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The Many Uses of a Brush - Crimson Brush

A store that sells designer and custom hairbrushes opens in Ponyville with a very peculiar owner.

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Belle Bottoms

The Many Uses of a Brush
Chapter 2: Belle Bottoms

Crimson Brush had just finished her work on the second brush when she heard the bell ringing over the front door of her shop. She walked out of the back room and peered over the counter to see who it was, and smiled as she saw the familiar white unicorn mare from the day before, followed by what could only be her little sister. She waved the two over to the counter with a warm smile to the cute ball of fluff.

“Welcome back, my dear. And this cute little filly must be your sister,” she said in a mothering tone as she looked over the counter to the filly in question. “And what is your name, little one?”

“I’m Sweetie Belle! One of the founding members of the Cutie Mark Crusaders!!” The filly shouted the title loud enough to shake the counter, to the obviously-surprised look of the mare leaning upon it.

Crimson chuckled softly at the younger filly’s enthusiastic energy, as she looked back to Rarity with a knowing nod. “She certainly is a spirited little one, my dear. You two look very sweet together, if you don’t mind my saying so. It’s no surprise you wanted to get her something a bit special.”

Rarity smiled back and nodded as she reached over and rubbed her little sister’s head affectionately. “Yes, she is certainly a hoof-full. But she’s my precious little sister and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”

“Awwww!” the filly giggled happily under the rubbing, with a soft adorable blush filling her pale cheeks. “I got the best big sister in the whole world!”

Crimson chuckled softly as well, before turning around to head back to her work room. “Just one moment, dear, and I’ll bring them right out.”

After Crimson left the room, Rarity bent down to eye level with her little charge, smiling warmly as as she gently brushed a stray hair from the filly’s face. “Now, Sweetie... I know I told you that I got something special for you. And I think you can guess what it is... but I want you to behave yourself while we’re here, okay sweetheart?” Sweetie Belle nodded in joyful agreement.

Crimson walked back out with two boxes floating before her, one made of white oak and the other made in a dark mahogany. She placed the side by side on the counter, just out of view of the little filly, as Rarity stood to look over them. “And here we are. Which would you like to see first my dear?”

Rarity gave her little sister’s head another soft, affectionate pat before turning her attention to the wooden boxes. “I think I’d like to see mine first, if you don’t mind. Since I believe Sweetie Belle will be having plenty of time with her own very soon.” Rarity said, the corner of her mouth quirking into a hint of a smile that spoke volumes to the zebracorn brush-maker.

Crimson returned the slight smile with an understanding nod. “Of course, my dear. I believe that would be best.”

She opened the dark-mahogany box and produced a glossy black-lacquered brush. The carved wooden handle was decorated in four parallel rows of light blue sapphires, their shape and color cut to match the ones that rode on the flank of the fashionista who’d ordered it. The large oval backing bore three more large sapphires arranged in a perfect mimic of Rarity’s own cutie mark, contrasting brilliantly with the black-lacquered wood. The ivory unicorn stood speechless, eyes wide with surprise at how perfectly the brush seemed to suit her. The sapphire stones almost seemed to glow with their own radiance, as if the jewels themselves were acknowledging her rightful place in society.

As Rarity took the brush from Crimson’s magical grasp, she turned it over and was amazed once more as she ran her hoof over the bristles. She could hardly believe how something so firm could feel so soft to the touch. She ran the brush through her mane once, and nearly dropped the brush in surprise at the sensations it produced. Each individual bristle seemed to gently massage her scalp, even as it moved and brushed each hair perfectly into place. Rarity could hardly believe something so... so perfect as this could have been made in only a day! Crimson Brush had taken her simple requests, and turned them into a work of art that was every bit as much a joy to use as it was to look at.

“Oh wow! That brush is beautiful, Rarity!” Sweetie Belle couldn’t help but stare in admiration at the brush as her sister ran it through her long purple locks a few more times, or giving a wistful sigh of disappointment at losing sight of it again when Rarity finally put the brush back on the counter.

Rarity took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, still savoring the delightful sensations the brush had produced in her mane from just those few strokes, then looked up at Crimson again with a more proper poise befitting somepony as herself. “Well, darling... I must say, never in my wildest dreams did I expect such exquisite work,” she said, bowing her head slightly in acknowledgment of the zebracorn mare’s skills, as one artisan showing respect to another. “I dare say the price you mentioned is a mere pittance for such quality. It is exactly what I requested, and so much more! Wherever did you find those bristles?”

Crimson chuckled softly at the unexpected praise from the fashionista. “I’m afraid that’s a trade secret, my dear. I can only tell you that they are not from my normal stock. I had them specially ordered from a particular supplier in Trottingham, just in case I needed something fit for a royal.”

Rarity chuckled and blushed a bit at the choice of words. “Oh, darling, you know flattery will get you everywhere,” she said. She placed the brush back in its dark-mahogany box, and turned her attention to the white-oak box next to it. “Is this hers? If it is even half as good as the one you made for me, I dare say it would be a crime not to promote your shop in my boutique.”

Crimson gave a polite bow at the implied compliments, then lifted the white box’s lid to reveal its contents, keeping the brush just outside of Sweetie Belle’s sight as she floated it over to her big sister. Unlike Rarity’s, this one’s handle was solid white and smooth, sculpted to be easy to hold onto with either hoof or magic, with a single pink jewel set into the end. The body of the brush was painted with swirled streaks of pale rosy-pink and mulberry-purple, colored to match the filly’s mane while giving the same cotton-candy effect that Rarity had so admired in the sample brush that had caught her eye the previous day. The only other embellishment was the gold lettering on the back. Rarity felt a tear form in her eyes as she turned to her little sister and held the brush out for her to see, turning it so that Sweetie Belle could see the writing on the back.

The filly looked up as the brush was brought into her view. For a brief moment, she looked disappointed at the relative plainness of the brush, at least as compared to the magnificent sapphire-studded brush her big sister had just gotten for herself. Then she saw the words engraved in gold, and her eyes grew large with amazement. “ ‘For my brightest, most precious gem. May her light never fade’,” the filly read, her voice shaking as tears formed in her eyes. She flung her forelegs around her sister, hugging tightly. “Oh my gosh! I love you, big sister!”

Rarity rubbed her sister’s head affectionately as she was was held by the little filly. She smiled warmly. “I love you too, little sister.”

When Sweetie Belle finally let go, Rarity handed her the brush so she could try it out for herself. Sweetie Belle’s face squinched up in concentration as she ran the brush through her mane as best she could with her limited magical control. Crimson had chosen to use bristles that were a bit firmer and less densely-spaced than Rarity’s brush, so as to be more helpful to a growing filly in coping with the multitude of knots and tangles common for one so young. Even so, Sweetie’s wide eyes and whispered “oh, my, gosh!” as she ran the brush over her curly mane told both of the older mares that the sensations were no less delightful to the young filly than Rarity’s brush had been for her. Sweetie Belle sighed and gave a happy smile as she floated the brush in front of her to admire it some more.

Crimson smiled as well as she watched the filly experience the wonders of a new hairbrush. “I’m glad you like it, Sweetie. I’m sure it’ll be with you for a very long time.”

Sweetie nodded at Crimson. “Thank you, ma’am. I’ll take good care of it!”

Rarity smiled and bent down once more to speak with her little sister at her eye level. She gently took the brush from her sister’s magic, eliciting a soft whine of disappointment from the little filly. Rarity bit her lip for a moment. “Now sweetheart,” she began, choosing her words carefully. “This brush is a gift... but it does come with a small price. I know we don’t always get along, and I’m truly sorry for that. I try to let you be your own filly as much as I can, but there are times when you make things... difficult. Do you know what I mean, Sweetie?"

Sweetie Belle blinked and looked at her sister curiously as she listened to her words. “Umm... I guess so?” she said, not entirely sure how to reply to that. She did know that she made things hard for her sister at times, especially when her fellow crusaders were involved, and she did feel bad about that. She didn’t mean to be a ‘pain in the flank’, as her sister often called her, but sometimes it seemed like she just couldn’t keep things from going horribly wrong even when she meant well. She wasn’t sure what any of that had to do with her new hairbrush, though...

Rarity smiled reassuringly at her little sister as she floated the brush between them, so that it rested in front of both of their eyes. “What I’m going to ask next, sweetheart, is not going to be easy for either of us. It’s something our parents have failed to do for either of us while we were growing up, unfortunately. But I want you to know that I love you, little sister, and I would never do anything to harm you. Do you understand?”

Sweetie Belle listened intently to Rarity’s words, her eyes glancing from her sister to the brush and back again, as she tried to work out what her sister was driving at. Her eyes widened as something Apple Bloom had said to her recently suddenly put a few of the pieces together in her mind. “Applejack really gave me a whoopin’ for that stunt we pulled on her last week... It really hurt! But... I know she only did it ‘cause she loves me,” she recalled the words of one of her best friends. “I knew better, an’ I know I deserved it, even if it did hurt like blazes at th’ time...

She recalled Apple Bloom’s words, and compared them to what Rarity was saying, and suddenly she knew for certain what her sister intended to do. A part of her was scared by the idea... but somewhere deep inside, she couldn’t help feeling that her sister was right. She remembered all the times she’d made a mess of Rarity’s hard work by not paying attention to what she was doing, even though she’d meant well; all the times she’d caused her big sister to lose her cool and scream at her because she’d pushed her too far; and all the times she’d gotten tree sap all over her sister’s floor after another one of her and her friends’ crazy Crusader stunts went wrong. She bit her lip as she looked up at her sister and waited for her to continue.

Crimson smiled to herself as she watched from behind the counter, the expressions on the young unicorn filly’s face reminding her of all the times she’d been in similar situations in her own youth. After a moment’s thought, she decided it would be best to give the two sisters a bit of space to finish their conversation, and quietly turned away to head into the Demonstration Room to get things ready.

Inside, she found that the room was a bit more disordered than she’d thought. I guess I never did get around to putting everything in place, did I? she mused thoughtfully to herself, chuckling at her own absent-mindedness as she began moving things into their rightful place. She had a feeling they would be needed soon.

Rarity smiled warmly and nodded at her precious little sister as she saw that Sweetie Belle had put the pieces together. She took a deep breath to steady herself, then continued. “I bought this brush for the both of us. It will give us a chance to spend a bit more time together, to talk while I fix your hair in the mornings and before bed, and to help me to help you grow to be that great young lady I know you will be, darling. But...” She sighed quietly. “Sweetie Belle, I know our parents have never really punished you for anything. They never really did for me, either. And up ‘til now, I’ve only grounded you, or given you time-outs in your room, because... well, because I didn’t think it was really my place to discipline you any more than that. I kept hoping that our parents would start paying more attention to you, Sweetie. But it seems that they either can’t, or won’t, give you the discipline you need, and if they won’t do it, then... I have to. Because I love you too much not to.”

Rarity started to stand up again, but was stopped as her little sister wrapped her hooves around her neck and hugged her tightly. Rarity couldn’t help being startled at first by Sweetie’s reaction; she had been expecting loud protests, and possibly a tantrum, not a loving embrace. Rarity’s eyes teared up a little as she reached out and caressed her sister’s head adoringly. “It’s not going to be easy, little sister, but we’ll get through it together. I’m sure you’ve already figured it out, but... Sweetie, from now on, I’m going to be using this brush on your flanks, as well as your mane, whenever you make it necessary. Do you understand?”

Sweetie released the hug and shuffled her hoof on the floor, nodding as she stared down at the floor, humbled and accepting. “I know I’ve been hard to deal with, Rarity...” she said. “I know I’m a pain in the flank sometimes... I don’t mean to be... I’m sorry. And... I love you, too.” Sweetie Belle looked up to see her favorite mare in the whole world looking down at her with happy tears in her eyes, and the two sisters smiled fondly at each other.

Rarity wrapped a hoof over her sister’s shoulder and led her to the room Crimson had gone into earlier. The young filly bit her lip a bit as she followed, still nervous about what was coming, but made no protest as she was led to the “Demonstration Room.”

As they went through the threshold, they were both amazed by what lay inside. The room itself was simple enough, just plain ivory-white walls and a dark hardwood floor, a couple of lamps on end tables, and a big ceiling fan hanging down in the middle. It was the way the room was furnished that made it so unusual. Up against one wall was a lovely pink bed, complete with a princess canopy and brass railings. Against the opposite wall was a old-style school desk, a simple square with a small basket on the side and a not-too-comfortable-looking wooden chair resting beneath it. In the middle of the room was a round stool with a pillowed top, and a bit to side of the stool was a long pillow with some obvious cylindrical indentations in four places, parallel to each other. Adjacent to the desk sat a lovely vanity complete with a mirror and what appeared to be a jewelry box. Beneath it rested another cushioned stool, a bit higher than the other.

Rarity looked around the room in awe before spotting Crimson as she tucked in the sheets on the bed. “Good heavens... I certainly didn’t expect all this, darling!” she said with a slight chuckle.

Crimson smiled warmly. “I tried to make accommodations for families that might have certain... traditions on how things are done in their households,” she explained. She turned to look at Sweetie Belle, noting with interest the look of wonder in the young filly’s eyes as Crimson brought herself down to Sweetie’s eye level for a moment as well. It was clear that Rarity’s little sister had already worked out exactly what this room and its furnishings were to be used for, yet she seemed surprisingly calm about it. More than few foals had barely been able to drag themselves a single step past the threshold at her old shop, but this one hadn’t hesitated to follow her big sister all the way inside. Such complete trust between the two sisters warmed Crimson’s heart considerably.

“I guess this will be a big day for you, little one,” Crimson said. “I’m glad to see you’re such a brave little filly.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” Sweetie’s voice still carried a hint of nervousness, but she did her best to stay strong.

Crimson turned back to Rarity and smiled again. “I know it’s a first time for both of you, so I can stay to help if you need me to. Or if you would prefer privacy, I’ll leave you alone, and you can simply press the button by the door if you need assistance.”

Rarity looked at the button in question and then down to her little sister. “What do you think, Sweetie? Would you like Crimson to stay and help, or would you prefer it just be us for your first time?”

Sweetie gulped a bit, as if just now realizing exactly how close she was to what she knew was coming. She looked down at the floor and shuffled a hoof in thought, before looking up at her big sister. “I... I’d like it if... she can stay, please...” She wasn’t sure why she wanted Crimson Brush to stay and watch her punishment... it just felt right, somehow.

Rarity nodded as she gave Sweetie a reassuring smile and a soft pat on her head. “Of course, Sweetie. Crimson, darling,” she said, turning her attention back to the zebracorn mare, “as you so correctly note, I am a bit new to this sort of thing. I mean, I’ve seen it done in movies, of course, and Applejack has spanked her little sister in my presence more than once... but I must admit, I’m not sure how best to start, so any advice you care to give would be more than welcome.”

Crimson smiled in understanding. “Well... the easiest for her would probably be the pillow, my dear. In that position, she would have very little chance of moving or hurting herself. Though if you’d prefer, bending over the stool comes with much the same safety, but puts her in a position where she is required to keep her own place during the spanking, which is often a very effective way to remind a foal of the reason they are in their position to begin with.”

Rarity looked at both in quiet contemplation, considering exactly what each position would mean for Sweetie Belle. “I see... Well, I don’t have anything quite like that pillow at home, to be sure...” she said thoughtfully. “So I suspect we’ll be using a chair or stool at home. But she’s not in any real trouble this time, and I’d like this to be as easy for both of us as possible, I think. Well, as easy as such a thing can be, anyway,” she added with a wry chuckle, one shared by Crimson a moment later. “So... I think the pillow would be best, this time.”

Sweetie Belle was only half-listening to their exchange, lost in her own thoughts about what was to come, though she did smile a little at Rarity’s comment that she wasn’t in real trouble. While a part of her wanted to rebel against the idea of being punished if she hadn’t done anything to deserve it, another part of her felt, deep down inside, that in a way she did kind of deserve it, for all the times she’d been such a pain in her sister’s flank, and understood that this was to be both a bonding experience, and a lesson, for both of them. For her, it would be a lesson on how to behave and, more importantly, what she could expect to receive from now on when she didn’t behave; for her big sister, this would be a lesson on how to firmly, but lovingly correct her little sister in the way she so clearly needed.

But still, Sweetie couldn’t help trembling nervously as her sister considered the choices Crimson had suggested. She actually felt a sense of relief when Rarity chose the pillow – not that Sweetie had any illusions that what was coming next would hurt any less there than it would when bent over the stool, but at least it would be easier for her to take it like a brave little filly if she didn’t have to worry about moving out of place. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to keep from doing that on her own, especially not for her first time...

I’ve never even had so much as a hoof-swat on the flank before! she thought with a sudden surge of nervousness which she quickly pushed back, determined to face what was coming. What she had coming to her. Rarity’s right... no one’s ever really punished me for anything, even though... even when I really ought to have been...

Crimson nodded and pushed the stool aside to rest at the foot of the bed, then motioned with a hoof for Sweetie Belle to approach. “Come over here, little one, and I’ll show you the proper position.”

Sweetie jumped a bit as Crimson’s words snapped out of her own thoughts. It was too late to turn back now. A few tears begin to form in her eyes as she walked towards the violet zebracorn and the pillow.

Crimson gave her a warm, knowing smile as Sweetie approached, pleased to see that the young filly was still facing it with trust and bravery even though she was clearly dreading what was about to happen. “Kneel down with your back legs here, sweetheart,” she said, motioning towards the pillow. “Then stretch out your front legs all the way, so your head is resting on the pillow.” She gently helped guide the filly into position, adjusting her legs so that they fit into the indentations, then stepped back and nodded.

Sweetie Belle shivered a bit as she assumed her position on the pillow, intently aware of just how high her rump was raised. She moved her tail up and to the side without needing to be asked, earning a nod of approval from Crimson Brush. She took a deep breath and tried to turn her head to see her big sister, barely managing to catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of her eye as Rarity walked up beside her, floating the brush before her. Sweetie gulped audibly as she saw the smooth wood backing aimed menacingly towards its intended target.

Crimson couldn’t help but smile a bit to herself as she watched the filly in the all-too-familiar position. She moved to the stool and took a seat out of the way. She watched the little unicorn turn her head in an attempt to see what was coming, and shook her head. “Sweetheart,” she said, in a tone that was both soft and warm, yet with a firmness behind the words that demanded the filly’s obedience, “you need to keep your eyes in front. Seeing what’s coming will only make it even worse, little one, not easier.”

Sweetie jumped and squeaked at the voice, and bit her lip at Crimson’s words as she quickly moved her head back and rested it on the pillow once more, shivering a bit as she sensed her sister’s presence drawing ever closer.

Rarity took a deep breath to steel her nerves as she focused on her magic, her signature blue glow coiling around the handle of the brush as she raised it high... then brought it down and tapped it lightly, almost hesitantly, against her little sister’s flank.

It took everything Sweetie Belle had not to jump out of her skin when she felt the brush tap against her backside. She recovered quickly though as she realized it wasn’t a swat she felt, but merely a tap. She breathed in and out slowly as she tried to calm her nerves and prepare for the inevitable sting to come.

Rarity noticed her sister’s reaction and frowned. “Sweetie... are you sure you’re okay?”

“I... I’m fine, Rarity... Just nervous...” More than nervous, she was afraid... everything she’d ever heard about spankings told her that this was going to hurt, and it was going to hurt a lot!... but she kept her hindquarters raised as high and as still as she could, willing herself to be strong and to take her punishment like a young lady her sister could be proud of...

Crimson smiled at the two, enchanted by the situation. She could feel the love and trust between older and younger sister, despite their difficult relationship. The little filly was being so brave...

“All right then, Sweetie... the next one’s going to be for real,” Rarity said, speaking more to herself than to her sister as she pulled the brush back just a bit higher than before. She took another deep breath to steady herself... then swiftly brought the brush down across Sweetie Belle’s left flank with a soft clapping sound.

The swat itself was actually rather light, and the sound wasn’t really all that loud, but both still elicited a small squeak of startled fright from the young filly. Sweetie recovered quickly though, as she realized it hadn’t been nearly so bad as she’d been imagining. She began to wonder if that was all there was to a spanking, and if maybe Apple Bloom hadn’t exaggerated things just a teeny bit...?

Crimson coughed softly to get the ivory mare’s attention. “I know you’re new to this, my dear... but you mustn’t be afraid to put a bit of force behind the swats. It’s the only way she’ll learn.”

Rarity blinked and glanced from the source of the voice to her sister’s backside. There was no mark or change in color, as she was used to seeing when others received a spanking. She nodded to Crimson and bit her lip a bit as she pulled the brush back a bit further, then brought it down a bit harder than before across her sister’s right flank. Again, the swat produced another soft clap and a small, startled squeak... but nothing more.

Crimson smiled warmly as she stood up from her stool to walk over to the pair. “May I, dear?” she asked, nodding towards the brush as she began wrapping her own magic around its handle. After a moment, Rarity nodded and released her magic, giving Crimson full control over the brush. “Sweetie Belle... do you mind if I give you a spank or two... just to show your sister what to do?” She spoke with the warmth of a new mother as she smiled down at the little filly.

Sweetie Belle swallowed again, shaking a bit more noticeably. She could easily handle the sort of swats she had already received... but if those were wrong, she was certainly worried about what a skilled spanker could do to her exposed and vulnerable rump. It took a moment or two for her to gather herself together. “O... okay...” she whispered, trying to keep the fear and uncertainty out of her voice as much as she could.

Crimson nodded approvingly as she stood beside Rarity so the older unicorn mare could watch what she did. “Such a brave little filly. Your big sister should be very proud of you...” She moved the brush only about a couple hoof-widths away from her target, then rotated the brush’s backing further away without increasing the distance. Suddenly, the brush spun forward as it moved the small distance and gave a much more noticeable clap! as it connected to the center of the filly’s backside, leaving a small pink tinge visible beneath the short, pale fur of her coat.

Sweetie lurched forward and let out a soft “eep!” as she felt a stinging swat connect with her rump. Unlike the two before, this one left a definite warmth behind it. Only a mild tingle otherwise, but she instinctively knew that more like it would certainly leave a stinging reminder. A second clap! against her backside confirmed it; each swat like that would build on the ones before, and oh my gosh, Apple Bloom didn’t exaggerate it after all, this really is going to hurt, oh my gosh ohmygosh...

Rarity watched intently as the swats fell, paying careful attention to how Crimson rotated the brush for each one, amazed at such a dramatic result from so little movement. “That is certainly some skill you have, darling.”

Crimson passed the brush back into the unicorn’s magical grasp with a wry chuckle. “I learned from experience,” she said as she moved back over the stool to sit and watch once more.

Rarity gave a soft giggle at the obvious meaning, then focused once more on her little sister. She swished the brush through the air a few times, experimentally, trying to mimic what Crimson had done. While Rarity’s magic wasn’t the strongest in terms of sheer power, as she herself would be the first to admit, precision movements were a necessity in her line of work, and so she had developed her telekinesis to an extremely fine degree. With only a few practice swings, she had copied Crimson’s technique exactly, to the amazement of the onlooker. She positioned the brush just a couple of hoof-widths away from Sweetie Belle’s upturned rump... and in a flash, another resounding clap! filled the room as the brush connected once more with Sweetie’s left flank.

Sweetie bit her lip to try and stop another squeal as she felt another swat, only a tiny bit softer than the ones Crimson had given her. She tried her hardest to stay still for her big sister, knowing that the real spanking was about to begin. Oh my gosh this is gonna hurt Rarity I’m so sorry...

Rarity looked down at her little sister and smiled proudly at her. “She’s right, you know,” she said gently. “I am proud of you, my brave little sister. But we still have something to take care of. So be strong Sweetie... you know I love you very much.”

Before Sweetie even had a chance to respond, the brush clapped solidly against her hindquarters again... and again... and again, rising and falling in a slow, steady rhythm, alternating between her left and right flanks, with a few applied right in the center of her rump as well. She closed her muzzle tightly, making only the smallest of squeaks and squeals as each one landed, trying very hard to stay still, although she couldn’t help rocking forward a bit with each clap of the brush. She could feel a definite heat in her cheeks now, and a sting which built, and built, with each relentless clap! of the brush against her rump. She tried to distract herself by counting them... six... seven... I’m sorry, Rarity!... eight... nine... I’m sorry I’ve... ten... been such a... eleven... pain in the flank, and... twelve... I really, really promise I’ll... thirteen... try to do better!... fourteen... She wasn’t sure if it was helping, or just making it worse...

Finally, at the count of twenty swats, the brush landed with one last stinging clap! right square in the middle of her upraised rump, and all at once the spanking was over. She squeaked, then let out a soft, shivery sigh as Rarity pressed the back of the brush against her flanks to rub the cool wood softly, almost soothingly, over the lingering sting and heat back there. “Th-thank you,” she heard herself whispering, even though she couldn’t imagine why she was thanking her big sister for this...

Crimson nodded in approval as she watched the pair closely. She really was proud of the little filly. She remembered her own first dose of a brush against her flanks, and knew she’d been nowhere near as quiet or still as little Sweetie Belle had just been. The way Rarity was caressing her sister after the spanking, and the whispered thank-you from Sweetie Belle, just made Crimson feel even prouder of both of them, and of the bond they clearly shared despite whatever difficulties they’d caused each other in the past. But she knew this lesson wasn’t over just yet.

“Rarity dear,” she said, just loudly enough to get Rarity’s attention without startling the pair out of their bonding moment. “You did very well for your first time,” she continued once Rarity looked up. “But when the time comes, you’ll need to give a bit of focus to her thighs as well. Just below the crook of her flank is the most sensitive spot for a spanking. The effect will last far longer, and will have far more impact on her when she sits down.”

Both Rarity and Sweetie’s eyes went wide at those words. Sweetie, for fear of a spanking that would be even worse than what she’d already received, and Rarity, as if she thought Crimson’s suggestion seemed a bit harsh and unfeeling.

Crimson shook her head as she noticed Rarity’s expression, and smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry, my dear. It doesn’t need to be as hard, and should be only about a third of what you give the rest of her backside. But it is a most effective reminder to be on her best behavior as long as the soreness lasts, and helps insure the lesson won’t be quickly forgotten.”

Rarity thought about her words deeply before turning back to her little sister, nodding more to herself than anyone else. The zebracorn mare was right. Better that a few extra swats should cause the lesson to be remembered, than to have to repeat a lighter punishment that was too easily forgotten. That, after all, had been the problem all along; while occasional groundings and time-outs might have been all the discipline Rarity had needed when she was a filly, they were just too easily forgotten by her more high-spirited, over-eager little sister as soon as they were over. A firmer hoof was needed to teach her little sister that her actions had consequences, and if their parents wouldn’t do it, then as Sweetie’s big sister, it was up to her...

“Just a few more, Sweetie,” Rarity said in a tone which was loving, but firm enough that Sweetie knew she had no choice but to accept it. “But only a few, I promise. I think we’ve done enough for one day.”

Sweetie shook nervously at Rarity’s words. She was happy to know her spanking was almost finished, but scared at how much this new revelation might sting her already heated flanks. She wasn’t sure she could take much more. After a few moments to calm herself, she squeaked out a soft reply. “O-okay...”

Rarity found herself getting misty-eyed again as she heard her sister’s acceptance of her fate. No protests, no tantrums, no trying to argue her way out of it... Sweetie hadn’t even tried to lower her tail across her flanks to protect them. “I’m so proud of you, Sweetie...” she said quietly. “I’ll tell you what... you take these last few as bravely as you did before, like the young mare I know you are, and we’ll go get some ice cream afterwards. How does that sound?”

Sweetie actually smiled a little at those words. She was still afraid, deep inside, and didn’t dare raise her head or try to look back, but hearing her big sister say how proud she was of her helped to soothe the fear. The offer of ice cream helped too, of course, but not nearly so much as hearing those words of praise from the big sister she adored. “Okay...” she said. “I... I’m ready...”

Rarity nodded and smiled as she tapped the brush a couple times against the spots in question, glancing over quickly at Crimson to confirm that she was aiming correctly, then pulled the brush back into striking position again. She delivered two quick, sharp claps of the brush to each side, putting less force behind these than the spanks before – but still quite hard enough to get the point across.

Sweetie gasped and squeaked loudly as the swats landed, as much from surprise as from the actual pain. These swats were definitely a lot more potent than the earlier spankings, and each one stung furiously enough to bring a few tears to her eyes – but it was obvious, even to her, that they’d been held back a good bit. If that was holding back, though, she was quite certain she never wanted to feel one of those at full strength if she could help it!

This time, there was no soothing caress to ease the burn after the spanks, and it took a minute or two before the stinging died down enough for Sweetie to rise shakily from her position on the pillow. She reached a tentative hoof back to rub over her flank, and flinched a little at the touch, amazed at how warm her flanks felt just from those few swats. No wonder Apple Bloom was always on her best behavior for a few days afterwards whenever she’d been caught disobeying Applejack, or had finally pushed her luck too far! She didn’t even want to think about how hard that strong earth-pony farm-mare might be able to swing a brush against a misbehaving filly’s flanks... “Guess I’ll be eating my ice cream standing up,” she said with a weak chuckle as she turned to look up at her sister, humbled by the new experience.

Rarity noticed a few tears on Sweetie Belle’s cheeks, and reached out with a gentle hoof to brush them away before pulling her sister into a tight embrace. “I love you so much, precious gem,” she said quietly, nuzzling her little sister with all the love she could put into it.

Sweetie’s lip quivered at Rarity’s endearing nickname for her as she clung tightly to her big sister, returning the loving nuzzles. “I love you too. You’re the best big sister ever, and... I’m sorry...”

Crimson couldn’t help but shed a single tear of her own at the exchange. “And that, my little ones, is the most important part of a spanking,” she said, almost too quietly for either sister to hear. She stood up and silently left the room, leaving the two unicorns to share the moment in private as they continued to hug each other with the love and forgiveness of two sisters who have bonded closer than ever before. As she walked back behind her counter, she looked up at the sky and smiled. “You were right as always, Mother. There truly is no better form of love.”

After a few minutes the two released each other, and Rarity gave her sister a final nuzzle and a knowing smile as they both got to their hooves. “Come along, sweetheart. I need to pay for these brushes, and then we’ll go get you that ice cream.”

Sweetie hopped in place happily, as if completely forgetting the warmth in her backside. “Can I get a double scoop!?” she asked eagerly.

Rarity chuckled softly. “Well... I don’t know...” she said, pretending to think about it for a moment. To her pleasant surprise, Sweetie Belle didn’t immediately try to get her way by whining, or by turning on the quivering lip and “puppy-dog eyes”, as she usually did. Instead, she simply nodded, still humbled and accepting of whatever her big sister decided, without complaint. For the moment, anyway, Rarity thought to herself with a silent chuckle. “...I mean, I think my brave, precious gem has earned a triple, at least,” she finally said, giving her sister a playful wink that made her bust out in giggles.

They both walked out of the room together and made their way back to the counter. Rarity placed Sweetie Belle’s brush back in the white box, then closed both boxes and stacked them with the white one on top. She looked back at Crimson and smiled as she levitated forty bits out of her saddlebag, stacking them neatly on the counter. “I believe this was the price we agreed upon?”

Crimson nodded as she brushed the bits into a sturdy metal lockbox behind the counter. “Exactly right. I’m so happy you’re both pleased with your purchases, and I hope they stay with you for many years to come.”

“As do I.” Rarity then pulled out five more bits and placed them on the counter. “For all of your help. You’ve truly given us a wonderful gift. And you may be certain that Carousel Boutique will be sending more business your way; it will be a privilege to display and promote such exquisite work from a fellow artiste.” Before Crimson could reply, Rarity took her sister by the hoof and exited the shop, with the boxes floating in front of her.

Crimson looked down at the extra bits, then back up to the retreating mares, and smiled. She gave a soft chuckle at the rather obvious pink blush on the smaller one’s flanks, clearly visible through the filly’s pale coat. “Perhaps I should have suggested a cloak,” she said with a small laugh as she brushed the bits into the lockbox to join the rest.

She glanced up at the clock, and decided that it was near enough to closing time as to make no difference. It was unlikely that anyone would come rushing in needing to place a rush order in the next five minutes.

She walked to the door, preparing to lock it and flip the sign from ‘open’ to ‘closed’. But just as her horn began to light up to turn the sign, the door suddenly opened, revealing a lavender-colored unicorn mare, who immediately frowned. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Were you about to close?”

Author's Note:

And that's the end of the first Spanking. Hope everyone liked it.

The next chapter might be a bit longer in coming since it involves a lot of background for Crimson and getting a certain bookworm into the groove of things.

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