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It's common to feel alone at times. Maybe even lost, or separated. But maybe Twilight Sparkle should be told that thinking she's the only pony alive is utter nonsense... right?

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Now this is a strange start and it could go several ways. The Trupony Show? Something like the Blade Runner sequel books with the entire universe just someone's reality TV show?

Lots of 'down the rabbit hole' options are available here. Is any of their life in Equestria real or does The Matrix have them? Are Twilight and her friends really living ponies or are they simply more sophisticated AIs than the 'extras'? Real existential crisis stuff. :twilightoops:

Thanks for commenting! Glad the story is interesting. You'll have to wait and see to find out where the rabbit hole takes Twilight to :twilightsmile:

This story won't be too long however, so you can expect it to be finished by the end of this month with around 10k words. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Intrigued, not enough here yet to say if I will like it, but it's fairly well written (Some of twilight's tone and wording seem slightly off), looking forward to your next chapter.

Okay, so either he's a robopony or he's elderly and needs mechanical assistance to keep going - oxygen, dialysis, etc. There are no prizes for guessing which of these Twilight suspects to be the case.

Before even starting, the secret is 'androids'. Now, I'ma see if I'm right.
EDIT: I was right.

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