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Corruption, rape, transformation, futa, pheromones, mental regression, cum inflation, bondage, cocoons, humiliation, mind control, extreme pregnancy, and oviposition.

Oh god yes! Finally someone WROTE something good!


Great story! Loved it.

My goodness, that was... different. I'd never expect such a extreme yarn to be published here of all places.
Good show old man! :moustache:

Granted, this would be considered par for the course, almost blase in some circles. But then there are far darker corners of the internet I've visited- er, more than once or twice. :trollestia:

Ever since reading Breaking Twilight I've been waiting until something like this comes out. My prayers were heard it seems :yay::twilightsmile::pinkiecrazy:

I read it and it was glorious (although I hope she doesn't get as big as that woman in the barn from the movie "Slither", it would be simply gross; I'd draw the line on the scraping-the-floor-while-standing big). There were some minor grammatical slips here and there, but they were all drowned in the bottomless sea of bliss surrounding them [insert "this is my fetish" picture here]. And, oh boy, incomplete... I hope this isn't merely an oversight of yours, as I'm really looking forward to read more :trixieshiftright:

Fucking fantastic! Great! Thumbs up!!!:heart:

lol "oviposition."? what the fuck is that?.....
"to deposit or lay eggs,"
oh , is that all? lol....

awww so all this hive stuff has to do with crystalis then :/ ?
i was hopping this would be about sc2's swarm lol....

ah fuck it let's read this shit!

Again i read something and it get featured. I have magical reading powers.


This story...

2328672 Please stop using "lol" and use grammar instead.

*Backs away slowly*

well, that was... interesting.

this needs more delicious colts.

....even after that synopsis, I'm favoriting this for later reading......

Before I even read.

extreme pregnancy

Extreme? When pregnancy become extreme. This may just be my niavety talking, but I'm wary.

2329054 It just means the baby comes out on a skateboard

2329182 ...

You just made my day. Oh my god. I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.

I love you.

Woah, I've been checking your Pastebin every now and again to see if this has updated.

Didn't think I would see it here!

Meh...I've seen much worse.

Why is this featured? No seriously, why? This doesn't help us look good when people call us sexual deviants, at all.

Christ this is awful.

Edit: I hate thumbs system.

disturbs but i shall fave, also it seems to take place after another story or is this just in the middle of your own AU?

You know you have written something fucked up when I actually hesitated upon reading the warnings.

Ah well, fuck you hesitation! ADDING TO FUCKING READ LATER!

Corruption, rape, transformation, futa, pheromones, mental regression, cum inflation, bondage, cocoons, humiliation, mind control, extreme pregnancy, and oviposition.

That is a LAUNDRY LIST of reasons for me to read this.

The thought streams here are simply amazing, love this story.

:pinkiesick: Why did I read this? I don't think I can ever look at the features agai-
Oh hey, a star trek crossover!

Well this was sick. Pretty much what I was expecting and the reason I've read it. ^^ Such a crazy lecture is a good thing from time to time. :3

Plz, plz, write moar fucked up stuff. Plz? PLZ?!

I'm sorry. I came here to see just how hardcore this was and I was pretty surprised at how tame it was. A few things that needed some reworking was how the transformation process (Trixie's) wasn't all that dark. I mean, yeah, rape = bad, but the dark factor was kinda ruined by the speed at which it happened, and minimal detail allowance. Then, the mind alterations claimed, and the actual events with it seemed a bit off from one another. And the changeling action was sub-par in comparison to Twilight's scene(s). In the end, it seemed to me that you kinda wanted to write a futa Twixie story, and then decided to throw in changelings as an afterthought.

Also, ranking in the top three things that needs the most editing, your tenses shift every other sentence. You should get an editor to help you clean your stories up before posting, if you don't have on already. If you do, fire them quick because they did not help you out this chapter.

crazy thing but i want more.

"brain.exe" has ceased to function. Transfering all important data to "boner.exe" ...

You sir have earned a new twisted follower and a thumbs up.
Be deviants in your fictions friends.

I really dont know if i want to read this or not. Dare I?

2329341 Who cares if some losers think we're all high-order perverts? It's not like what other people think matters.

This is just pain wrong. It's disgusting!

But... from a technical stand point, the grammars fine, the pacings fine, and it's all good. But this story still makes me sick to my stomach.

This is why we can't have nice things.

It's a horrible story and I'm a horrible person for enjoying it. Thumb down for making me hate myself.

Corruption, rape, transformation, futa, pheromones, mental regression, cum inflation, bondage, cocoons, humiliation, mind control, extreme pregnancy, and oviposition.

Is this supposed to kill my mood or arouse me?
Eh, I'll go with the second.
After all, I read everything.
It's featured because it's good.
Be indifferent to the topic.


It's featured because it's good.

>Implying that rape, mind control, mental regression, and public humiliation are good things

I'm sorry, just because it's written well (which it isn't, not particularly anyways) doesn't make it good. I really don't have a problem with fetishes. What worries me is putting this sort of stuff on the frontpage.

Well, NSFW isn't enabled by default.

Again a failing of the Mature rating. I really would like two different 'Mature' ratings - 'Mature' stories that include sex/violence/gore which enhances the story, and 'restricted' stories that use sex/violence/gore just for the sake of it. Because as is, a lot of mature stories are pretty immature.

Real mature stories tend to be somewhat good and while they do have the NSFW stuff, they're relatively downplayed. Restricted on the other hand are mostly there for shock value or to satisfy fetishes.

It's like a movie store having Brazil sitting right next to a really kinky porno flick. It just doesn't happen.

Well then. Of all the stories I've made, this was definitely not one I expected to be featured. Not that I'm complaining.

I agree. I looked for a more extreme option to let people know what exactly this story is, but couldn't find one. It's why I put the warning in the description box. I never wanted anyone to think that this was anything more than smut.

At least you know that this is a problem with Fimfiction. I respect you for recognizing that. I still question why you wrote this, but that's not my concern. What concerns me is that this ended up on the featured box.

You know what... This just sounds so wrong, yet so erotic at the same time, but I'm way too scared to even look at it. So... I'll just leave this and tell you to read it while listening to it.


The mechanics of the feature box are to blame my friend. It is easy to get featured just because you did a unique story with a 'Never Used Before' concept, attracting a bunch of readers out of curiosity alone. The views are one of the factors that makes you get featured.

Then, you get some of likes in the first hour you uploaded the story. You need just 18 green thumbs, without red ones to get up there. Once you are up there, BANG, more and more people will flock around your story to see what it is about and why you got featured. Then, if they like the concept, you get some free thumbs, because the feature box gaves them the impression that the story is worthy it and have more than 60% of what a story needs to be considered good.

There are so many fetishs thrown together on this one that this scares me... :unsuresweetie:

I do believe this is a good one, though. My personal advice to you is: Disable mature content. We, as bronies who like clop, are per nature more 'open-minded' than most people. Thus, you will find a huge group of them who likes to 'change the main course' and go for a more spicy food. If you can't see what happens in this corner, it can't hurt you. :pinkiesmile:

With this, I can't do anything but agree.

I think it pisses me off that one/some of my favorite rare fetishi featured in mlp lemons is in this but the rest just chase me away with the force of the Hun army, starved for meat as they spot me, a lone deer, ready for the eating. The hun army decides to chase me on foot until i break one of my legs, and i lay there pitifully, crying as they descent upon me to ravage my body

I think i lost control of this comment somewhere

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