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The power of love is the one thing that Trixie has been in search of as she travels from town to town. Is there a special somepony for her in Equestria or is she bound to be The Great and Loneliest Pony for the rest of her days?

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This, this is good I would kindly require moar. Thank you

I assume English isn't your native language :twilightsmile:

these were taken from the first and second paragraphs;



Tired of being rejected from all of those around her

Tired of being rejected by all of those around her

weather through showmanship or otherwise

wether through showmanship or otherwise

It may be an idea to run spellcheck on this and look it over once more.

Sorry I'm writing all of this from my phone so sometimes auto correct takes over where my thumbs mess up but thank you nonetheless for the comment all it can do is help me in the future


oh man I'm sorry, I was on a reviewing streak. When you're holding a hammer everything starts to look like nails:rainbowderp:

I'll come back soon and give you a proper opinion:twilightsmile:

No problem man. I feel like a dodo with the mistakes I left behind and I hopefully fixed the rest of them. And all criticism does is help me grow as a writer, so thank you.

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