• Published 10th Jun 2014
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Two gamers one world - moonsaber56

Meet ray and george two humans are transported into equastria. But with a catch they have every power of the people they have played.

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Ch: 2 Time to ruin my LIVER

After a while of waiting and being punched repeatedly.The question pony gives up and asks me a question.

"Do you know our anthem? I look at George and look at the person likes he is the most stupid person.

"Do you know who the Fuck i am a American. Bitch! come here". I start to get out of my strapped chair and tackle the questioner and start punching him like a mad man. While the American anthem plays in my mind.

"You never insult a American for not knowing his song"! eventually guards come out and get me off of him.
"Thank you he's a psycho"after saying that he runs off from the door screaming for his life.

"Well that was eventful" i say after trying to get George out of his chair. He looks at him self and starts to get in a seizure freak out.
"My hands where are they. My epic hands oh my god i can't play video games why!" while George continues his little freak out i talk to the guard.
"So how long do we have to stay here before we go"? The guard replies with "Right now or as soon as he stops freaking out after that you me drink off".
"Deal first one to throw up loses". "George wake up dude wake up" he's still freaking out.
"WAKE THE FUCK UP" i throw a hard ball at him and he comes to his senses. "What am i still a pony?"
"Yep bro lets go ruin our livers Yeah!"
After a while of walking and falling we make it into a bar.
Outside the bar is around 2 pony's hanging out and drinking looking majorly drunk inside. The bar looks pretty old and worn inside there is around 15 pony's drinking.
"Here it is" he says "First one to throw up has to pay.
"Fine but if your drunk and you lose i am taking your wallet and paying with it".
"Fine" We enter the bar And a old stallion. Greets us "What will it be?"
"Drinking contest" i reply "Give us the strongest spirits you got Loser pays"
"Start up the music three pony's nod and start playing the music. "Well lets get this over with" George starts with 3...2... 1. "And go!
I grab a tankard and start chugging it. the guard does the same and.By the time i am finished with the first tankard the guard is chugging another."Oh it is on time to ruin my liver!" Most of the pony's are looking at us while we finish the third.

Some of the pony's are saying "Go go go go"! I grab another and start getting a buzz and a stomach ache from drinking.
"Dang it i thought i was gonna be drunk!" when i say it the crowd get's wide eyed and jaws hit the ground.When i am done with my Fourth tankard.I have a major stomach ache and a buzz and a swirly vision.I look at George and he looks bored the crowd leaves and i look at the guard.
"You want to stop"? I look at him and he is saying words that make no sense. I look at him and tell the bar owner.
"Check his wallet and take the bits.
The waiter looks at me and says "You aren't drunk are you?" I say "Nope a little buzzed and a stomach ache from chugging but not much".
"lets go George I say lets go find a place to sleep.With that we left.The bar with a drunk guard and a amazed owner.

You should stop the song right now

After a while of looking for a house to sleep in we gave up."Lets go bro its time to sleep and i am pretty hungry"
"I know bro there's plenty of trees why not sleep on one".
After a while of looking a for a tree we find one and start getting ready."Dude this sucks from pony to sleeping in a tree"
Surprisingly it comfortable."Like home ahh" i sigh. Wondering whats happening at home.
All of a sudden i hear a war horn."Did you hear that" I say
"yeah and Oh my god and what is that" he points in the direction of a sudden army of bandits
"Huh" I look in all i could say is. "oh my god run" we run in the direction of the village and say.
"Run theirs a army run get your children!" We try to get villagers out of the way of the village when I spot 2 dead guards George says."Dude grab a weapon and start hack and slashing these people need us"! I grab a axe and George grabs a sword .
When we look around it is utter chaos villagers are freaking out and getting slaughters We are shocked eventually we recover and me and George continues getting the villagers out of the town. "Dude look out" I look around and dodge a sword in time. I swing my axe at the bandit and hit him in the neck straight through it."Omg what did i do!?" I try to forget it and start getting the villagers out of harms way from being slaughtered.its nothing like home when that satisfying feeling on standing and having your hands.
A villager says "My Foal where is she please help me!" George tell me to look for one and i immanently break the struggle between me and 2 bandits. And start looking for her "There she is!" she is in the middle of town surrounded by bandits.
"George help me out"!. He stops escorting villagers and helps me out.
Bandits are slowly closing on us and i notice the foal is injured.We slice the bandits necks in half and rush to the foal."Where is my mommy?"she looks around scared and we get her and start rushing to the villagers.While trying to get the foal to safety bandit jumps out of a building and hits me in the shoulder blade."Agh!" I yell in pain while George get's the villagers to safety and rushes to me and says before my visions turns to black."Dude you ok ray!"

Author's Note:

Thanks to wolf gear to help me. hope you like the song This took a while to make hope you like it.