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Twilight is a smart, well rounded pony who manages to stay steadfast, calm and calculating in the face of danger and adversity. However, there is one thing that causes her to replace her characteristic logic with fear; snakes. With her fears only growing with time, will the help of her friends be enough to let Twilight understand her fears and overcome them?

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Actually i only saw one other story where Twilight gets cured of her fear of snakes, but it was done in a slice of life style so it was mostly comedy with few dark elements, it was Twilight`s Phobia , so do not worry about that idea being done to death.
On the story: It is a good beggining, i like how Twilight automatically assumes she has been poisoned by a snake and the fact that she has a snake in her back is going to cause problems.

2318481 That is good to hear, though I'm a bit surprised that it hasn't been done more. Works for me though! :twilightsheepish:

As for the snake, it seems to cause far more problems when it isn't on Twilight's back.

I considered the mind, and psychiatric work once. Never undertook it, later just took a general major in English and History.
Besides the random thought, very nicely written, even though through the amounts of reading that Twilight normally undertakes. Wouldn't poisons eventually come up? Yes, I understand it was on reaction, and the phobia pulling into play, not to mention that Twilight's research normally involves mostly magic.. err.. never mind.

"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please." - Mark Twain

2319199 Well in my head-canon Twilight wouldn't have studied about snakes because she's terrified of them. However, in hindsight she would have likely studied up on other venomous animals and known some of the effects of such venoms. Now that it's too late and it's already written, I would have thrown in some paragraph about Twilight ranting off every bad thing that snake poison could conceivably do to a pony to add to her fear. :pinkiecrazy: Maybe I'll find a spot for it later on.

There might be a formatting issue here.:rainbowderp:

Wait what

gahhh stupid centered text

lesse if i can fix it

Edit: Got it. I think.

It seems a lot of stories I've faved that haven't been updated in over a year have been updated lately, and it's nice to see this one join the ranks of those that have not been forgotten.

4965255 It's good to finally have finished too! There was a lot of life that happened between the last chapter and this one. It's good to know that there's someone else out there who still cares :twilightsmile:

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