• Published 10th Jun 2014
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Two gamers one world - moonsaber56

Meet ray and george two humans are transported into equastria. But with a catch they have every power of the people they have played.

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Ch:4 my new wife

"What the fuck just happened" i look closer at the unicorn as it looks a lot like the princess she has the tiara but she does not have those fancy wings and the mane is Indigo.Eventually i work up the courage to talk to her,"Hello my name is moon and why in the world are you in my bed?" When i look at her she is defiantly asleep and is probably the source of my stinging crotch.After a while of waiting i finally just say "Buck it" i punch her in the gut as soon as land the blow she gasps for air and writhes on the bed in pain.I think about it and maybe she is the princess.To make sure I say.
"Wow thought you wouldn't wake up well here this might help". I grab a mirror and show her,She gasps in front of the mirror in horror.
"What did you do to me what happened"after watching her freak out for a little bit i say."Do you have like a thing that watches my room in case something happens she nods and she pops up a spell on what happened.It shows her walking into my room and then humping me my mouth is in shock because one shes a mortal because of me and two she humped me in my sleep.
We say in unison"what happened that night?"
Me and Celestia talk it out and to prove she is a mortal i crack part of the mirror and just gently scratch her flank to prove that she can bleed if she bleeds she is mortal.She again s freaks out.
"The kingdom I can no longer rule what about Luna!"She freaks out for a moment when she remembers a law she made that she now regrets

Law 22 Any pony who has committed sex will at will marry the one who companion.

After a while of waiting for her to freak out I go to Georges bed who now is annoyed and awake.
"Dude guess who 'did it' with the princess"When i tell him he has the weirdest expression like dude no way!
"Dude well time to wake up ms royal here and tell the other princesses about it". After dragging Celestia out of bed and slapping her a few times we get her to Luna's room.

"Lunas its me Celestia" she knocks on the door a few times eventually she gets in and I grab a chair and start waiting while I was bored George disappeared and came back he said.
"Dude guess what i got."He showed me 3 books one of those were yellow with a angel mark and the other ones were purple with a weird down mark.After thinking about it for a while were the books came from I remembered that the books were from skyrim.
"Dude you have the books from elder scrolls that's amazing" I grab the books and try to remember the skyrim language the yellow one is in nord language which is ours and the rest is Daedric which is gonna take a while for me to translate.
"Dude lets start cracking the books". George pulls out a red book which i remember is Destruction spells.As soon as we start reading Celestia opens the door.She looks sorrow and has her face stained from a while of tears.She hugs me and starts crying in my mane after a while of her crying a black pony with the horn and wing comes out and says."Take care of her she is yours this should help",She tosses a bag of coins after that she goes back to her room,And I hear the same sobbing.
"Dude" I tell George "Get shinning here maybe he can help" George runs and grabs shining armor, Celestia keeps uttering the same words"Who is gonna take care of them". She continues crying into my mane until shining comes,I mouth the words "Help"shining comes and talks to Celestia trying to calm them down,"George" I say he reply's with "what"?
"Dude we got to get used to life here because of this I now have a wife and two mouths to feed shining and Celestia"shining finally calms celestia down she speaks "Do you know a place were we can live"? I ask George where did he get the books he nods and leads us out of the palace and even farther after a while of walking it starts to get dark."Dude you sure you know where you got these"He nods again and we stop at a small cave entrance I say to shining and Celestia "You know any light spell were gonna need them." they nod and do a simple light from their horn and we enter the cave.

When we do it is amazing exactly like skyrim at first there is a few unactivated traps as the floor always has polished stone floors also it has wood props around the edges of it to support.But it is exactly like skyrim as the cave winds down the stone florr becomes earth cobble the more wood props appear until we hit a jackpot.The room is filed with a enchantment table and a brewing stand exactly from skyrim also the place has beds!"Oh my god this place is awesome!"I get to one of the beds and start clearing it out.I take a look at shining and celestia as they are already getting used to it or at least trying when shining stabs the biggest spider I have seen after that everyone went to sleep.

I check everyone's bed for anymore spiders I find a awsome hat as its a old flat hat and a silver edge. Not bad i think in my head.I find no spiders a lot of dust but no spiders I go to one of the beds as it is cotton white I wonder how in the world does it look so new?After that I fall in bed as soon as possible and I start to drift away into sleep.

Author's Note:

sup pepes i hope you like this Me i try to keep my life in order while doing this next chapterIs celiestia starts to get used to public life no longer royal