• Published 10th Jun 2014
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Two gamers one world - moonsaber56

Meet ray and george two humans are transported into equastria. But with a catch they have every power of the people they have played.

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Lets do this shit!

2013 phone call from Ray and George

"Dude" I call my friend George. earlier I went to game stop to get the black ops 2 game. Me and George are pretty good beta testers and for some reason game stop gave us two costume packs for Mortal Kombat I simply said thank you and claimed the power up points and left.
"What?" he reply's sounding pissed
"Got a new costume pack wanna try it out?"
"Why not dude ill turn on my game and you give me the map pack."

30 minutes later

"Finally its done". I give him the costume pack "Game stop put in it that we should beta test it."After a while of convincing him I get him to play as the character costume set I pick the awesome epic Stryker while my best friend since we were kids picks smoke.I quote from the movie"No one can see me move in the darkness" He gets annoyed and turns into invisble for a damage boost.
I plummet him in a world of hurt because I am the best when it comes to mortal kombat i am pretty good with Stryker because one i am the best 10 wins for 1 loss bitches! "Eventually he gets annoyed and says dude lets just play some assassins creed 3" I reply with "You chicken bro you know what I am gonna switch characters".
He switches characters to Kung Lao and I switch to Kano I quote the movie again with "Hello baby ive studied all your moves Sonya." I charge a x ray attack and say while my character stabs him I say " Ive studied all your moves Ive used the knowledge to stab you in the face!" with that I win and the game suddenly changes from the game to a my little pony wallpaper.I immediately call George I say in the phone. "dude are you seeing what i am seeing" he reply with the same thing and we agree to use Skype to show what happened.
We set up our Skype and when we do the same thing shows that same wallpaper "Dude this is not good something is happening". The image starts to glow and the screen starts to glow bigger.Getting a little scared I call George again and say that he should come to my house and play some more mortal kombat because its starting to get creepy.He agrees and he comes over the picture fades away and our game restarts."Dude" I say "this ain't right somthing going on.He reassures me and we start the game I pick stryker and George pick kung Lao the game starts and I just slaughter him when i do beat him the picture pops up and the my litle pony song pops up (Play song here).
After a while of waiting the song gets louder and louder until it feels like my eardrums are gonna explode George does the something trying to block his ears.Then the picture starts to go fuzzy and brighter and makes a vortex."What the shit!!"We say in unison of course we try to swim away but to no avail we get sucked in and the last words i hear is "WHY god why"!

Author's Note:

Based on the assassins creed 3 multiplayer. i hope you like it. sorry for cheesy entering sorry for the brown man reference that's my nick name ray