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My name is Vetnern and I write stories!


As the war between the ponies and the humans goes on, a small group of Crusaders has been captured. What nefarious plans do the humans have with them?


Part of the Geoverse, and written with GeodesicDragon's permission.

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Comments ( 6 )

The f*ck did I just read?

I have no idea what the Geoverse is, so here's a question/statement:
Are the humans evil? Because they better not be.

2362279 They aren't :pinkiehappy: I recommend you check out Geo's stories


Paintball war you magnificent troll you oh and Ace after you pelt Twilight you'd better pray for your life while Geo finds a bunker to live in for about a week.


A very silly story. :trollestia:


No, they're not. :twilightsmile:


A week? Fuck that, I'm staying there for a month!

I do want to see what happens to Ace Geo is basically screwed but Ace's fate is uncertain

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