• Published 10th Jun 2014
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Two gamers one world - moonsaber56

Meet ray and george two humans are transported into equastria. But with a catch they have every power of the people they have played.

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Ch:7 necromorphs and first death

After getting up from a horrible sleep my inner me calls for nature so I soon look for a bathroom. But my lack of direction kicks in and I trip around 10 times each on my face so I just screw proper manners and I just piss in a crack.
Just like dad did in work. After going around the cave I notice the rig suit machine.I Wonder what rigs it have?
I manage to activate with a lot of cursing and tongue play I manage to select the patrol suit and luckily enough it has a spot for ponies like me the creepiest part of it is that the spot to get in has no light so i manage to work up the courage and get in the spot. select the yes button on it and wait as the suit as the working metal claws make it fast and automatically put on the suit and i feel a stinging pain in my back. I remember that it is the resource Integration gear or (R.I.G for short)finally the stinging stops and the small chamber opens and I manage to get out as the helmet starts to form around my head as expected the armor is a little skin tight. And its a little hard to talk except in grunts.I look around with it and notice as the visor slits are a little hard to see but it does help as in the bottom of my vision is the R,I,G health bar as it lists. Evenutlly i think that it is awesome as i am a living breathing charterer but then the.The cold hard realization of the health bar hit me. "So this is gonna judge whether i am gonna live or i am fucked and i am gonna die soon."
A quick look and i have the thing i love "HANDS finally i missed you so". I quickly hug myself and embrace the hands i have as it is a little hard as not only are they covered in armor and skin tight materiel. I have been using hooves and no arms for the past two week's and my hands and feet are covered with armor and i can't see myself,but my inner human takes over. "Oh god I thought I lost you...........OH CRAP!" I remember in dead space when there's rig suits theirs.
"Necromorphs oh shit i am so fucked. I quickly look around and spot a pulse rifle along the chamber where I got in my suit I grab it and look around for any necromorphs."Phew i thought there were here.OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!"
At the corner of my vision is around two of the necromorphs as they are human but they have abnormal changes on them as their hands and feet are covered and the chest of the things is pretty much torn as it is bleeding and the worst of it is that the things have pretty much huge spikes and their bottom jaws are open and in the middle of their mouth is a bunch of spikes covered with flesh waiting for the time i give up and they pretty much eat me.
"Die you mother fuckers!!" I pull the trigger on the pulse rifle and start shooting it of course i shoot the chest of it it isn't until i remember that in dead space to kill the necromorphs you shoot them in The limbs idiot! Shoot them in the limbs!
I mange to shoot each of the limbs and the necromorph collapses it isn't until i hear the screech of another necromorph go in my vision and start to slash me. As the necro is a lot like a kid from earth but its arm's are pretty much slashers and it is really fast compared to my clunky speed from my suit. As it tackles me and veraciously using the hooks on the armor from the patrol suit grabs onto me and starts to pretty much furiously shake me around I mange to throw a punch at it and it lets go of its grip on me I grab it and punch its head off and throw it off the floor with disgust.
"What a son of a bitch!!" Another necromorph starts to attack as it looks a lot like a sting ray and it has the human skin but it's jaw is huge as it is filled with spikes waiting for me to succumb to it and it has a spike with a worm like thing around it.
"Not today I live again! yes!!!" I use the pulse rifle on it it succumbs to it and dies.
" Woot I thought i was dead,and i am so screwed!" As necromorphs start to invade the small room i am in.
"At least i have my..........Im screwed". As i looked at my pulse rifle for the ammo check and surprise surprise i had barely any ammo left but i still had the 2 grenade's in it i sighed for one last time as the necromorphs started to overwhelm me as the pulse rifle managed to take two of the disgusting necros but the grenade managed to do it but lowered the health bar for when it exploded one of the spikes was lucky enough to nail me in the arm. When it did all i heard was the dropping of the health bar and the squish and tear of the spike landing in my arm.
"How the fuck did that not hurt?" I use what little ammo i have on the necromorphs then resort to using my pulse rifle and my epic punches. Eventually the necromorph horde descends on me and a pack or the little kids tackle me to the ground.
"OH GOD THE HUMANITY AHHHHHHH!" It hurt a lot as around 20 necromorphs pretty much started eating me then i had the most stupid but it might work. I look around for my pulse rifle and slowly start to inch toward it while the necromorph is still eating my chest and my legs.
"Please have a grenade left yes!" I manage to grab it with the injured arm and slowly move the pulse rifle toward the necromorph horde. Please let this work.
I press the trigger and the grenade goes above me to the roof and explodes thus killing the things eating me.
Now how do i get out of here alive hmmmm, wait a minute how am i still alive? I should be dead with that well no time for thinking time to get to the capsule or bed.
After a while of crawling to the capsule.The last thing i hear is the R.I.G going flat line. Well fuck.

Author's Note:

This was a buck to make a buck! this took a while of dead space knowledge to do this. I own NOTHING except the words put together the references belong to their respective owners.