• Published 3rd Apr 2013
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Five Score, Divided by Four - TwistedSpectrum

As a fan of the show, I always loved Rainbow Dash and her cutie mark, but I never wanted it to appear on my leg! Now that it has, all sorts of things are getting weird around here. I'm a guy, not a mare! Cartoon ponies aren't real... right?

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12. Four under one roof.

Chapter 12: Four under one roof.

“Did you have any trouble getting out of the city?” I turn my head to face Fluttershy, knowing Fiona I would get more out of her facial expression than what she would admit to.

She looks down and stares at the ground as she walks “Oh... it wasn’t too bad.”

I furrow my eyebrows “Come on, you can tell me.”

“Oh, what are you going to do, go and beat up everything that was mean to me? Come on Dash, I can handle myself. I had a hard time, but I made it here didn’t I?”

I stop walking and wave a hoof at her “You’re covered in mud and leaves and you look like you haven’t slept in days! You look terrible!”

Fluttershy frowns “Gee, thanks for reminding me.”

I sigh with sympathy “Fluttershy, when’s the last time you ate?”

She looks down at the cat that was following us, as if asking it for the answer “Well, I had a few berries yesterday...”

I bite my lip, my heart couldn’t take this much longer. “Why didn’t you just go to Jack and Evan’s farm? You trust them don’t you?”

Fluttershy shrugs her shoulders slightly “Oh, I do trust them, it’s just, well there are a lot of reasons. I already tried your apartment and no one was there; I didn’t think any of you were ponies; I didn’t want to be a burden; and I didn’t know if anyone would believe me when I told them who I was. I suppose overall I was just scared of all humans. I wanted to be alone to figure this all out.”

I nod “I don’t blame you Fluttershy, after all you had to deal with and after how that tattoo guy treated you, I understand why you wanted to run.”

I keep walking forward, but after a few seconds of silence I turn my head and notice Flutters isn’t there. I spin around and see her standing on the path about ten feet back, just frozen in place. “Uh... Fluttershy? You okay?”

She stares at me, with a twinge of fear in her eye “How did you know about the tattoo parlor? Were you there? Did you talk to him?”

I trot back over to her with a gentle smile “No, no, no, nothing like that! Heavens no, I don’t even know what he looks like! I just read your diary and it--”

I immediately realize what I said and bite my tongue, but it was too late, the transgression was already said. Fluttershy’s facial features soften and she gives me a bemused look. “You... read my diary? My personal diary?”

I rub my neck with my hoof. “Hey is it getting hot out here or was it just me?” My joke falls flat as Fluttershy doesn’t even flinch. I sigh and hang my head “Yes Fluttershy, I’m sorry, I read the last three chapters of your diary to help find clues as to where you were.”

Flutters smiles and tilts her head “No need to apologize, that was very smart of you and I’m glad you found me.”

I breathe out in relief “And if it’s any consolation I didn’t let Big Mac read any of it. I told him it was just between us girls.” I stick out my tongue and Flutters laughs.

“Well, speaking of just between us girls, you didn’t read any of the older entries in the diary did you? Like the one I wrote about, oh, two weeks ago on the day you drove me home after my car broke down. You didn’t read that one?”

I shake my head “Nope, I didn’t read a single word other than the ones on the last three pages.”

Fluttershy appears slightly disappointed “Oh. Well, nevermind then I guess.”

We get back to walking but after a few seconds I realize I missed some social cues there. Did she write about me? What did she say? I contemplate asking her but elect not to bring it up. It didn’t really matter what she thought about the human, male me. I was female now and probably would be for the rest of my life. No sense worrying about what could have been.


The glen was actually pretty far away from the farm when you travel by hoof. I really wanted to just fly back, however I was pretty sure Fluttershy here wasn’t that adept at flight. Walking was fine though, it gave us plenty of time to talk. I didn’t plan on bringing up flight just yet, as it would only distract us from the more important matters at hand. Fate decided otherwise though, as I found myself tripping by a root while walking down an incline. Without even thinking about it, my wings shot open so instead of faceplanting I ended up just hovering half a foot in the air.

I soon regain my bearings and drop back to the Earth, only to turn and see Fluttershy’s eyes grow as wide as dinner plates “You... you can fly? But... I thought that was only in the cartoon. Ponies shouldn’t be able to fly.”

I smile, well, the cat was out of the bag wasn’t it? I hop back up in the air and hover several feet off the ground “Come on Flutters, ponies shouldn’t be able to talk either, but yet, here we are. Flying is super fun too! Now come on, you’re a pegasus, give your wings a few flaps.”

“I’d rather not...”

I fly in a slow circle around her “Come on Fluttershy, just a few flaps, you gotta see what this feels like! It’s so awesome!”

Fluttershy spins in a slow circle so she can keep eye contact with me, almost tripping on her long bed sheet that she was still wearing as a skirt. ”No, what if I fall? You’re pretty high off the ground, if I fell I might break something.”

I look down at the ground, I was so close to it that my tail was bouncing off blades of grass. “Come on Flutters, give me one flap, just one flap. At least show my your wings aren’t broken.”

“I don’t know...”

Out of frustration I bury my face in my hooves, but soon realize the situation we were in and I start to laugh. This was totally something that I could see the real Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy talking about back in Equestria. The way we were acting right now, it was like we really were them. It was like I really was Dash. I just can’t stop smiling at the thought that I was actually starting to pull this off. I had been worried that Dash and all her memories were gone, but maybe that wasn’t the case. Maybe I did have all of her traits locked away somewhere.

Fluttershy meanwhile was slightly confused as to why I was staring off into space and smiling. She was glad that I wasn’t watching her intently though, and with the lessened public pressure on her she decided to give flight a try.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the yellow mare take a deep breath and awkwardly lifts her wings. I turn to watch her maiden flight, and a second later she give a single soft flap, resulting in enough lift to push her about 1cm off the ground for half a second before she landed in exactly the same spot she “took off” from.

Fluttershy’s eyes shoot open “Eeep! Did you see that Dash!? Did you see it? I flew!!”

I land on the ground next to her, wanting to mock her and say that calling that flight would be an insult to the absolute incredible bliss that was pegasus flight. But one look at Fluttershy smiling happily and I immediately lost all resolve. I smile back “Yeah, you did Fluttershy, that was great.”

Flutters bites her lip “It was a little dangerous though.”

I laugh softly “It sure was Flutters, it sure was.”


After some laughter we got back to walking and fairly soon came upon the borders of Mac and AJ’s farm. I start hopping the fence only to hear Fluttershy say something so I turn around.

“Now, Dash is going to show me around the farm now. You stay out here in the forest. If you get scared you can come and find me in the house, okay?” Fluttershy pats the head of her cat before turning back to face me.

I want to comment on the fact that she was talking to a cat, but I decide against it, I guess that’s just Fluttershy’s thing now. In any case, a moment later we hop the fence and make our way across the farmland. I breathe a small sigh of relief to be back on safe ground. I smile as I realize this is exactly how Jack and I felt after getting home from our supply run two days ago. We were so looking forward to just hunkering down and staying safe while we figured this all out. That didn't really happen though, these past 48 hours had been anything but calm and sedentary.

This time though, that should be the case, and we should finally be able to relax. We have Flutters safe and sound, we have both the Apple siblings on good terms with each other, really we are pretty much set. I don’t know any other ponies or feel like we are missing anyone. All my friends are here, all my friends are safe.

But while I felt great to be back on the farm, but from the looks of it Flutters doesn’t quite feel the same way. She looks like she did back when I first saw her in the forest. Fear is in her eyes and they dart back and forth at all the landmarks we pass. I raise an eyebrow at her “You okay Fluttershy? You look really nervous.”

She nods quickly ”There's just, well, a lot of buildings around here. And it's all open here, we don't have any trees to hide behind if someone shows up.”

I looked around me. She was scared about a lot of buildings? “Fluttershy, there are only two buildings, the stables and farm house. It's hardly something to be scared of.”

She says nothing but is still practically shaking in fear of something. I couldn't really tell if this was just how Fluttershy is always going to act in new places, if it was just Fiona still psychologically reeling from days of being harassed by the tattoo guy, or if she was actually worried and nervous that someone might show up and see us.

I give Fluttershy my most reassuring smile “Have you ever been to the farm before Flutters?”

She shakes her head no “I always wanted to, but Jack usually preferred to come into town rather than us go to his place.”

I toss one hoof over her shoulder and wave the other across the horizon. “Well, welcome to the most secure location in all of Iowa. 140 acres of private land, completely enclosed in a fence and surrounded by forest. The only way humans can get here is down the private road, and the Smiths haven't had a visitor here in six years. Not only that, we bought close to two thousand dollars in food and supplies! Do you know what that all means Flutters?”

She looks at me and tilts her head, her ears folded out to the sides “That... you have a lot of food and a big fence?”

I chuckle back “This is true, but it means more than that Fluttershy. It means it's safe here. We're all safe here, and we can stay here as long as we want. This is our home.”

The yellow mare's eyes grow wide “Oh my, are you sure the Apple family is okay with that? I wish I could have brought something or pay them for the food or--”

I wave a hoof “Don't worry about that, you've had a rough enough time these last few days, no one will expect payment from you. The fact that you are here, and you are alright will be payment enough. Now come on, they probably can’t wait to meet you.”

Fluttershy finally relaxes and we trot down the path and arrive at the front door, which I promptly open by grabbing the doorknob with my mouth. Fluttershy laughs behind me “You know, if we do plan on living here, we should probably install pony friendly doors”

I push the door open and chuckle “Yeah, I'll talk to Mac about it.”

A red stallion pokes his head out of the kitchen and looks towards the noise “Talk to me about what?”

I wave a hoof “Hey Mac! We're back, and I found Fluttershy!!

“Hey hey! That's awesome!” Mac excitedly enters the hallways and moves towards us while smiling.

In my periphery I see Fluttershy's eyes go wide and she instinctively takes a half step behind me. A second later she steadies her resolve and steps back forward “Oh hey... Evan?”

Mac slows to a trot and then stops a foot away from us “In the flesh! Well, actually, wait. That phrase doesn't actually work anymore for that name when I’m in this body. Now I guess if you said Big Mac, I could say 'in the flesh' but not really Evan that doesn't--”

I roll my eyes and cut off his rambling “Yes, yes, we get it Mac, you are terribly clever.”

Mac smirks, then casts an eye at Fluttershy before turning back to me “Why is she wearing a bed sheet?”

Fluttershy sets her bag and the floor and turns to answer for herself “Well, I needed a skirt and none of my human ones fit me so...”

Mac casts her a glance “But you don’t need a skirt, ponies don’t wear clothes.”

She lowers her ears a bit “Well, they sometimes do, and I’m not really comfortable with...”

I glare at Mac “Dude, leave her alone, she can wear a skirt if she wants to. If you recall she hasn’t exactly had the best time these last few days.”

Mac bites his lip “Ah, yeah, I forgot who we were dealing with. Sorry about that Fluttershy, my mind still isn’t fully connecting that body to ‘Fiona’. Anyway, welcome to the farm, let me know if you need anything!”

Fluttershy smiles back “I understand your predicament, I mean, I still can’t really believe you’re actually Evan.”

Mac smiles, and I take advantage of the pause to interject “Speaking of ponies, where's your sister?”

Fluttershy pokes her head forward “Wait, you have a sister? I never met her before...”

Mac laughs “Jack is my sister now. Applejack, prettiest mare on this side of the Mississippi.”

The yellow pegasus raises a hoof to her mouth, I turn to Mac and purse my lips “Dude, AJ would kill you if she heard that.”

Mac waves a foreleg at me “Nah, she actually took well to the the whole 'Sup Applejack, oh fyi, you're going to be a cute orange mare for the rest of your life, oh and here’s another fun fact, your entire life was a lie!'”

I bat his hoof away “I don't believe you. Where is she?”

The stallion shrugs “She said she was going for a walk to let it all sink in. Check by the pond, Jack always loved to sit on the shore there.”

I nod and start to turn around, only to remember Fluttershy is behind me and I never really did full introductions. Kind of late for that now though, oh well. I turn back to Mac “So, uh, like I said here's Fluttershy. You two catch up, and show her around the house and such.”

Mac nods, and Fluttershy looks at the ground “Evan, I'm so sorry to hear that your brother is female now. I can't even imagine what that's like for her.”

I start to make my way to the door but continue to hear the conversation as Mac responds “First off, call me Mac. I need to get used to this new name, no use pretending I'm not who I am anymore. And as for AJ, yeah she took it pretty hard at first. Her personality just doesn't really line up with her view of the female stereotype. She has really been feeling a bit at ends in her new gender. But, then we have Dash here who makes a great girl.”

I freeze and turn back around “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Mac smiles mischievously “Oh nothing, I'm just saying, you make a good girl that's all. I think that gender suits you really well.”

I glare “I will fucking stab you and feed your organs to wolves.”

Mac keeps his smiles and turns to Fluttershy “See what I mean? She's just adorable!”

I hear Flutters giggle and I roll my eyes as I turn to step outside and make my way to the pond.


The pond was about a quarter mile away, and after a minute or so I crest the hill and get a view of it. Sure enough, AJ was sitting on the shores just staring off into the calm surface of the water.

I canter down the hill and approach the farm mare. “Hey Applejack, nice weather today isn’t it?”

She looks at me with one eye “Yeah, I guess it is.” After a few moments of silence she speaks up some more “What brings you out here?”

I shrug my shoulders and fall back on my haunches “I just got back. I was wondering how you’re holding up after your brother explained everything to you.”

AJ takes a deep sigh “Well, it sure is something isn’t it.”


She sighs again “It’s not bad though, at least we understand what happened now. The worst part of before was all the unknowns. I wanted to know what happened and why I was a mare all of a sudden. Knowing that I was supposed to be one all along, well, it’s surreal but I guess it makes sense. It’s nice knowing the truth.”

I raise an eyebrow in surprise “So, you’re okay with it then?”

AJ looks across the pond “Well, not really, but I won’t fight it anymore. I think I’m willing to accept who I am. In the meantime though, I’m still trying to figure out what all this means going forward.”

I join her in looking across the water “It is a lot to take in. Trying to figure out our past is something I just get depressed thinking about. No matter how I approach it, all I see are sad truths.”

My friend turns to look at me “I’m not sad or confused about the past, I’m thinking more along the lines of our future.”

I look at her “Oh? How so?”

AJ rubs her hoof on the ground “I mean, let’s look at the options we have, okay? Let’s say best case scenario, and we find and somehow beat Discord. Let’s say he surrenders and let’s us choose what happens next. What do we do then?” AJ pauses her thoughts and turns back to face me “Do you want to just turn back into humans and forget any of this ever happened?”

I frown “Well, no. I mean if we did we would be essentially killing off the mane six and ignoring who we really are.“

AJ nods “Exactly, we can no longer just go back to how we were. Okay, so, do we just decide to go to Equestria and live the lives of the mane six? Just pick up where they left off and integrate into Ponyville? Just forgetting all about our 25 years as humans...”

I finish her depressing thought, “...and abandon everything and everyone we know back on Earth? Yeah I’m not terribly fond of that idea either.”

She throws up a hoof in frustration “Okay, so what options are left? Do we just stay as ponies on Earth, and spend the next 50 years hiding on the farm like outcasts?”

I roll my eyes “That’s obviously a terrible idea,”

AJ hangs her head “I know, I know. That’s my point, I can’t think of a single good outcome here. What the hell are we supposed to do Dash?”

I hit her shoulder playfully with my hoof “What are we supposed to do? I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, we’re not going to sit here and mope around. We’re going to have a purpose.”

Applejack keeps her head facing down “And that is...?”

I bare my teeth. “Revenge.” I see AJ’s ears perk up, so I continue “We’re going to ruthlessly track down Discord and find a way to beat him. Then once we find him we’re going to beat the living shit out of him and make him pay for the atrocities he committed on us and on everyone else. THAT’S what we’re going to do.”

AJ slowly looks up to meet my gaze. That’s when I see it, that fire was back in her eyes, the old Jack I knew was back. The one full of energy and vigor, the one that would go a week without sleep and climb three mountains if that’s what it took to ensure that she would win.

I furrow my brow and return her look. “So what do you say Applejack, my best friend from two separate lives. You in the mood to get serious around here? You want to start planning some sweet, sweet revenge?”

She licks her lips “When do we start?”

I stick out my tongue “Well, I started working like two days ago, you are welcome to join me at any time.”

Applejack punches me in the shoulder lightly “Very funny. Now seriously, you’re pretty much running the show around here. What’s our next play?”

I looked up and tapped my hoof on my chin. I was sort of running the show wasn’t I? I start planning something but soon let out a yawn. Damn, I was really freakin tired. I think I slept three hours out of the past thirty six, and the sun was starting to dip lower on the horizon. This day really flew by. I look back at the orange mare “Well, I know I just got you riled up, but tonight I say we play it easy. You need to meet Fluttershy and we should all sit down and have a nice celebratory feast, then I can go to bed early.”

Applejack laughs “Really? You want a feast? I guess we could do that, what are we celebrating?”

I shake my mane and smile “Us! Never before on this planet have four talking ponies been under one roof! We overcame everything Discord threw at us so far and we reunited all our friends under good terms. Surely that’s cause for celebration.”

A sincere grin breaks out on AJ’s face. “That is cause for celebration isn’t it? Time to break out the cider...”

I raise an eyebrow “Is that by chance, alcoholic cider?”

She laughs “Of course it is! What do you think this is, a kid’s show?”


The four of us began the feast and pleasantries were exchanged between Fluttershy and Applejack. As we ate we discussed some ideas for ways to improve the farm and make it more pony friendly. We also talked a bit about our future plans, but pretty soon we lost the clarity to plan anything serious. Applejack wasn’t kidding about the cider, a few mugs of this stuff was strong enough to knock out a horse, which, coincidentally described us pretty well.

“No, look, look, all I’m saying is we sue Hasbro, right?” Big Mac is standing on top of the table and waving a hoof at us. Wait, what the hell, why was he on the table?

AJ is halfway on the floor, halfway on her chair, but somehow manages to wave a leg at her brother ”Bro, bro, ponies can’t sue companies. That’s, yeah, no.”

Mac lightly slaps his cheeks with his own hoof “But WE’RE the My Little Ponies, right? So, I mean, we can sue them for trademark royalty copyright patent infringements!! Right?!”

I double facehoof, I’m so distracted by the feeling of hooves on my face that I sort of forget what I was going to say. Oh, there it is! “Mac, pray tell me, what are you going to do with your millions you get... from suing a toy company for copying your body?” I go back to feeling my face with hooves. Hehe, pony face has strange proportions.

Mac ponders my question before lifting a leg in the air again “I would buy... all the mares! Get a whole bunch of mares to follow me around.”

The entire room laughs, even Flutters who is sitting there gently rocking back and forth in her chair to a song that apparently only she hears. She turns to Mac “But, wait, you already have a bunch of mares on the farm don’t you? In the stables?”

Mac stares at her, extremely confused “What? We don’t have... oh. Oh! Urgh, no Fluttershy, that’s disgusting! What would I do with actual farm mares?! Come on, I don’t mean horses, I meant ponies like us. You know, the sexy ones.”

Applejack starts to say something but falls the rest of the way off her chair and lands on the floor. “...ow”

I stifle a laugh and reach to take another sip of cider while Fluttershy responds to Mac “I umm, Man, I don’t think you can just buy those.”

Mac starts to answer as he looks around at his feet. He seems confused as to why he was on a table “Oh course you can buy them Fluttershy. Money buys everything!”

Fluttershy starts to roll her eyes, but gets confused halfway through the action and ends up just staring at the ceiling. I put my empty mug down “Big Mac, I think what Yellow Quiet here is trying to say, is that you can’t buy them because they don’t exist. Even if you had billions, where are you going to find a pony mare outside of this room? We’re like, the only ones.”

Mac hops off the table, and stumbles into the wall after he lands. ”Ow! And nope, nope, nope! There are more, we talked about this didn’t we? The rest of the mane six and stuff right? So not only are there more ponies, but there are more mares! This is perfect! We should find them.”

Mac walks towards me, stopping with his head just a few inches away from mine, grinning like only a drunk guy can. I lift a hoof and push him away “Mac, we’re finding the rest of the mane six so we can defeat Discord, not so you can form a harem.”

Big Mac’s grin twists mischievously “What’s the matter Dash, afraid of a little competition as to who gets to hook up with the only stallion?”

I feel my entire face turn red and I swat a hoof at Mac. “You’re drunk!” I turn and announce to the room “HE’S DRUNK!!”.

My announcement was a vain attempt to prevent the other girls from giving much thought to what Mac just said. Thankfully, that much wasn’t even necessary. AJ had fallen asleep right on the floor where she fell, and Fluttershy was still staring at the ceiling and now was humming something quite loudly. I turn back to Mac “You really are drunk dude. I think it’s it’s time for sleepy sleep now.”

Mac smacks his lips “So... will you be joining me in my room or...”

I attempt to backhand him with a hoof, but I miss by about three inches and end up just swatting at air “No! Damn it Mac, we talked about this! Gah, you’re such a guy, all you think about is sex.”

Mac frowns “Aww, well okay, I’mma go to bed then if that’s the case. Goodnight ponies.”

Fluttershy get off her chair and walks over to the sleeping Applejack, nudging her with a hoof until she woke up “Applejack, thank goodness you’re awake. I woke you to tell you it’s time to go to sleep now. You don’t wanna miss out on that with how tired you are today.”

AJ squints and stares at the mare, trying and failing to fully comprehend what Fluttershy just said. Applejack shakes her head and slowly gets up “Well... thank you kindly Flutter of Shy. I wouldn’t want to miss out on sleep...”

I laugh softly as we all leave the dining room and make our way to our rooms. My vision is pretty hazy from all the alcohol I had just imbibed, but I still wave a hoof at the ponies I pass on the way to my room.

I enter my room and leave the door open, smiling as I pass by the mirror next to the bed. I remembered the last time I slept here and I looked my body over in this mirror. That was the last thing I did as a human. I move in front of the mirror and give my body another quick once over. This body fit like a glove and I could feel every hair, every feather on my body. I felt so comfortable like this, it felt so natural. It’s completely insane to think that I have only had this body for less than two days. Well, I guess I had it twenty five years ago, but still.

I shut off the lights and hop up on the bed, spreading out on top of the blankets and closing my eyes. I expected to fall right off into sleep, but that wasn’t happening. This bed felt really hard for some reason. I twist and turn a few more times, but it’s not helping, the surface was just too firm for me to get comfortable. I open my eyes and stare at the dark ceiling, thoughts of sleeping on clouds suddenly filled my mind. Was I really that spoiled? I was only on that cloud for about ten minutes today, yet it's soft cool texture was literally all I was thinking about...

Well okay, that’s not entirely true, that wasn’t all that was thinking about. There was something else, or should I say someone else. I sigh as I realize I couldn’t help but think about Big Mac. There was just something about him that made my mind start to obsess over him every time I closed my eyes. Maybe the frequency of his advances were starting to wear on me.

This was really getting strange though. Part of my mind was seriously starting to consider the possibility of hooking up with him. Like seriously, what the hell brain, I’m not gay, why would I want to hook up with a guy? I cringed as the obvious answer came across my mind “You said it yourself, you’re Rainbow Dash, you always were and always will be, so hooking up with a stallion would actually make you straight...

I grit my teeth and prepare to reply to my brain when my thoughts are suddenly broken by a clinking noise coming from the kitchen. I freeze for a moment and my ears swivel slightly just in time to hear the noise again. There was no doubting it, someone is in the kitchen.

I sit up and then hop off the bed. Who was still up? I saw everyone go to their bedrooms ten minutes ago. I start to ponder about a possible intruder as I make my way into the hallway and slowly creep towards the kitchen and the source of the noise. The kitchen soon comes into view and I see that someone turned on one of the dim lights.

I slowly move closer, staying in the darkness until I get a view of the figure in the middle of the kitchen. A few more steps and... “Big Mac?”

The red stallion doesn’t even turn around, instead he just sighs “Oh, hey Dash.”

I trot over to the table that he was sitting next to, I see a bottle of whisky and a few shot glasses in front of him. I look at his face “Didn’t have enough cider? I’m pretty sure we’re all fairly drunk already.”

Mac leans back “I couldn’t sleep.”

I smirk “Well hell, pour me a glass, I can’t sleep either.”

Mac pours two shots, but pauses before he slides one over to me. He looks me up and down “Actually, Dash, you’re a lightweight. I think you had enough to drink tonight.”

My ears flare out to the sides in a flash of anger “I’m a lightweight? What? Dude, ever since I was 17 years old I was drinking everyone under the table.”

The stallion laughs “That was before you became a girl. And before you became a small pegasus who quite literally weighs half my weight. You know, earth pony master race and everything.”

Oh, he was not getting away with that one. I reach forward and take BOTH shots in my hooves and drink them one right after the other. Gotta defend my pegasi honor and such. I look over at Mac, “Ha! Suck it, I showed you. But wait, who told you about the ‘pony master race’ thing anyway? That’s an inside brony joke.”

Mac pours two more shots. “AJ made a joke about it earlier today. But really Dash, you don’t wanna play this game. I’m twice your size here.” Mac tosses back his shot and I immediately reach forward and take the other one.

I look at Mac, noticing that there were two of him standing over there. And the room was starting to spin, we should probably talk to the carpenters about that. “Mac... why can’t you sleep?”

He pours two more shots and then shrugs. “I don’t know, lots of things on my mind. So much has happened, it’s all coming at us so fast. Our entire world view was destroyed and turned inside out, and it all happened in like four days.”

I nod and we both do another shot. It’s getting hard to stand, even using four legs, so I lean onto Big Mac for support. “Mac, you’re very warm and soft...”

He looks down at me and uses a hoof to brush the mane out of my eyes. “Why did you come to the kitchen Dash?”

I rub my head into the side of his fur. “I was thinking about you Mac. This is all very confusing for me.”

Mac raises his eyebrows “What do you mean?”

Crap, I still wasn’t drunk enough to say what I wanted to say. I move off Mac and lean into the table, grabbing the whisky bottle with both hooves. Mac steps forward “I think you had enough Dash...”

I glance back at him, god damn things were fuzzy in here today. And why was everything in the kitchen spinning around me? “Mac, no, hold on. I need one more drink. If we’re about to do what I think we’re going to do, I’m going to need one more drink.”

Mac raises his eyebrows “What act are you referring to...?”

I grin “We both know Mac, we both know.” I see Mac blush and I lift the whisky bottle up and drink straight from the bottle.

It’s the last thing I remember.


A thunderstorm outside brings me out of my deep sleep. I open my eyes and squint into the darkness. A throbbing headache reminds me of what I was doing before I went to bed, and I glance around me to see what time it was. To my left is an alarm clock, it appears to be 3am. And to my right, sharing a bed with me, is Big Mac. He’s lying on his back and is still fast asleep. I settle back down in my pillow and--

WHAT THE HELL. I sit up and look beside me again, that wasn’t a dream, Big Mac is lying next to me. We’re sharing a bed?! What? Why am I in his bedroom? What the fuck happened last night? Think, think, think.

I tap my forehoof on my head to try and jostle the memories lose. But all I succeed in doing is making my headache worse. I can’t remember anything after I took a swig from the bottle. Well, let’s see, what was I doing at that time? Maybe if I think about my actions leading up to that that, I can just extrapolate from there? Hmm, right, I'm pretty sure I was about to confess my thoughts to Big Mac. Well then, I can guess where that lead...

I close my eyes and facehoof. Well, that’s just fantastic, I think I just unwillingly slept with my best friend's brother. Urgh, what the hell alcohol, what did I ever do to you? I sigh as I look back at the bed and slowly climb back in. No sense running away from it now, if I slept with Mac I might as well face the facts. Hopefully this doesn't become "a thing", I mean, that would be weird, right? I sigh as I close my eyes, but then slowly scoot closer to Mac so I can feel him at my side. It was pretty bizarre, but I had to admit, part of me liked the idea of sharing this bed with him...


I clamber out of bed the next morning and yawn as I look around. Hmm, Mac isn’t in bed, maybe he was getting breakfast or something. I start walking down the hallway towards the kitchen but I pause for a moment as I feel something a little off with my body. I walk by a mirror and take a look, immediately noticing my gut is a little larger than normal “Bleh, I need to cut down on the snacking around here.” Though, oddly enough, I feel really hungry for some reason, much hungrier than usual.

I make my way into the kitchen and find AJ working in the kitchen and the table already piled high with breakfast “Wow AJ, this food looks awesome! And it’s all for me? You’re the best!”

Jack turns and smiles “No problem Dash. Mac told me the news, I figured you were going to need all the food you could get!”

I start scarfing down pancakes “Mac told you the news? What news?”

AJ turns and smiles “About you two! That’s just adorable, you two are made for each other.”

I blush. What the crap, Mac told AJ about last night? What the hell, he never even told ME about it! I look up at AJ “Uh Jack, see we’re not actually...”

AJ cuts me off “Now now, no need to hide it, this is not a time for shame. It’s a time for celebration! I mean, I believe congratulations are in order Dash!”

Alarm bells sound in my head “Wait what? What are you talking about?” Before AJ can reply the door opens and Mac enters.

“Good morning sweetie!” Mac trots over, kissing me right on the lips.

I hold up my hooves in shock “Whoa! Dude, Mac, what the hell man!? Did you just kiss me on the lips?”

AJ just smiles as she looks at us “You two are adorable, I’m glad my brother found himself a mare as nice as you Dash.”

I’m in full blown panic mode at this point but Mac just kisses me again “Eat up sweetie, you’re going to need it.”

I push the plate away from me. “Look guys, I’m not really comfortable with--”

AJ cuts me off “Have you thought of a name yet?”

I crease my eyebrows “A name for what?”

AJ and Mac just stare at me and smile. My head starts to connects the dots. Mac announcing we are in a relationship, AJ happy for me, I’m a little chubby around the waist--


I leap backwards from the table and run to a mirror. My gut wasn’t just a little chubby, I had a distinct bulge on my waist. I was pregnant. What the flipping hell was going on?

I turn to Mac and AJ with fear in my eyes. "Guys, what the heck is this? We... we just had sex once! And it was last night! There is no way I could be visibly pregnant already, isn't this supposed to take months?"

Fluttershy walks into the room “Aww, Dash is going to be a mommy! And didn't you know Dash, ponies like us have babies really quick, it's normal to look like this after one night. You're going to be a mommy! That’s so cute!”

I glance back at the mirror, there was no denying it, I was 100% pregnant. Images of myself standing in a field with my newborn foal drinking my milk flash before my eyes. “No, no, no, no, no!”

Fluttershy turns to AJ “Hey, do you have any birthing equipment in your breeding stables that are meant for mares?”

My eyes go wide but my mouth just can’t form the words needed to protest. AJ nods in excitement “We sure do! Mac and I have lots of experience with pregnant horses, Dash will be in good hands!”

Mac walks up to me and puts his arm around my shoulder, “I love you so much Dash, I’m so glad you decided to have foals with me!”

I look up at Mac and curse my drunken behavior last night. Why didn’t I see this coming? Why didn’t anyone tell me I was fertile!

“Now that you’re going to be a mommy, there is no need to hide your feelings from me sweetie.” Mac leans in and kisses me again, this time with tongue. I try to pull away but my body doesn’t respond, it’s like I’m paralyzed in his arms. He extends a hoof to pat my tummy as we kiss.

AJ grins at me. “You’re going to be a great mother Dash.”

Mac pulls away from the kiss and licks my cheek “Dash, will you marry me? Let’s forget about this Discord thing, we can just live together and you can have lots and lots of babies with me. You can be my mare!”

I close my eyes and envision the future. I’m living in the stables in my own private stall, a dozen foals are around me and my belly is pregnant with more babies on the way. Mac enters the stables and I smile and turn towards him. He was here to check on his wife and babies. I couldn't wait until I delivered the one growing inside me, then Mac could get me pregnant all over again! I know it's what he wants, and I’ll do anything to please my stallion.

I find myself back in the present in the kitchen where Mac just proposed to me. My body is completely out of my control, it’s living a life of its own and I am just watching. My head nods a yes vigorously and I start saying things I don’t want to say. “I love you too Mac! I want to be your mare forever and ever!” I lean in to kiss him while Fluttershy and AJ cheer. This is who I am now, a simple mother and wife to Big Mac.

What, no, I don’t want these things, this isn’t me, what’s happening? I don’t want this!! I’m not a housewife, I don’t want to be a mother! No, no, no! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh---

“....ahhhhhhhhh!!” I scream and twist over on myself with a jolt, falling painfully off the bed and landing on the floor. I try to calm my hyperventilating as I look around, it’s dark in the bedroom and I have a slight hangover from the alcohol. I sit up on the floor and brush my mane out of my eyes, I can see Mac still asleep on his side of the bed and the sun was just starting to rise outside. I trot over to the mirror and look at myself. My body is normal, I’m not pregnant. It was all a dream. It was all a dream...

I take a few deep breaths and sit down leaning into the wall. It was all a dream. Deep breaths, deep breaths. I shake my head slowly “...screw you Luna.” I don’t know if she was real or if she had anything to do with this, but regardless, that was a nightmare. A dream far worse than any I have ever had. And the worst part is, it might be more of a premonition than dream.

I slowly get up on wobbly legs and take a few more deep breaths as I look around the room. My eyes fall on Mac and I swear under my breath. Oh god, what did I do? If we really did it last night, there's a very real chance I was pregnant. What did I do to myself?

I take a few steps away from Mac, I had to get away from him. I didn't want to be a mother, urgh, even thinking that word makes me want to puke. I had nothing against mothers, but I was certainly not wanting to become one. It might be too late already though. Well, first things first, I need to figure out if that's the case.

I walk out of the bedroom and mull over my options. I needed to confide in someone that could help me figure out if I really was, gulp, pregnant with foals. I feel a shiver go down my tail, okay, gotta stop thinking about it, gotta stop thinking about it. Who can I go to? Applejack would help me right? She is trained in horse breeding, she can probably tell me if I'm pregnant. Ah ha, this is perfect! Well, except for the fact that I would have to tell her I slept with her brother. I bite my lip, okay, not going to tell Applejack, I don't want to get murdered.

I scratch my head and make my way down the hallway going to another door. If I couldn’t talk to AJ about this, I did have one other choice. I knock on Fluttershy's door, then open the door a crack “Flutters, are you awake?”

A mumble is the answer, so I open the door wider and walk inside, turning on a light as I do so. Fluttershy sits up in her bed and turns to face the door, a hoof wiping the sleep from her eyes. I nearly have a heart attack of daw seeing sleepy Fluttershy half cuddled under blankets. It only gets worse when she spots me and smiles happily “Oh, hello Rainbow Dash, good morning.”

I feel bad for waking her up, but this really couldn't wait any longer. “Hey Flutters...”

Fluttershy sees my tail between my legs and my flat ears. She quickly sits up in alarm “Dash, what happened!? What's the matter?”

I bite my lip and stare at the floor “Fluttershy, I worried I might be pregnant. Umm, can you help me find out if I am?”

Fluttershy giggles, which by the way, is just as unbelievably adorable as you would think. “Oh Dash, I know you're new at this whole being a girl thing, but come on, you can't be pregnant silly. You would have to sleep with someone for that to happen. Girls don't just get pregnant randomly. You have nothing to worry about.”

I just stare at Fluttershy. She looks back at me confused “What is it Dash?”

I raise one eyebrow. Fluttershy's pupils widen slightly “Oh come on, don't be silly.”

I raise the other eyebrow, Fluttershy leans back “You didn't actually, I mean...”

I look down and frown, Fluttershy let's out a peep but says nothing. I shake my head to confirm “I think I did Fluttershy. Last night with Big Mac, we were both really drunk..."

Fluttershy blushes and slinks back in her blankets, hiding her face. “Oh... that's just, wow.”

I step closer to the bed “Please Fluttershy, you're the only one I can talk to about this.”

A gentle laugh comes from her “I've been a girl for twenty five years and I'm still a virgin. You were one for what, two days and you did it?”

I join Fluttershy in blushing, and I stare at the floor “Yeah, uh, sorry about that.”

Fluttershy's head pokes out of the blanket “Don't apologize Dash, that's just silly. My body is my body, and that mare's body is yours now, you are free do with it as you please.”

I facehoof in embarrassment ”But I didn't want to do anything! I was doing shots! Urgh, look, can you just help me find out if I'm pregnant right now?”

Fluttershy tilts her head for a moment “Oh, you’re not.”

Relief and confusion rush over me “Well that’s great to hear, but, umm, don’t you need to do some tests or something?”

Fluttershy shrugs “No, not really.”

I narrow my eyes “Go on...”

She blushes “Well, you know how I used to volunteer in the animal shelter? I was really good at my job there because I always had a knack for treating animals. I could always tell which animals were hungry, which ones were in pain, and... which ones were going to have babies.”

I throw a hoof in the air “Oh come on Fluttershy, you’re not psychic.”

“Well, no, I’m not. I can’t read your mind or anything, but ever since I became a pony the way I can read people and animals has gotten really quite strong. For example I know your left wing is still sore from a major cramp you must have had yesterday. I know your back left hoof is sore from something sharp you probably stepped on a while ago, I know you have a headache, I know you’re thirsty, and I know you’re in heat right now. But pregnant? No, I’m not feeling that at all.”

I stared at the Fluttershy, utterly at a loss for words. She read my signs as well as I could read the clouds, which I guess made sense, but it was still pretty damn freaky. “So... you’re sure about that then? I’m not pregnant?”

Fluttershy nods her head “Not yet anyway, but I would ask Mac to be sure. Are you sure you guys even did it?”

I rub my chin “Well, no, but I assume we did. Hmm, well thanks for the help Flutters.”

She smiles "I'm glad I could help, do you need anything else?”

I smile back at her and shake my head “Nope, that's it. Guess I'll get back to bed now, sorry for waking you up.”

Fluttershy nods “Oh, it's not problem.” I start walking to the door and she speaks up again “Dash?”

“Yes?” I stop and turn around to see Fluttershy smiling and scooting over in her bed.

“If you want, you can sleep here. The bed is warm and I could use a friend.”

My heart melts at the offer, Fluttershy wants me to cuddle and sleep next to her? There isn't even an ounce of sexual desire on either end of this offer. It was just one girl offering a warm bed to her friend.

My lip trembles “Fluttershy, you know, I don't deserve you as a friend. You've always been there for me and always treated me well, but I never gave you anything or even knew your birthday.”

She just smiles “That's okay Dash, you gave me plenty. And besides, we're still young, you can make it up to me for my 26th birthday! I’ll expect something big! Now, do you want to sleep here?”

My response was a running leap onto the bed, followed by me hugging Fluttershy with my whole body. After a moment she giggles “Now Dash, I'm not Big Mac, there's no need to grab at me.”

I release the hug and very gently bump her shoulder with a hoof “Very funny Fluttershy.”

We both laugh and then slowly fall quiet. A moment later Fluttershy quietly speaks up. “Dash... thanks for finding me and bringing me here.”

I stretch out on the bed and then turn my head to see her “It wasn't just me, it was a group effort. I would never have found you without AJ and Mac's help.”

Fluttershy closes her eyes to start to return to sleep. “That's good to know, I have the best friends.”

I chuckle softly. “So, I'll repeat my question from earlier today. How do you like being a pony Fluttershy?”

She opens one eye and gives me a glance with it “Well, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else... but, it’s not that bad now that I’m with my friends. I can make this work.”

I grin for both of our sakes and the two of us fall off into sleep.


A few hours later we are awoken by knocking on the door, then Big Mac’s voice comes through “Fluttershy, are you decent, can I come in?”

I raise my head off the bed and answer for her “What? We’re ponies, we’re always decent.”

I hear Fluttershy laugh beside me and then Mac opens the door and pops his head inside. “Dash? What are you doing in here?”

I shrug “Fluttershy invited me to share a bed.”

Mac tilts his head and smiles “Ah, I bet you freaked out when you woke up in my room. Then you ran all the way over here didn't you?”

I blush and look away "Mac... about last night."

He laughs "Oh, I know, trust me. 'Never let Dash near whisky'. I won't forget that lesson."

I blink, and then stare at him "Wait. What happened after I drank from the bottle?"

Mac raises an eyebrow "You took about one sip from the bottle and then started to throw up. You dropped the bottle and I carried you over to the sink where you emptied your stomach. Left quite a mess in there actually. Anyway, I went to the bathroom to get you a wet towel you clean your muzzle, and when I got back in the kitchen you were passed out on the floor. I heaved you on my back and tossed you on my bed because your room was on the other side of the house and you're actually really heavy."

Fluttershy lets out a small laugh and I start to remember a few of things Mac said. That's right, I did throw up in the sink. And Mac came back with a wet towel and cleaned the puke off my face. I look down "That's it then, right? We didn't do anything else?"

Mac looks confused. "Do anything else? Like what?"

I feel myself blush but I say nothing. Fluttershy speaks up "Thanks for clearing this up Mac, and thanks for taking care of Dash last night when she was stupid. She won't do that again... trust me."

Mac just laughs and waves a hoof, before turning and leaving the room.

Fluttershy smiles and turns to look at me. “Well, at least you learned something Rainbow Dash.”

I facehoof “Never to do shots ever again?”


"It's easier to just ask someone if you had sex, rather than spend all night worrying about it?"

"Well, that's true, but still not what I was thinking."

I stop facehoofing and look at her "So, what is it then?"

Fluttershy smiles gently "Big Mac isn't some random guy looking to get laid. He's your best friend's brother and he cares about you. He cares about all of us."

I bite my lip, she had a point. “Aww, now I feel bad for jumping to conclusions.”

She sticks out her tongue "Very good Dash, now go write a letter to Princess Celestia and tell her what you learned."

I facepalm once more. "Yes, thanks Flutters, I'll do that."


Breakfast was quite tasty, Mac prepared bowls of sliced apples and some cleaned sweetgrass. It was one of the better meals I had, and afterwards we found ourselves sitting around the table pondering what to do today.

“Steve. John. Sarah. Carol. Maria. Joe.” Big Mac was flipping through Fluttershy’s photo album that she brought.

AJ looks at her brother “Whatcha doing?”

“Tim. Kyle. Katie.” He looks up across the table “Just seeing if any of our old friends are also ponies. It’s a trick I learned with Dash back in her apartment.” Mac flips a page and looks back down “Fred. Julie. Sam.”

I supplement Mac’s explanation for the sake of the other two mares at the table “You just look at pictures and say the name that comes into your head. If they have turned into ponies, your brain sort of slips and you find yourself saying their pony name. That’s how we knew Fluttershy was actually Fluttershy. We saw a picture of Fluttershy and Mac said Fluttershy instead of Fluttershy.”

The entire table turns to stare at me, even Mac looked up from book to look at me. I shrug my shoulders “What?”

AJ raises her eyebrow “Nothing, I think you just explained your point perfectly well there. Though it’s kind of scary that you seemed unable to recall Fluttershy’s human name.”

Mac looks back at Fluttershy’s album and flips a page, “Mary. Tom. Rick.”

I scratch my head, I forgot Fluttershy’s human name? No, it’s Fiona, it is still in my head. Did I really forget it back when I was talking about the name thing?

“Eve. Robert. Sunshine Clouds. Lemon Hearts. Adam. Rebecca...”

Three heads turn to stare at Mac, he looks up and nods slowly ”Yep, think I found two. Pretty sure those aren’t human names.”

AJ turns to look at me “Who the hell are Sunshine Clouds and Lemon Hearts? I don’t recognize their names from the show.”

Fluttershy pipes in “I think they are background ponies, they must be. But why would Discord send them here? I thought he only went after the mane six.”

“That’s what I thought too...” I rub my head with a hoof. Well, this was going to get complicated. Discord sent over more than just the mane six? How many ponies were on Earth now? I mean if this random photo album had two random ponies in it, how many ponies were around us now? Fifty? A hundred? Thousands?

AJ looks up from her thoughts “We should probably keep an eye on the news, see if there are any sightings. Then maybe think of a way we can contact people that are found out.”

I nod “Pity we don’t have a unicorn with us. Magic and teleporting would be really freakan handy right about now.”

Mac waves a hoof in the air “Oh quiet you. You can fucking fly. You don’t get to complain about a lack of magic.”

I laugh and we lapse into silence for a few moments. Fluttershy speaks up “Maybe we should watch some episodes of the show, it’s been five years since it ended, we should refresh ourselves with parts of it. Not to mention Mac here has only seen like two episodes in his life, he needs to see what sorts of things the ponies did.”

There are no complaints to that proposal, so the four of us sit around the TV and Mac pops in the DVD for season five. He pokes his hoof at the control buttons, thankfully the remote was large enough that it could actually be operated pretty well with a hoof. After getting to the title screen he looks back. “Any episode in particular, or what's the plan here?”

AJ glances at me and smiles “I wanna see Dash blush, you should play the episode where she goes on a date with Soarin.”

I roll my eyes “Oh god, please don't, that episode was so cringe worthy. It’s such a bad episode, easily the worst one in the season, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Dash fan.”

Fluttershy giggles “You mean you're not just saying that because you're Dash.”

I facehoof and feel myself blush, meanwhile Mac, as per usual, is confused. “Whoa, whoa, hold on, there's an episode where Dash dates some dude? Ha ha, that's hilarious. Is Dash all romantic and stuff?”

I groan “No, not at all. It's a terrible episode, honestly. In the previous episode Dash gets promoted to be one of the Captains of the Wonderbolts, which is awesome and everything, but this in this episode one of the other captains, Soarin, asks her out to dinner. Dash accepts because she thought all the captains eat out together. Anyway, so they go to dinner and Soarin is such a klutz. He spills his drink, orders messy food, talks about the most bizarre subjects, forgets his wallet at home, leaves his keys in the bathroom, etc. It's like slapstick humor showing the worst date ever.”

AJ nods “I admit, it is a pretty terrible episode, we don't have to watch it, I just wanted to see Dash squirm.”

Mac looks from AJ, back towards me “Wait, hold on a second. You said you were a captain of the Wonderbolts? That’s like the military thing they have right? And you’re a captain?”

I nod “Rainbow Dash is, yes.”

Mac tilts his head “Which is you. Pretty sure we discussed this ad nauseum. Anyway, is the episode where you become a captain worth watching?”

I squirm in my seat. I was okay with referring to myself as Dash, but taking credit for her past achievements still felt a little odd. “Yeah, that is a pretty good episode actually. See, in Season 4 there was a part where Rainbow Dash became...” I pause and bite my tongue. Fuck it, if I'm going to be Dash I'm not going to pussy foot around it anymore. Might as well accept my destiny. “Sorry, so as I was saying, in Season four there was a part where I became a Wonderbolt. Being a Wonderbolt was pretty sweet and all, but it wasn’t until I became a Captain and got real responsibilities.”

I look around me, all three of them are smiling. I raise my eyebrows ”Is using first person still a little weird?”

AJ laughs “Nah, I like it. Really changes the way I look at you. Kind of makes it hit home that my 'ol buddy is actually the person she looks like.”

Mac selects the episode and we watch it, it was one of my favorite episodes in Season Five and I have probably seen it a million times by now. Still though, seeing the ending scene today made me tear up more than usual. I got promoted to captain and the first thing I do is fly to Lightning Dust's house and tell her to reapply to the Wonderbolts program. I tell her how I know she deserves to fly alongside me and how I would look out for her. It was always a touching scene, showing how even at the exact moment when I obtain my lifelong dream of being a captain, instead of celebrating I fly off to help an old friend. I always got watery eyes at this scene, but not like this, I was visibly crying right now.

Fluttershy notices right away “Something the matter Dash?”

I look down “I was just thinking about Lightning Dust. We were good friends in the show, but she probably thinks I've been dead for 25 years. I wonder how she's doing.”

Mac stares at me “...or she might not be real. How do we know any of these episodes are accurate? I mean, I know we are the ponies from the show, as crazy as that sounds. But we don't know our past, did any of these episodes actually happen? Are the rest of these characters real, or did the Hasbro animators just make this 'Lightning Dust' character on a whim? We have no idea how accurate this show is or--”

Mac gets cut off, surprisingly, from Fluttershy. “Mac, I was thinking about something. Can you play the last episode please?”

We all stare at her. The last episode was horrifying, especially now that we knew all those scenes were, for the most part, true. I don't think any of us could stomach seeing Discord betray Celestia and begin his plan to exile all of us.

AJ speaks up “Are you sure Fluttershy? I mean, we all know what happens and it's pretty unsettling to see it.”

Fluttershy remains adamant “Just the last five minutes please, we can skip the beginning.”

AJ and I raise our eyebrows, but Mac just nods and fumbles with the scene select controls until the last part of the final episode are playing on the screen. We all sit in silence as we see Discord make his way towards Twilight's chambers in Canterlot. He enters with a polite bow and a smile, pretending to still be her friend. Then when Twilight turns her back to him he instantly leaps into action and hits her with his curse. She starts to cast a spell to fight back, but before anything else can happen she vanishes into the white nothingness, something we all have memories of happening to us. Discord then laughs and that's that, the show is over.

Fluttershy is biting her hoof and staring at the screen. I bet she was confused about the 'missing scene' memory that she has. I open my mouth “Look, Fluttershy, we already figured this out. The scene you remember wasn't put in the show, it's just your memory.”

“I know.” Fluttershy drops her hoof from her mouth and trots towards the TV before turning to look at us. “I understand that I have memories of what happened to me. That's not what I'm thinking about right now though”.

Dots start to connect in my head. Wait a second... Holy crap. How the hell did we miss this detail for so long? My ears start to drop against my head and Fluttershy continues “I'm not concerned about the scene that is 'missing' from this episode, I'm more concerned with the scene that ISN'T missing.”

I close my eyes and sit down slowly, trying to make sense of it all. AJ shares a glance with her brother and speaks up “The scene that isn't missing? What are you getting at.”

I speak with my eyelids still closed “The only people who have memories of what happened to the mane six are the ponies that were there when it happened. That's how you and Mac can tell me what happened to the Apple family, and that's how I can tell you what happened in the night sky to Rainbow Dash...”

AJ's eyes grow wide “...but the animators show what happened to Twilight.”

Fluttershy finishes the thought process she began five minutes ago “The show follows Twilight, and once Twilight vanishes the show is over for good.” Fluttershy pauses for a moment, before going out on a limb “Twilight is on Earth now, and she must have helped make the show accurate. That explains why the season finale shows what happens to her, that’s the only part she remembers.”

I open my eyes “But we lost our memories, we all did. And MLP doesn't have one writer, they have dozens. How could a Twilight without memories direct the entire show?”

Mac gets up and stretches “Well, let's go find where she is, then go and ask her.”

I laugh “Mac, the show was made in Vancouver and we're in Muscatine, Iowa. That's over two thousand miles away. How the hell are we supposed to get to the Pacific Northwest? And once we get there, how the hell do we find her?”

Mac turns to me and smiles “We're ponies. We'll think of something.”

Author's Note:

END OF PART ONE of Five Score, Divided by Four

The end of this chapter signifies the end of the first arc of the story. There will be a slight break before the next chapter, as the author will be going on vacation next week and will be out of the country for 2-3 weeks. Updates will resume when he returns.

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