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Nonagon #3 · Feb 4th, 2012 · · · One ·

I am quite frankly shocked and appalled, my good sir. Excuse me while I continue reading.

HAHA oh my god this is hilarious! TRACKING!!!!

Pony Hell indeed.

So. Fucking. Glad we don't have to deal with this kind of shit.
Great story though!

i lol'ed sooo hard this is awesomei'll track right now i want to see more big mac... if he still alive :eeyup:

Fat chick swarms..

cool shit man

cool shit


Oh, and Twilight (the Edward/Bella one) reference.

He used sonic to sonic her. But what if sonic would sonic the sonic sonic? Sonic sonic sonic sonic!
I hope you get my point.

:moustache: This is not very well written, very short detail of expression, and I can tell it's going to get even more sick next chapter.
I love it :rainbowkiss:

This is a great story! It has slot of elements from Why Didn't Ah Stay At th' Farm? And that isn't a bad thing at all!

Aww yeah!
Beating the heat by A J T comes to Fimfiction at last!
Awesome is here.
Read on.

Correction: I am so glad we don't have to deal with this that often. Or in such extremity.

Too funny, yet at the same time ew. That is all.


At your personal request.

This is hilarious. All the little comical details make it awesome. Good job.

Love the Holy Grail reference.

Giant snakes made of explosions? You couldn't have cobbled together a group of ANYTHING more suited to drawing dear Dashie's attention. Also, she may not be the ultimate end-all that is Fluttershy, but something tells me those four stallions are in for a somewhat wilder ride than they were expecting... :rainbowwild:

186270 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo, buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

No. :pinkiesick: Sorry, don't like the idea of heat in FIM. They're sentient. It wouldn't work like this at all.

I normally don't like sexual things involving ponies, but this is so well written...

I... I... I have to CONTINUE!

That innuendo Pinkie made, it burns. IT BURNS! :raritycry:

"Is he single?"
That question caught me soo off guard.

i luled so hard i scared my room mate

I agree with NaturalGlitch, But I could give two maybe three shits less. This is freaking hilarious and I cant wait to read more. just, Don't let it hit the mature rating? Clopfics are a dime a dozen.

*Rides along to Pony Hell in a Handbasket*

Da.... Da fuq?

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

To Pony Hell, where Fluttershy lives with you!

-The Librarian


Zecora getting her flask? But she "can't get ye flask!" It's the first rule of anything. "You can't get ye flask!"

But in all honesty, I am seriously enjoying this story. Probably more than I should. Then again, what can I expect from the author of Progress?

This is one of the most witty things I've ever read. Take my five stars, please - I do not need them anymore.

Plumbing and accessories. I lold. I like this story so far, it's really funny XD

this...im laughing so hard right now..

Painfully funny. Thanks for reminding me of how un-witty I am.

This is hilarious, especially Fluttershy in heat. Would love to see more of this as soon as possible.

Uh oh...

This story is very entertaining and unfortunately very realistically written in character making it that much more awkward (for me). Bad imagination. BAD!

Tracking in shame :derpyderp1:

"seven if you counted the tail"
i thought you were going somewhere else with that... :pinkiegasp:

Please stop making it easy to read Fluttershy's lines in GLaDOS's "deeper, seductive" voice.

oh goooooooooood -_-

Well, there goes my brain. If you'll excuse me, I gotta knock myself out before my imagination becomes TOO creative...

I loved the ending :rainbowlaugh:

You unbolt ye flask and hold it aloft.

Well, uh...I suppose that...What I'm trying to say is...WAT:derpyderp2:

Hoping Spike gets some..."love":yay: (I don't know why, but I've got a bad feeling about Applebloom)

I know this is wrong on multiple levels, but i can't stop reading, please make more

BANZAI!!! :rainbowkiss:

When this started I wasn't quite sure where this was going to go but it is actually funny without been too "blue."

Good effort. I wondering how this will end but the idea of Luna being worse than Flutters is scary to imagine. :rainbowderp:

The mind does boggle at times with the bizarre mental images but great read.

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This is brilliant, Mah Boi!:moustache:

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