• Published 10th Jun 2014
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Two gamers one world - moonsaber56

Meet ray and george two humans are transported into equastria. But with a catch they have every power of the people they have played.

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Ch:3 Fame and celiestia and my eye

"Oh my head." When i woke up i noticed a huge cloth bandage on my neck i look around and see a group of frightened villagers and a bloody captain next to me."George what happened"?
I look at the villagers most of them have a wound most have a axe wound and look frightened. The captain looks worse he has scraps of armor here and there when i look closer.He has a sword and a badge that says Shining armor captain The rest i can't read because it been blunted out.

Finally George comes in he has a cloth bandage to around his right shoulder."Dude you're okay i thought you died." He hugs me and my inner human in my mind says,Gay! "Dude stop please" he lets go and says "Okay when i found you you had a axe in your neck or was it your shoulder.
After a while of him explaining what happened my brain takes in the info like this
Okay so when he found me he found me bleeding out and a axe in my shoulder. Wow can this get any worse and i almost died in the process.And George nearly died on the way of getting me out of town and found a captain on the way.
"Almost forgot your face or your muzzle whatever" he grabs a mirror and shows me my face has a large scar 2 across my eyes and one long one across my face.I notice a ponytail on him. but i disregard it i am gonna ask him about that later.
After a while of pondering to my self on what happened, a villager comes up and greets."Hello my name is Evan while you two were defending the town, I had an inspiration of a lifetime" he then brings up a picture of me and George around a bunch of defeated bandits without the chaos around in what really happened.
"You two are heroes! Are you guards or ex-guards of the royal guards"? He asks me and George, we try to quickly think of a cover story but fail in the end i say "Nope were not guards just mercenary's. When i say that the villagers carry a face of disappointment, "sorry were not guards just mercenary's sorry."
The captain gets out of his little shock and says "Hello my name is shining armor captain of the royal guard and what are you?" When i look at him he didn't look royal at all but no one looks okay when they got out of the village i take a good look at him and notice that even though he is wounded here and there he is trying to do his job and i notice that the villagers we took out of the village most of them are scared near death or wounded.
"Names moon and here's Evol i point to George" George buts me in with "Sup names Evol were mercenary and we are NOT guards."
He looks at us surprised because we just saved a village and him by ourselves.
"Do you know where the nearest town is?" i ask the captain Expecting the captain to know where all the towns are.
"Yeah i know where the capitol " he then points to the capitol direction.
"Well lets go" with that we head to the capitol

Five days later

The walk back to the capitol wasn't bad but it was mostly quiet. I worried in constant fear.
When we did make it to the capitol or canterlot the captain said. "Well here is where i work.
When we get near the castle 4 guards stand outside the gates "Halt this is the capital."Shining grants us passenger and we enter in
I am amazed by the place pure marble and gold everywhere and mosaics. When we come across two huge doors shining opens them and we see a pony with wings like George and a horn like mine,she has a white hide and a blue mane and a tiara on her head. What is with blue manes these days.
"Princess i have come back and i bring good news."
She talks like a huge mega phone with a queen speaker in it". Thank you welcome back but i bear bad news for you We have found replacement for you you are now released from your job ".
When he heard that his pupils dilated to pinprick size and he had the sorrow look Celestia continued "You two are invited to join the royal guard". She points to Me and George "Also what is your name young heroes" I look at George and at me he nods and i say "Nah we would not want to join the royal guard and my name is Moon and this is Evol"I point to George,"also shining you are dismissed from military service,"She continues "I wasn't asking"
I instantly realize what she meant guards over flowed the room around 40 and started to crowd around me George and shining."Remember knock out the guards don't kill them". The first guard charges at me and i knock him out with the blunt end of my axe George does the same while shining avoids them all and cowers in a corner."Chicken bawk bawk bawk" i say while dodging a sword.
My axe handle breaks form pressure because using it against metal is not good i franticly search around and spot a dazed guard with a 2 hand sword i grab it and I am amazed how light it is. "Huh really light for a huge sword" It is like my axe but easier shining finds a Katana and for some reason he is pretty good with it. "that's how you do it! I knock out a guard while George uses the flat end of his sword and knocks out another guard eventually
The number of guards dwindle down to a nice five after a while of being beaten to near knocked out my temper starts to lose control and it flares into a fire I say "that is it your gonna die"! I rush to the captain of the invasion and push him up into the air and then it feels like bliss as i recreate my favorite move from fire emblem and super smash. Shining and George stop and look up while i keep slashing him while flames come out of it."FLAME AETHER"
While i am doing that George knocks out the last guard and notices me doing an flame aether.All he can say is "wow i thought that was impossible"after hitting the captain several times the guard freezes and is rolling in air in place i bring the sword back and swing down the guard is propped from the ground and is long gone from here.

After recovering from it I look at the princess she is in total shock she eventually recovers from it. "Wow just wow please join the royal guard". she gets on her knees or whatever and begs I blush,because I now have royalty kissing my ass or begging as people say i look at shinning his face as he is frozen in place shining I wave my hoof in his face he wakes up and utters. "I have never seen that ever". Me and Celestia argue on the terms of our agreement what we get and what we don't eventually we agree on some conditions one we don't wear armor two we get to bring in 4 other pony's with us and three we get our own rooms in the castle she accepts and she calls a few maids to bring us to our rooms when we arrive it is pretty huge and fancy i whistle "Wow this is awesome" we go to bed In our new ones. And the next day i feel a nice and stinging sensation on my crotch.When i look around my bed i see a unicorn that looks a lot like the Celestia "What the fuck!"

Author's Note:

Hope you liked it i am gonna introduce next time a stunned captain guard and a new wife and husband. remember a mercenary mean warriors for hire. And guess who is gonna be a wife the next chapter? hoped you like that fire emblem reference in time i am gonna bring another hero in the story.and for those people stupid. shining will stick with moon and evol
I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ME AND HOPE YOU LIKE THE STORY. moon out :) see you next week or so