• Published 10th Jun 2014
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Two gamers one world - moonsaber56

Meet ray and george two humans are transported into equastria. But with a catch they have every power of the people they have played.

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Bonus paragrpah: 1 its all a game...

"Dear me well there goes one of my pawns". As two beings were shown playing chess as he removed his piece.
"Well next time be more careful now be a dear and let see what this one can do?" As he moved a pawn of his pawn's across the field as he waited for what it will turn to as. When it did turned it became one of the most powerful chess piece a queen.
"Well let see what my knight can do against your queen as he moved his knight next to the queen as they waited for what will happen..

Author's Note:

Yeah its a chess game of death!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!