waste. I been writing in it with different ink. Just things that I want to keep to myself. Also can Silver Wheat come to visit us during the winter-wrap up break. I can work extra hard with the garden crews on the street, and with my new talents in my spells I can make them grew faster so if I work really hard can he visite? He lives a few hours out of town. He can come over and play that sympathy for you two so you won't miss out on how amazing he is. Misty said she might be visiting Manehatten during the Summer maybe we can give her and her family a tour of the town. Time for math class I have to go. Ms. Slide Rule doesn't like me writing things in my diary in class.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh Silver ask me to the winter solstice dance! I can’t believe it! I been here for only a month and I being ask by like one of the best colts in class to the dance this is so great! I mean Hi Dad Silver ask me to the winter dance and I said yes but I’m not really that good at dancing could you send me a book on dancing. I want to make sure I can dance really good. Oh and I getting better and better at my talent spells. I think next week I’m going to try to change the color of some of the plants maybe I can start to make them do a dance as well. Oh I know maybe me, Silver, and Misty can put on a show. I bet I can make the flower dance to Silvers instruments maybe make each color of a flower represent an instrument. Maybe I could ask Misty to make rainbows with her magic or maybe just give a little rain fall that the lights will make the flowers sparkle. Make them look like fireworks or something! This is a great idea. I going to run dad I got planning to do and please don’t forget that book. The library here has a lot of great books but really on dancing.

Silver is so great on his hooves he dance just gracefully. I felt like I was just struggling but I don't think he mind. We just enjoy the music and the time together it was so great. I hope dad will let him stay for the break. I want to show him all of Manehatten. I know he seen it before but I think it be fun I can be his tour guide to the best things of the city. Dad I was using the wrong ink ignore what I said. But I would really really like to have Silver come and visit please please please.

Wow I never seen really Equestrian soldiers before only in the papers. They are big and strong dad. I don’t know where they are going but they are headed to the zebra towns down the road. I heard some of the professors talking about coming up with new plans in case something happens. They almost cancelled the dance to practice evacuations. They even been keeping us out of the auditorium a few times for planning meetings. This makes things hard for us. We’ve been working really hard on that idea I told you about a few weeks ago. I’ve been able to start changing the colors of the the flowers and just as I thought, with the help of Spot Light with the stage lighting, we’ve been able to make the rain that Misty makes make the flowers sparkle and look like fireworks. Silver been working on a new symphony. Though his new one has more squeaks in it he says he going to work hard to get rid of them before the break happens. We going to talk to the principal a week before the break to see if we can do a show. I going to go I gotta study for tomorrow's writing class.

Dad everything is okay. I know you probably hear about this soon but apparently something happened outside in the courtyard and the staff had to use that defence system they have. We were moved to the basement area where a safe room is. The professors say they going to let us out soon as we get the all clear. So if I don’t get a chance to tell you later that, I am fine.

Okay, I’m starting to get a little bit scared the staff that came down with use look scared as well. I keep hearing them whisper to each other. Professor Apple Peel went up to check on things and he didn't come back but the office secretary said when he step out there was this Pink smoke in the halls.

Dad can you tell the pony try to rescue use to hurry up. The Pink smoke started to seep into the room just outside of the safe room. The staff been trying to keep us calm but everyone is getting really scared.

Dad I hope you're reading this we are going to try to escape. Ms. String Heart was able to turn on the fire sprinkler and it seems to have remove the pink smoke in the other room. Misty think she can keep a rain cloud up to keep us safe. Okay we are going for it I see you when we get out.

Monsters! There are monsters in the pink smoke. It grab Misty when she was using her spell. Ms. String Heart try to run after her but she seem to just scream. We ran back into the safe room. I drop the blue ink you gave me. I sorry you're going to have to make me so more when they get us. The smoke is starting to seep into the room. Dad where are the police or those soldiers that came by yesterday. Where are you? Professor Apple Peel wants us to get really close he going to put a shield up. I really scared the lights just went out and all we can see is the pink smoke. Professor Apple Peel is looking tired. I think we gonna have to try to run threw the smoke again but I don’t want with those monster out there. We can hear them out there. Silver is handing out pages from his music book soak in water. I think we are ready. Dad I’m really scared where are you please help please where are you? Nc mv qui l is runni g dry. Dad pl-ase helo pleas- h-lo

Author's Note:

This is my entry for the FoE group 3k word story. The concept I went for is the idea of Standing your ground. Though with a different interpretation. There are intentional spelling and grammar errors in this story. A young school filly writing into a diary would not have the best spelling nor grammar.

I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for reading.

Comments ( 7 )

The flow is pretty smooth and it mimics the writing of a young filly pretty well (with spelling errors and all)

Only thing I spotted that bothered me is she mentions Professor Apple Peel going upstairs and not coming back, and then a few paragraphs later he's trying to shield the kids. Still, that ending, aw man. :raritydespair:

I also half-expected the entries to start with "Dear Kitty..." (Bonus points if you know where that's from!) :pinkiesad2:

2343964 hehe forgot that error. I have to fix it really quick. The problem is I had to have fewer editors look over this story, because I needed to keep it in line with the concept of it being a school filly.

Fix it. Ignore my silliness

Thank you for the catch.

An interesting story, however my only problems with it is that there are no date marks in the corner, like a person writing in a journal would have (unless it was already pre-marked), and the final paragraphs seem to be pretty calmly written down (I know this is an odd thing to say, since we are typing and not physically writing, but what I mean is that everything seems to be spelled just fine ( for the most part )).


Thank you for your comment. Sadly I don't know what a Equestria date system would look like so I left it kind of out; in-exchange for the character saying how much time has past per entry.

As for the final paragraph. Again sadly I would like to have more errors and problems however if there were to many errors it would not be readable and people my lose focus on what is happening with the character during her last moments. I may sometime pick up this story again and expand it to support more stories of Lily Bloom in the school.

Thank you again.

2349285 Good point about not knowing the date system. In writing my own story, this has been a problem as well.

Blue text... Why?:pinkiesad2: Why did you have to do that to my eyes? If it wasn´t a part of the plot do I really not think that I would have read it all.

Something that hit me while reading the text and saw how I at times had problems with keeping the sections from each other with the first gaze, do you know of the horizontial rule command? Because I think that would be good to show that we are stating a new section up when we have no other marks that can show it. I am giving an example on the command here, and it is just [ hr ] without the spaces.

And two nitpicks.
"the one that mom had babysit me and sis when you two were working" Did you not mean foal sit?
"Dad pl-ase helo pleas- h-lo" I know what effect that you where going for, but it would not be something that you wrote in a book


Thank you for your observations. As for the hr rule I don't know the commands to well. It took a long time just try to get it all in blue test. I am sorry that it was in blue text but I think it was needed for the story. As for babysitting and foul sitting. I think both would work since in the show baby and foul are used. So both concepts could be used. As for the second item. In her stat odds are she was really trying to make it look right she just wanted to get the words in.

Again thank you for your observations.

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