• Published 9th Aug 2013
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The Great and Powerful Love - StubbsthePony

Trixie, traveling from town to town, is showing off her poweres but is really wanting to be shown love

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Trixie walked away, with Ponyville behind her. Humiliated again at the hoofs of Twilight Sparkle, and being taught humility the hard way. Tired of being rejected by all of those around her, Trixie decided to leave behind the title of "Great and Powerful" for the life of a common pony. Feelings of rejection surged through her. All she wanted was acceptance and love and so far she hadn't found either, wether through showmanship or otherwise.

She needed time away to discover herself and to focus on the lesson just learned from the hoofs of those in Ponyville. A journey for something that was missing from her. A part lost. Misplaced. Broken.

"I hate my life right now." Trixie said to herself, looking up at the stars as they were her only friends now. She had been taught her lesson, but why did she still feel like this? She pondered as she walked away.

Trixie kept quiet as she walked. She walked until her hooves ached and when they did, she slept. For weeks this continued. Walk and sleep, sleep and walk. She walked every kind of road and slept where she could, under trees, in abandoned barns and sheds, and even in open pastures under the light of the stars.

When Trixie ran out of bits, the little she had after her purchase of the Alicorn Amulet, and realized this would be the time to start her life as a common pony by doing a common pony's job to pay for her continued journey.

"And here I am. First humbled now poor, and still alone. As if this can get much worse." She said. Quiet, hurt, and by herself as she strode into the next town she would pass through."Pony Hills" the sign read.

"Sounds quaint." Trixie mumbled.

The town was small, housing fewer than a thousand ponies, young and old. It was an old town from the days of the first settlers that was in need of a few repairs. It only had one purpose and that being it helped export apples and other food goods this far into Equestrias territories.

Trixie walked to the local tavern to find out what sort of work was open for her to do. She learned that there was only one that was in need of helpers to tend its fields, Cole's Cabbage. So she strode to find said field and earn a few bits to keep her journey going.

Trixie walked up to a barn with attached shed that was in dire need of new paint and a few boards. She knocked on the red paint flaking door only to be answered but a gruff voice from the other side that commanded one thing:

"Come! "

She opened the door, with a few flakes of paint sticking to her hoof, greeted by a gruff pony to match the gruff voice. Armed with glasses and a pen he waived her in.

"What can I do ya fer?" The gruff one asked

"Hello. I heard you could use help tending your fields, and I could use help with a job." Trixie said reluctantly, not wanting to do common labor but having nothing else to fall back on.

"Sure could! I'm four ponies short and two days behind on my shipment of cabbage." He said, the gruffness falling out of his voice.

"Names Cole Slaw, but Cole will do," he continued "when can you start? "

Fearing that her shame might have followed or preceded her here Trixie faked her name.

"Um...Viola ...Viola Breeze. But by all means Viola will do." Feeling slightly bad about lying. "And I can start today."

"Nice to meet'cha Viola. And I'm glad to hear that, I need the help as ya heard" Cole said rising from his desk. "Let me get ya a tour around the farm and introduced to everypony."

Seeing him upright showed Trixie that this pony was one who had done hard labor his whole life. Rugged and tanned Cole walked past Trixie toward the door, opening it for her. A gentlemanly complement she hadn't had in some time. She nodded a thank you and proceeded through the doorway into the fresh light and air, noticing for the first time how acrid and smoky Cole's office was.

First on the tour was the connected barn and storage segments and where compost was, for the cabbage that wasn't up to standards, follwed by the layout of the fields. Three fields to tend, one to harvest, one that was maturing, and the last that was rotated out to rejuvenate soil and plant transplanted heads from the first field. Last on the tour was the meeting of her fellow work horses, five in total, one mellow green earth pony with a golden mane, Kale Slaw, Cole's own nephew.

"Hiya!" Kale hollered as his uncle and Trixie walked by. Both nodded acknowledging back to Kale as he tended to his duties of plowing the unused field.

Next was a light blue pegasus with a dark brown mane flowing behind her as she fertilized the already plowed field. Introduced as Fleet Vanilla by Cole.

The third of the crew to tend the fields was Berry Grey, a shy and timid earth pony watering the maturing crop of cabbage, who was a full grey pony. To Tricked it looked as if the mare had been plucked straight from the old black and white films.

The next one in the field was almost missed due to the pile of cabbage going to compost taller than him. Soda Superb, noted by his cream soda cutie mark and similar colored hair, was picking clean the heads of cabbage not up to the standards of Cole's Cabbage.

The last of Trixie's coworkers caught her eyes most of all though as they approached the field needing harvesting. It was if she had looked into a mirror but looking back was an earth stallion instead of a unicorn mare. Cool blue with short cropped white mane was Plum Tree. With a cutie mark to match his name he walked up to Trixie and Cole.

"Hiya Boss. Field's ready to harvest tomorrow if weather holds. Not alot going to compost so we should be above quota for the month, and who is that beautiful one next to you?" Plum asked. Trixie blushed and shyly looked away. First gentlemanly kindness from her new boss and now being called beautiful? What a day!

"Name's Tr.......Viola Breeze." Stumbling over her fake name and feeling bad lying to the stallion who just complimented her.

"Well nice to meet you Miss Breeze." Plum said ignoring her prior stumbling. "And what brings you to Cole's Cabbage Fields today? " Plum asked looking into Trixie's eyes and making her feel like she hadn't in many many years.

"She's ya new coworker Plum," Cole said diverting Plum's attention. "Glad ya being so friendly. And glad to hear that welcomin' news too. Celestia knows I need it!" He laughed a pretty contagious laugh which caught Trixie off guard causing her to blush more. "Well we best get going Plum. Gotta get some things wrapped up for the day and then I'm gone. So I guess I'll catch'ya tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow Boss, and good meeting you Miss Breeze. I'll see you both tomorrow then I guess." Plum said nodding his head

Trixie was lost in thought of her last met coworker and his kindness.

"Beautiful he said." She muttered. Not realizing she had openly spoken.

"What was that?" Cole asked barely catching her

"I..um..said beautiful farm." Trixie lied and once again feeling bad. Feeling that she should start to be more honest after her humbling at Ponyville.

"Why thank'ya. And now that I'm thinkin' of it, ya gott'cha a place to stay here in Pony Hills?" Cole asked

"No but I'm sure to find something." Trixie said now unsure what to do. Sleep in another field? Under a tree ......Plum Tree.......

"Well Viola, I got a spare room here in the barn that ya can use if ya want. It ain't much but its better than outside." Cole said startling Trixie out of her daydream of Plum Tree and simultaneously making her blush.

"That would be great Mr. Slaw. I'm kind of low on bits at the moment." Trixie stated and trying to hide her blushing.

"Its Cole, Mr. Slaw was my father. And that's ok I'll have someone set the room up before the night's up. And by the way, I have to ask ....." This just momentarily causing Trixie to think her past had preceded here here and Cole hadn't bought the lies she spewed. " I've had alot of ponies quit on me unexpectedly. How long do ya think ya gonna be around here to work? "

Trixie sighed. Her past was behind her here at least. She thought for a minute. How long? Then her thoughts drifted back to Plum Tree and his manners, how he called her beautiful, and that look he gave deep into her eyes as if trying to look into her soul to see what he could find, that look that made her melt. Then her answer came.

"However long I can work, Cole." Maybe the whole world hadn't rejected her. Maybe there was acceptance out here in Pony Hills, maybe acceptance in his eyes........