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[Second Pony Fiction]

Late one night, near Everfree Forest, an unlikely encounter manages to prevent you making a horrible decision.

Alright, I'm writing again. Sorry for the rustiness of this story; It's been a while since I wrote in second person, and for canon characters. This was pretty much just a warm up. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy.

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it could be alittle better all ik is that there was only luna didnt make sense but i liked the storey keep trying :duck::pinkiehappy:

'Saright. Nothing terribly interesting, but it was likeable. Also, "...and you felt yourself picked up be her magic." That should be "by".

2554185 Thanks for helping, I'll fix that right away.

Thanks for reading this little rushed piece of fiction, too.

This was pretty okay.

A tad rushed, but what can you do?

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