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If I wrote a fic half as good as this one is, I would have to consider that a huge achievement for myself.

Loved it.

Grim times in Baltimare... This fic looks really good. I look forward for the next chapter. Keep up the good job.

Thank you, I hope that it continues to be amazing as it continues.

Thank you for the very honoring compliment. I am glad you enjoyed and hope that you continue to enjoy as it goes on.

Have you ever heard of Brutal Legend? Excellent game that your comment made me think of. And I am very glad that you love it, I hope it continues to please.

I am very glad that you think so. I hope it continues to be epic as it progresses.

Thank you, I am glad it looks good and will most certainly try to continue to keep it good.

If I hadn't gone through my favourites I would of missed this. For some reason it didn't pop up.

Oh well, loving how this story is progressing.

I am eager to see the next part of this story. Good job :twilightsmile:
And I'm really worried for Sun Prancer's sanity and health now.

A technical glitch do you think? And I am very glad, I hope that it continues to interest you as it goes on.

Thank you, I hope that the quality of the next chapter will match to exceed your eagerness, and I am glad for your worry... increases the probability of you staying tuned.

This is getting more and more interesting the more I read.:pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter again. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Don't worry, this story truly gets better and better as it goes on.

I'm glad, I hope this next chapter keeps you excited and entertained.

Here it is! Hope it brings you joy and excitement.

I'm glad you feel so, I hope this next chapter continues the trend!

Oh boy. If I didn't know that pink-eyes bit, that would have just been condescending sarcasm.

And another promising story eats dirt.

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