• Published 24th Mar 2013
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Across the Dimensional Divide - StrawberryGamer

You ever get that feeling you get when life, the universe, and everything hates you and decides you'd be better off as a mare in another dimension, but that universe hates you too? Because that's me. Right now.

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Is this a dream?

My head was ringing. It hurt. Oh powers that be, it hurt so much. I could remember what happened yesterday. I went to school, which was boring, did a little homework, which was also boring, played video games, which was not boring, and role-played, which was the best thing I ever thought of doing that day. I mean, seriously, my pal, bud, amigo, or whatever the fudge you wanna call her, Jenny, Jennifer, Jennimiah, Jenkins, Jo-I'm going off on a tangent. I tend to do that a lot. My mind wanders endlessly.

Anyway, aside from my boring Wednesday, I had absolutely nothing suspicious. After all, I was only 16, and I didn't even have a learners permit yet. I personally blame my mom for that. She can screw me over sometimes. Metaphorically speaking, that is.

Goddammit! I keep tangenting! Yeah, it's a fudging word now. Fudge… Why not fuck? I'll tell you why, it's because I'm funny.

Back to my head, which had strangely stopped hurting as I was tangenting, was now back at full throttle. Fudge, I was reminded of how much my head hurt. Why me? Why did it have to be a school day? Maybe I can just take a Tylenol and bear it to my island of one. That's the divider between the two lanes where I wait for the bus. For some reason, several days ago, the whole thing was covered in rainbow-y aquarium gravel. Not that I cared. It did make my wait a bit more colorful. I'm starting to tangent again. Fudge.

I opened my eyes to see a smiling face in front of my own. Now, don't assume I was sleeping with someone. No one is going to say anything along the lines of "good morning Sunshine" or some shisno like that. Why am I using the word shisno like that? Because it, while may be the wrong usage, is funny nonetheless.

Where was I? Oh yes, Creepy Smileyface McGee. It was actually my big Pikachu plushie. I dubbed him "Pikazilla" because my other Pikachu is only a few inches tall while this one is pushing it at two feet. I never really measured though. It's just a wild guess.

Pokémon is big to me. While the show, in recent years, has tumbled, I still enjoy the games and, yes, even the plushies. Glaceon was my favorite, but Pikachu was a close second. But while I enjoy talking about my life, it will come bit by bit as filler material.


Because. I'm a Troll. Trolololol

Taking my gaze away from Pikazilla's smiling face, I rolled over. I stopped mid-roll. Something was not right… at all…

I felt… how should I put this? Different. I can't say "not normal" because I didn't believe in normality. It was just a matter of opinion. I mean, one person's definition of normal may be different than another's. Me? I don't have a definition of normal. To me, everything is normal, and yet, at the same time, nothing is. It's my opinion, and if you don't like it, you can go shove some fudge up your ass. Or you could eat it, which I prefer. Please don't waste fudge. What would Smokey the bear think? Wait… that's wrong, even for a tangent.

My body felt out of line, and, though I wanted to investigate this, I needed the time to. I finished turning over to look at my alarm clock. It wasn't ringing, and the only other noise is the radio, playing its lovely music. It was a 80s song, I think… I really didn't follow music much, and I especially didn't follow the artists behind it. I checked the time.

4:37 am.


It's pretty early. I guess my mindset likes fudging me up like that. Oh crapbaskets, I just got the weirdest image of a dude covered in fudge. Damn… Why does weird shit like to pop into my head at the most awkward moments?

Oh, before I forget. My DSi serves as my alarm clock. It sits on my bookshelf, next to my collection of Warriors books and Halo Mega Bloks sets.

Yes, I am into the Warriors book series as well as the Halo series. I even collected their Mega Bloks sets. Shall I list everything? No, that would waste your time. Maybe after school.

Anyway, I took a casual glance around my room. Nothing much, really… My closet, which the door was closed on, my dresser, which had the Covenant section of my Halo sets, my big white box with a black suitcase on it, my blue desk, with a desk lamp and laptop on it, and my entertainment section, composed of a 24 inch flat screen, a DVD player, and my Xbox 360. Hold on… laptop? I don't own a laptop. I borrow it from my mom for schoolwork. And didn't my dresser have four shelves, not three? Not to mention I never close my closet door. And I'm pretty sure I have a collapsible chair, not a stool. No, that wasn't the weirdest part. My door had another smaller door, splitting at about four feet up, with what I could guess as the "Saloon door" style. You know, the one that's a two-way push? Yeah, that kind. I know it was still dark, and I was tired, but I know anomalies when I see them.

Speaking of anomalies, my head stopped hurting. I guess that means no Tylenol for me! I must be really ignorant to not notice that. Then again, I can tone out almost anything. What's annoying about it is that it's always unintentional. It just. Fucking. Happens. There, I said fuck. You happy internet!?

The song on the radio turned to one I really liked, and I bobbed my head back and forth in enjoyment, when a tuft of light blue, maybe dark cyan, hair came into my vision.

What? I didn't have cyan hair.

I was a brownhead. Brown hair, brown eyes. It's the way I rolled. I was Caucasian as well, but you don't care about my looks, do you? Please, don't say you do. It makes you look like stalkers.

I moved a hand to swat it away, when it passed by my vision. I… didn't have a hand.

What. The. Fuck!?

I nearly flipped out. I rotated it and flexed my whole arm. Everything felt out of place, like my joints were inverted. This stub that, if you put it in the light emanating from my DS, looked like a hoof somewhat, except it was a bright yellow. I had to wonder a few things… one of which was that I was dreaming, and that I was a pony. I thought it was ridiculous, but I don't shoo things away easily.

Yes, I am a closet brony, and only my friends know it. Well, some of them. And my 7-year-old brother. I think I may have inadvertently converted him…

Welcome to the herd, cockbite.

Nah, he's too young to stick with it. Only older peoples could see the true extent of Lauren Faust's genius. The little girls the show was meant for just thought it was cute. If I had to pick which pony was my bro's fav, I'd say Vinyl Scratch. She was third on my list, behind Lyra Heartstrings and Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo. Yeah, I'm a sucker for background ponies. Applejack is fourth though.

Anyway, I flexed my hoof around a bit, surprised when I found out it had almost complete circular motion, and then, decided on the moment of truth. I took off my blanket. What greeted me was the rest of the pony body.

I was yellow, the same as the hoof and looked a bit dull in the dark. But everything has a bit of grayscale in the dark. I looked to my flank, and sure enough, there was a cutie mark there. Score! *ahem* I mean… It's okay. It looked like a more basic version of Celestia's sun cutie mark. Just a yellow spiked circle. It also had some fainter lines, which I guessed were rays of sunshine. It was still a little boring. But, I found something even cooler.


I know, right? Wings are the best. You can fudging fly with them. That meant I was a Pegasus.

U mad bro? U jelly?

I mad.

Actually, a dozen thoughts crossed my head, ranging from this is so cool to fuck biscuits on ice with a spoon shoved up its ass. I eventually mentally slapped myself. A stinging feeling came across my cheek and looked to see my left wing extended. I guess my wings helped slap me too. My thoughts must have transferred to muscle movement. Note to self: use that to advantage in flight training.

Speaking of which, what was I gonna do about walking? I was a pony and, last time I checked, ponies were quadrupeds, and had a different anatomy, especially in their legs. I decided to test that though, as I rolled around to get in the "Lyra" seating position. With a push of my wings, I would drop down to all fours and make my way to the door without a hitch.

Thank the One Eyed One Horn Flying Purple People Eater its only 4:40 in the morning.

I managed to push myself off the bed, and stand up, but that was about it. I tried to take a step forward, but that resulted in me losing my balance and flopping on the floor. Fudge, muscle memory has failed me. I guess instincts don't give you movement. Dammit. I decided to go from Plan A to Plan Negative Zero! I'd save Plan Negative Purple for a last resort. I looked back at my legs, sprawled across the floor. Then I looked back at my wings, which were also sprawled out. I let them tuck back in. It still felt really weird though. Then I checked my cutie mark again. I guess I was a ray of sunshine when I wanted to be. Lastly, I checked what I had been distracted from checking when I discovered I had wings. My tail.

It was the same dark cyan hair that adorned my head, but what was odd was that it had two pink stripes. Damn, I was stuck with that color, wasn't I? Shisno…

Since I was stuck with the color, I decided to ignore it for now. I crawled over to the stool and sat myself upon it. I flipped open the laptop and then realized something very important.

I have no fingers!

I experimentally typed a key, and to my surprise, it worked. I typed another, and another, until I entered my password and logged in to the computer. I went to the internet, and then to YouTube. I searched for pony walking videos, and, lo and behold, there was a video of Twilight Sparkle walking. I watched and rewatched that walking cycle until I was sure I knew how to do it. I exited the internet window and shut the laptop. Then I got off the stool and stood up.

Okay, here goes nothing…

I took a step, then another, then another. After a minute or two, I was full on trotting. I kept trotting in circles, until my DS alarm went off at 5:00. I quickly turned it off, again, with surprise at how useful these hooves are. I chalked it all down to the passive magic MLP ponies had. Couple that with the fact that this was still a dream, and I was set.

Now, one thing remained in my mind. What to do with the dream. I guess I could go to school as a pony. It seemed legit. Maybe I'd meet some more ponies. We would be pony buddies! What do pony buddies do? Maybe they sit around and do pony things. But what kind of pony things? You know what, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

But wait… This could be a nightmare. I could be the only pony on this planet. What would they do to me? Would they send me to a lab to be experimented on? Oh no, that would simply not do. Maybe I should stay hidden for the remainder of the day. One more thing needed to be done. I needed to see my face.

I slowly pushed open the door, thanking the brownies in the kitchen that there was no doorknob for this lower door. Well, I suppose I could have used my magic hooves to open the door. I'm actually quite thankful for that though. Since the door was about four feet high, I made a guess that I was about three feet tall. A bit short, but they didn't call it "My LITTLE Pony" for nothing. I was a bit peeved at that, but it was a minor inconvenience compared to actually being a pony.

I crept out of my room and looked around. Everything seemed bigger. The blue dresser in the hall seemed slightly shorter, but, again, it was a dreamscape, and I didn't give a fudge. I also noticed all the other doors were like mine, and that seemed to throw me off slightly. I mean, it isn't that big of a stretch when you think about it, and I was thinking about it a little too much. I mean, this seems a bit too real to be a dream, and a bit too odd to be reality… However, I just think it's just me being paranoid. I always was paranoid at weird times. I knew it too, but I couldn't help myself.

I took a peek inside the room of the little brother I mentioned I had. It seemed normal, except for the dresser, which was one foot shorter. The 19 inch flat screen TV was still there, as was the PlayStation 2. His box of toys was still there, and so was his bookshelf, which was filled with Magic Tree House books. I liked that book series. It was rather cute sometimes. Wait, did I say cute? Oh, whatever… I'm tangenting again, and I don't seem to care anymore. It's not that big of a problem anyway.

At least, it wasn't until I laid my pony eyes on my brother's racecar bed. It was slightly shorter than normal, but it wasn't the bed that made me stand there, mouth agape.

It was a green unicorn colt. It was my brother.

He was sound asleep in his bed, unaware of the change that has befallen him. He looked… cute. Do all colts look cute? There weren't many colts in the show, so I wouldn't know. Everything kinda looked cute in the show anyway. I like cute things anyway. That reminds me, where are the cats?

We have two cats. One male and one female. The male's name is Oreo, while the female's name is Ginger. Ginger is a very shy cat and Oreo is territorial and slightly overweight. *coughfatcough* I turned around and left my brother's room and saw the Alpha Cat sitting at the top of the stairs. He was staring at me, as if to say. "Feed me or die." I rolled my eyes and smirked.

One sec, dude. Let me go do something first.

I made my way across the hall to the bathroom. It looked normal, again, except for the sink being lower to the ground. I ignored that for now. I'm just going to tangent again.

So here I was, in some kind of crazy dream. What a wonderful way to spend this rare time of self-awareness. Oh well, at least it felt real enough. I found that this body wasn't too hard to control. It was probably instinct after all. It just needed a kick. Was the whole dream world populated by ponies or was it a human-pony combination? Based on the doors, I'd venture a guess to say it was the latter. Humans used those doors, not ponies. I'm sure ponies could use them, considering I could use the keyboard and DS without incident. I guess it was more convenient though. I seem to be guessing a lot of things though. I guess it was because I don't know much about the situation, other than the obvious. There I go again, guessing things.

I smiled to myself. This was a good dream. Even if it wasn't, I think I could handle it.

I then began to wonder the status of my mane. If there is one thing I hate, its bedhead. It always sticks up, and I have to soak it to get it back down, as well as the fact that I need to keep my hoodie up to keep it that way. It always feels weird, so I like to keep it down. I turned to look at the bathroom mirror and gasped.

I stared at the mirror. The pony in the reflection stared back, her face filled with shock.

I… I don't believe it… I'm a mare.

Author's Note:

I'm gonna stop it there. This may have happened thursday, but I want to start from the beginning. This chapter gives you a good start from where I stand, and hopefully you will start to believe it.