• Published 24th Mar 2013
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Across the Dimensional Divide - StrawberryGamer

You ever get that feeling you get when life, the universe, and everything hates you and decides you'd be better off as a mare in another dimension, but that universe hates you too? Because that's me. Right now.

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Dealing with it.

Yeah, yeah… Laugh it up at my expense. I honestly didn’t want this. Okay, turning into a pony would be cool, but a mare was pushing it big time. I stared at that mirror for the longest time. I took note of my appearance. I was definitely a mare. While stallions had a wider muzzle, definitely befitting of a man, a mare’s muzzle was more… well, I don’t want to go into detail about it. It kinda ended in a rounded point, with a – oh screw it. You’ve seen the show, obviously. You know exactly what the fudge I’m talking about.

My face was definitely feminine, there was no doubt about it. It kinda pissed me off. I scowled at it, and the reflection reflected my actions. Damn, I was cute when I scowled. Wait, no! I am not cute! I took note of my eyes, which were a dark cyan, same as my hair. I would have liked those eyes, if it wasn’t for the eyelashes adorning the outer corners. Yep, that settles it.

I’m a fudging girl.

I looked at my mane. It was long and uneven, kinda like Rainbow Dash’s mane, and, upon another review, the tail was styled the same way. Thankfully, all the hairs were flat down and not sticking up annoyingly. There were two pink stripes running down my mane, same as my tail.

Let’s do a mental review of my body.

Wings? Check.

Fur? Yellow.

Mane and tail? Dark cyan with two pink stripes.

Eyes? Dark cyan.

Four legs, ending in hooves? Check.

Cutie mark? Sun with added sunshine.

Gender? Female.

Not exactly a Twilight Standard checklist, but I’m not that organized.

Okay, after getting over my initial shock of being a mare, I started to go over a few choices about how to go through with this. Should I head off to school? I didn’t recall seeing any school supplies in my room. Maybe this dreamscape didn’t have school. Yes! Score! Best damn dream ever! I should get downstairs though. I need to get a few things first.

I went back into my room and turned on the light, the bulbs on the ceiling giving me illumination over my room. That’s when I noticed my walls were yellow, instead of white. How could I have missed that? I opened a drawer of my dresser and was greeted by female pony clothes. There were neatly folded up clothes of all kinds in here. Let’s see… I think these are some sort of pony equivalent to blouses and I guess they go with the skirts in this one. What’s at the top? I pulled the drawer and my gag reflex nearly kicked in.

Dresses. Lots of them.

Okay, I might be exaggerating. It’s only like, five or six. That’s still five or six too many in my book. They were assorted colors too. Red, blue, yellow, pink, white, and a rainbowish color scheme. The last one was frilly and looked more formal, while the others looked kinda casual. I still don’t know how dresses can be casual. Anyone wanna fill me in on that? Because, seriously, I’m all ears.

I had no idea whether ponies had to wear clothes or not here, so I’m going to play the “better safe than sorry” card. I picked up a pony-shirt-blouse-thing and a skirt. This was WAY outside my comfort zone, but I saw no pants or shorts. Okay, Plan Negative Purple was sounding really nice about now. I pushed that thought away and put on the clothes. Luckily there was a hole in the skirt for the tail to stick out of. I liked that tail. Even though there was some pink in it, I never had a tail before, so it was a big bonus for me. I turned around and found a saddlebag right there in front of me. I quickly looked around and found some things I would want to put in it. My wallet, my DS, and my laptop, which I put in my bag. I strapped it to my back. I noticed something small, yellow, and bearing my cutie mark. It was an iPhone. Mega score!

I quickly opened it, and checked the apps. My email, a few games, along with calling and texting. I didn’t memorize phone numbers well, so it was good to have a contact list. I never had an iPhone before, so this was great. Come to think of it, I’ve never had a cell phone period. Oh well. Wait, don’t iPhones have music too? I checked, and there it was. I scanned through the music, before frowning. It had a bunch of music I’d expect an actual girl to listen to. I know I still have all my other favorite things, so why does this have something different? I put it in my bag and made a mental note to fix that. I left my room, turning off the light as I went, considering its only 5:30 in the morning.

There was one last thing I wanted to check before heading downstairs. I went across the hall to my parents’ room. It was dark and cluttered, like always, but I have to say, the unicorn and Pegasus sleeping on my bed were definitely NOT my parents. They looked about a year or two older than me. The unicorn mare was a sky blue color while the Pegasus was a white color. I couldn’t see their cutie marks because the blanket they were sharing hid them.

Well, with that out of the way, I was all set for heading downstairs. I made my way to the top of the stairs, where Oreo was still sitting, waiting for me. What a nice cat. Patient too. I looked down. Okay, I’ve read fanfics that play out like this. As long as I didn’t freak out, I’d be fine. However, a consistent problem was stairs. Despite the characters frequently using them, no human-turned-pony could figure it out. I was determined to do it right though.

Our house has a U-turn set of stairs. It goes seven steps down, then a U-turn to the right, then seven more steps, and then you get your invisible, non-existent cookie! I carefully approached the first step, not wanting to initiate Plan Negative Purple just yet. It probably took a few minutes, but I made it past the first step. I felt a boost of confidence and decided to speed up a bit.

That’s when Plan Negative Purple took effect. The plan to get me to wake up.

I tripped, sending me tumbling down the stairs, signaling my pain and discomfort with each roll. I ended against the wall, upside down, dizzy and in pain.

Shisno, I was in pain.

The headache before was discomfort. That’s not a waker. Actual physical pain is a waker. This was pain. Physical pain. It was a waker. Therefore, I should be awake. So why am I still a pony? I turned back over and got up, adjusting my clothes. Then I stood there.

Fuck, I’m still here. Wait, what if this isn’t a dream? What if this is real? I don’t think I could handle a change this big… Well… I guess it’s out of the frying pan… I looked back at my body. And down the stairs.

I didn’t want to fall again, so I spread my wings. I smiled as I realized I would have these longer than I originally thought. However, this new body came with a new gender. I was always mentally prepared for an occurrence though, so I could handle it for a while. At least until complications set in. Mainly any new emotional and mental changes. Until then, I would brave the storm and fight on. Well, there’s no real storm, it’s all just metaphorical again. And there is nothing to fight either. I spread my wings and flapped them a few times, and they got me airborne easily. I kept lightly flapping them and flew down the rest of the stairs.

Hey, I’m actually flying!

I wish I could tell you how awesomely awesome sauce this is, but I’m sure if you go hang gliding, you’ll get a good idea. Even if it’s just a few feet off the ground and across the hall, it was still flying. I came to a stop and hovered at the end of the hall. The living room looked exactly the same. No height changes to anything. The television was still there, all of the other entertainment was there. The couches were there, and Nicky(my brother)’s play room was there behind the smaller couch. The kitchen, however, had some stools in it. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why, with all those overhead cupboards up there. I decided to turn on the TV. Maybe some news will clear my head.

I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. I flipped to a news station and there was a human and a pony at the desk. I flipped to the Weather Channel and it was almost nothing but pegasi. Wow. I turned to Cartoon Network at about 6:00 am. They always play Looney Tunes there, and they still do. As I was sitting there, I wondered something. Was this really another dimension? I’ve heard from Jenny that she met a traveler from another dimension about a week ago. He used my body as a vessel though. I’m still kinda peeved about it. I mean, who just goes and takes someone’s body for the day? Especially without asking first. Oh well, at least he gave it back. There I go again, tangenting like an insane person, which I was.

I noticed the first cartoon was over and they were in commercials. I took this time to notice that they were made up of both humans and ponies, and I noticed that there were a few more pony-based show commercials. I was about to relax a bit more when my phone rang. I picked it up and noticed that it was an unfamiliar pony calling. I didn’t know how I sounded either, and was a bit nervous. I had no reason to though, as I liked playing around with my voice. So, with that in mind, I cleared my throat, and spoke the first words to come out of my feminine Pegasus pony mouth.

“Hello? Who is this?”

I know, very anticlimactic. But it was a phone call, so what could you expect? A shisno knock-knock joke? I know… me too.

“It’s me. You know, Snowstorm? Come on Sunshine, you couldn’t have forgotten me.” Came the reply, obviously male, considering his picture on my phone.

I needed to think fast about what to say in reply to his reply, when I realized something he said. “Come on Sunshine, you couldn’t have forgotten me.” Sunshine must be my name. I took one more look at my cutie mark. Fitting. I finally thought of something to say.

“Well, you never know… You could have been a stalker.” I said, and then mentally face…hoofed myself for saying such an idiotic thing. What shocked me was his reply.

“Yeah, you’re right. Especially since what happened with that jerk the other day.” He said. “I mean, who would take advantage of such a sweet pony like you?” He added. I racked my brain for an idea of what happened, and then decided I was better off now knowing.

“I’d… rather not talk about that please.” I said. Though the more I knew, the better, I still didn’t want to know anything of that sort.

“Okay. Hey, you up for some fun on the clouds this morning? Maybe we could even get Flutters in too.” Snowstorm said. My mind stopped. We knew Fluttershy?

I had to confirm it. “Fluttershy? With us?” I asked. I think it sounded a bit jerky. No, not the food, though that’s another problem.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun. Just the three of us!” Was Snowstorm’s reply. He sounded excited. It was cool to know a member of the show’s main – or in this case “mane” – cast, but does this dimension even have a Fluttershy like the original? Or is she a different personality? I’m kinda neutral. On one hand – er, hoof, it would be like being in an episode. On the other, it would be less annoying to deal with that extreme shyness.

“Okay, are you coming here?” I asked. I had no fudging idea where this dude lived. For all I know, it was in the clouds. He was obviously a pegasus. That much I could tell without looking.

“Yeah. I’ll meet you there by 6:30. Then we can swing by Flutters’ place and pick her up. Hopefully she’s not too busy. See ya soon!” He said, and hung up. I put the phone back in the bag when I heard hoofsteps coming from upstairs.

I turned towards the staircase to see the white pegasus coming down. He wore a tired scowl and ignored my presence, instead turning to the front door and flying away. I frowned. What’s wrong with a simple “good morning?” Sheesh… he must not be a morning person. I heard more hoofsteps and then saw the light blue unicorn mare come down. Her blond mane looked a little ruffled, and she was definitely tired. She also wasn't wearing clothes. I could see her cutie mark, which was an ocean wave.

She smiled when she noticed me though. “Good morning, Sunshine. Sleep well?” She asked, suppressing a yawn. I smiled back. Finally, someone with some manners.

I nodded. “Yeah, Snowstorm called.” I answered. Maybe it wasn’t her business to know, but I needed to start a conversation so I could find out more about her. I don’t know her name, or anything. I need to know as much as possible before I jump to conclusions.

“Oh really, what did he say?” She asked me.

“Oh nothing much, just that we’re going out this morning and maybe bringing Fluttershy with us.” I answered. This was getting me nowhere. I smiled as I got an idea. “So, what’s up with you, What’s-your-face?” I asked playfully. Even though I like throwing my voice around, something this high-pitched can be grating on my ears. I just have to bear it though.

The unicorn giggled. Fudge, would I end up doing that too? I liked my laugh… “Oh nothing much, just that your sister will be sitting around watching Copycat while you go out.” She said jokingly. Wait, sister? She was my sister? I know I have a sister back home, but the age difference is way off. Besides, that sister doesn’t even live with us. This world is very similar, but vastly different.

As for my brother, I’m not surprised that his name is Copycat. That trait of his is annoying as Caboose on caffeine. Not that I would know, but I can only imagine the funniest Red vs. Blue character to be really annoying if he got his hands on caffeine. Yeah, I have a lot of things I like.

"You know, you don't have to wear those if you're going out." She said. I don't have to wear them? Then why in the name of fudge did I have so many? You know what? I didn't care. I slipped the clothes off and threw them in my sister's face. She caught it in her magic and threw them behind her. I was glad they were off. I could see my cutie mark much better. Wait, why was I so into cutie marks anyway? Ah, who cares? I'm tangenting again anyway.

So, if she's my sister, then where is my mother? Meh, I’ll figure it out later. At least this apparent older sister is here, and she beats Mom by a long shot. I’ll say it again. Score!

I noticed that the second cartoon was now over. Fudge, I keep missing them! Stupid thoughts. Stupid tangents. I needed to stay focused. Keep my thoughts on the present events and not tangent on anything else. Dammit, why am I so random? Oh well, at least I can enjoy the last cartoon.

I sat there and stared at the television. Oh Bugs Bunny, you have the fastest wit in the multiverse. I laughed. While the pitch was noticeably higher, I noticed it still sounded like “me.”

I noticed that girly giggle behind me and turned around to my so-called “sister” rolling her eyes at my laugh. “Oh, you have the strangest laugh.” She said, “why can’t you have a girlier laugh, like me?” She giggled again.

I rolled my eyes and gave a smirk. “Because, that’s just how I roll.” I answered. She giggled again. Please, that’s more grating to my ears than my voice. I can only take so much of this girly air pollution. I shouldn’t be complaining, because I’m producing some as well. Damn…

The doorbell broke the thought cycle. “I’ll get it!” I yelled, desperate to get away from the giggler standing behind me. I ran – er, galloped to the door, tripping once and reminding me that this is not a dream and that there is a giggling mare behind me.

I opened the door. There, standing before me, was a white Pegasus with a gray mane and tail. I noticed his mane was short but his tail was longer than mine. His cutie mark was a gray storm cloud with a few snowflakes under it. His eyes were a cheerful gray as well. This guy was seriously grayscale to the max. Even his saddlebag was gray. Though mine was yellow, so I didn’t care. I also noticed he wasn't wearing any clothes either. “Hey Sunshine, you ready?” He asked, with a cheerful smile on his face.

I mirrored his smile. “Yep! Let’s go.” I said.

He flapped his wings and took to the sky. “Come on Sunny! I’m not waiting all day.” He said teasingly.

I rolled my eyes. “Hold your fudgeballs, I’ll be right there.” I said, getting a laugh from Snowstorm. I took off after him. I watched as the ground got farther away, and nearly freaked out. I regained my composure when I looked up and saw Snowstorm ahead. He kept his smile on me, and I felt strangely calm. Well, I guess a friendly face can really calm someone’s nerves. He flew on ahead, and I followed.

I guess it’s time to see what this world has in store.