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A plot between two meddling immortals to find something to occupy their young charges time with sees Laharl, Overlord of the Netherworld stranded in Equestria. Twilight Sparkle is tasked with looking after the displaced demon while a way back home can be found for him.

Unbeknownst to either conspirator dark forces take note of the cheerful little planet inhabited by the peaceful equines, with their own designs for the colorful land.

(technically there are no actual humans since they're all demons or angels...but I threw the human tag on there to be safe)
I feel like a small disclaimer may be needed. I'm planning to take some pretty severe liberties with Equestria and many of the characters from the show, so now and again they may act a bit out of canon character. Just a heads up!

Chapters (9)
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Haha glad you think so. I was bumming around DA and found a picture of a Laharl pony. I then knew what I had to do. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh hi, Disgaea crossover, dood.

The characters are pretty good so far, dood...I am assuming that this is based off the good ending of Disgaea 1, due to me being weirded out by how nice Lord Laharl was in his inner thoughts or to Fluttershy, dood. Still going to like and fav this though, dood.:twilightsmile:

Come to think of it, I never did get to finish the first Disgaia. Oh well, I'm still gonna' read this.:trollestia:

In Disgea my team was under-leveled (including Laharl) that i can't beat Mid-Boss

Yeah to me that's what made Disgaea such an amazing game. Laharl actually grows and matures as a character. (following the good ending anyhow, and why wouldn't you do that?!) I mean he's still an obnoxious jerk, but basically he's a decent guy.

Disgaea was the first game I actually grinded out levels to beat. XD I was so-so on it at first, then when you get to Vyers? "You're just a Mid-boss! That's your name now! Mid-boss!" Then his actual name changed to Mid-boss? I was sold.

Laharl's laugh inherently makes everything 20% cooler. That's just science.

In my opinion it's one of the best games of all time. The combat can get a little tedious if you're not big on level grinding, but the story makes it SO worth it. The characters are absolutely amazing in the first game. There're a few different endings to get and it has tons of replayability. I've sunk a couple hundred hours into all four. If you have a ps2, psp, or DS I HIGHLY recommend grabbing the first Disgaea.

2347763 And the difficulty ? :pinkiehappy: If it kicks my ass than I'm all over it!

It ramps up in difficulty by leaps and bounds over the course of the game. Like you'll do a few levels no problem then all of a sudden a boss is one shotting your poor units all over the place and you have to grind out some more levels.

You don't just level your demons either, you level up items by going into the weapons or equipment and clearing floors of enemies. Every floor you clear the items stats improve.

This is a great story. Can't wait to see how Dash react's when she find's out Scootaloo has a new idol.

I'm looking forward to getting to Rainbow myself. XD

This makes me wish I liked Disgaea. Seriously, I hated 3, the only one I played, for some reason.

Meh 3 was ok. 2 was rubbish. 1 and 4 were excellent, one especially.

Well what'd you hate about 3? I mean if it was the gameplay I wouldn't get the others since its very nearly identical. The characters and story in both were far superior though.

Oh. Definitely grab one then. Arguably the best character growth and development I've ever seen in a video game. Laharl's maturation from start to finish is somehting I'd never seen in a game before, and haven't seen since.

Oh god my sides are bursting! Laharl you rule! :rainbowlaugh:

Good to see Laharl hasn´t lost his old touch with ladies.

Both Laharl and Twilight spun to face it, and in unison screamed, “We’re talking! Get lost!”
Demonic fist and alicorn magic collided into the monster, blasting it into millions of splinters

:rainbowlaugh: LoL

And good to see too Princess Twilight growing a pair of figurative balls, specially regarding Celestia´s antics. If only this happened in the show.

So many disgeae quotes. ahh good times.:pinkiesmile:

Oh it's gonna get alot worse for Celestia as it goes on haha

I'm glad you're enjoying haha. I was a little worried folks would find my slightly softer Laharl not quite as funny as the real one, but given his growth in the game I'd think even more time around Flonne would mature him up a bit more.

It really is one of the funniest games of all times. XD

Scootaloo seems to have taken a real shine to Laharl. Will she become one of his vassals later on? If so I wonder how many of his bad habits she'll pick up. Another thing that will be fun to see is how Rainbow Dash will react when she learns she's lost her biggest fan.

The next chapter is gonna be called "20% Cooler" so all you Rainbow Dash fans won't have long to wait to see how she reacts to their new guest.

As for the vassal question, well that would be spoiling. :o

Darn, I was hoping it was the game Overlord or Overlord 2. Oh well, should still be amusing.
WTFrick? why is my name-thing yellow???

Heh those were some good games too.

Yeah I have all sorts of crazy stuff coming up to further blend the two haha

Soooooo... this is a Disgea crossover? Huh. I've been playing Disgea 3 recenty and I found that very fun. Though Mao felt a tad bit too Gary Stu'ish for me to actually care about him. Then again, I haven't gotten that far in the story yet.

Wowzers, this isn't a crossover I expected to see. And so far it's shaping up hilariously! :yay:

I was bumming DA and found a laharl pony. I had to write this. o_o

Mao is far inferior to Laharl :o


Everything is inferior to Laharl (except Flonne). Zetta is close - with bonus points for being a book - but still nowhere near. :trollestia:

Got a link to Laharl pony?

I have been waiting for a My Little Pony - Disgaea x-over for ages.... and now you've made it :ajsmug: you're AWESOME :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2:

I played the game in the PSP version, I completed the game, but failed fighting vs. Asagi (and I have Laharl at lvl 2338 and the others more or less the same...)

I also whatched the entire anime serie that was released: Makai Senki Disgaea ^^


In every game there's generally a way to power level your dudes from 1 to 9999 in a couple hours. Just gamefaqs a leveling guide. I don't remember the specifics to the first or I'd just share here haha

Pinkie went on to kill a 1000 demons, becoming demon lord Pinkamina.

You must be some kind of future scrying sorcerer. :pinkiegasp:

Great chapter. What will Scootaloo think of Dash losing to Laharl big time? Will Laharl become Scootaloo's new idol forever? Look's like Discord is getting back in the game. Celestia and others should have know better than to think he would go all goody goody.

P-Pinkamena is scarier to me now...IM IN LOVE!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

To be fair to Discord he DOES have a valid complaint!

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