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- Act I (You Are Here) - Act II - Act III

Applejack begins to notice suspicious behavior in her friend Twilight. As she presses for the truth, she discovers the truth about their world.

They are not alone.

Somewhere, there is another Equestria, another world in which copies of the Element Bearers live different lives, unaware of the destiny that was almost theirs. A world shrouded in darkness.

As these two worlds begin to collide, six strangers will discover that they must inherit the mantles passed down by their alternate selves and become heroes in a world without rainbows.

(Very) loosely inspired by the television show Fringe.

Act II can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/96

Cover image by Muffinsforever. Show him some love at http://muffinsforever.deviantart.com

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 71 )


Hmmm... While it's not the best story I've read, I have to admit I'm quite intrigued. Onto act II!

This is really interesting so far. Keep up the good work :heart::twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiesmile::rainbowkiss:

:O Time to go read more!

:rainbowhuh: I'm hoping things clear up a bit... I'm a little confused right now....

The story is confusing. Especially just after the first few chapters. But everything will eventually come clear.

A story without using Applejack's accent? Outrageous! Oh and some grammatical errors, but eh, there in every story. Not far enough in to say anything about the actual story though


Applejack still has her accent. I just don't transcribe it very heavily.

In my opinion, transcribing an accent while writing is bad form. It makes the text harder to read, and since you guys already know what her voice sounds like, you're going to hear it in her voice whether I transcribe it or not.

Hmm, if what I'm thinking is happening, things are close to batshit crazy levels.

... :twilightoops:

Well, that's one way to grab someponys attention by the balls.

"Twilight! Um... ah can explain...? Ah horsefeathers...":applejackunsure:


That action doesn't scream "She's fucking insane :flutterrage:!"In the least.

Talking about writing a letter has never been so intense:rainbowderp:

Its the end of the beggining. Now the beggining of the end shall begin with the end of the end of the beggining.


I'm really enjoying these live updates. I'm glad you like the story enough to comment on it. Since it's getting pretty late in the eastern time zone, so I'm going to pop off to bed. I look forward to reading any more comments when I wake up.

"One on each side."
I can't help but feel it was the corpse itself that was more disturbing than the action of burying the poor pony.
Dark Twilight makes the failure sound like the pony body turned inside out or something... *Shudder*

[Two minutes later]
"You Jackanape."
:rainbowhuh:... I'll google that later...

And I'm glad your ok with me commenting on every chapter I read :twilightsmile: I'll read the last chapter and act ll tommorow, it's midnight here at the central region.

According to the TV Tropes page for this story, you were inspired in part by Fringe. Was this true? Because in the episode that aired tonight, the Alternate Olivia said that rainbows hadn't appeared in their universe for over 20 years. This would be a hell of a coincidence.


I noticed that too. Faulivia is apparently from a world without rainbows.

And yes, it is true that WWR is (very) loosely inspired by Fringe. Twilight plays the roles of both Olivia and Walter. Silver Shield is in many ways Walternate, a man/stallion who has become blinded by loss and is willing to do anything to have his family again. Stargazer, with her mysteriousness and prophetic abilities, is an Observer.

Alright, I finally got around to reading the last chapter. I'm liking how you made the gloomy parallel universe =)

Time for Act ll!

The story is ok for now. I guess I keep reading.

Interesting. It appears that Twilight is in another universe and now there two Twilights.

So Twilight switch places with another Twilight from another dimension. Did I get that right

The Fluttershy from the other dimension chop her wing off? If so that so Buck up.

"...that banner that was for Rainbow Dash until I erased part of it and put Twilight's name in..."

Wait a minute, is that the banner from Butterscotchsundae's "The Party Hasn't Ended?" :pinkiehappy:

This is really well written. I'm sitting way too close to the screen right now (meaning I'm interested). The story is intriguing.

506316 not quite as turned inside out, but more as in got cut in half, one half remained in Dark Twilight's world and the other traversed into normal Twilight's world

... Why does everyone have to feature doctor whooves (Time Turner) in their stories. now it's less an original MLP fanfic more so a lame crossover. How many crossovers do you know that are good? :facehoof: Whatever it's already written and I'm on the last chapter. I hate stories bringing the Doctor into the plot almost as much as stories that have Fluttershy's stare resolve an issue. Thank you for resisting the temptation to use it on Rainbow Dash earlier, the answer is never mind rape.


Sorry. I promise you that he doesn't stick around. This story is not about him, and his appearance is limited to a chapter and a half, and then he's gone.

Really, I apologize if his presence is that off-putting, but I hope it doesn't turn out to be that disruptive. I'm can't really remove the section, regardless of whether or not I regret it; all I can do is urge you to enjoy it as much as you can.

"In a few hours, the sun will rise,"

Pfft, :rainbowlaugh: I'm sorry, but all I could think about reading this line was Tristan from Yu-Ghi-Oh and Yu-Ghi-Oh abridged. Awesome story, by the way. :pinkiehappy:

Whoa, you don't have to like flying, but chopping your wings off? Harsh, lady. And Rarity and Applejack - er, Orangejack? - have switched places. Interesting. Now I'm thinking Pinkie's going to be a depressed, boring pony and Rainbow's either going to be extremely insecure and timid or a giant jerk (hopefully, neither, but I doubt she'll be similar to her show version) Onward!


Dude, there is so much that I have to say about this series of fics. This is the first for me in a lot of ways. This is the first series that I have read, this is the first fic over 20,000 words (they usually lose me around the halfway point), this is the first time I've felt strongly enough to comment on a fic. I am currently on the third of the series and it has been amazing. I have never been so invested in a fic before. I've been late for work by thirty minutes because of cliff hangers, I've yelled at my computer at certain parts, and I've read t the point of exhaustion just to experience more of this world. I'll give my thoughts on the two that I've read, I don't even want to look at the third fics comment section for fear of spoilers.

This one is the weakest of the three. Not that that is a bad thing, I'd still rate this four and a half stars out of five. It's just that most of the times the set up is not interesting but is needed. I read this one right after I read the second one and I liked it more. The switching between the two universes is very interesting, but a little confusing at times. Re-reading and stopping to think really helped my comprehension.
I've read many stories about if the rainboom didn't happen, the characteristics of your version is the most interesting. Fluttershy is even more shy, which is to be expected, but the wing thing was a very nice twist. It really goes into her psychology and how she sees herself as a Pegasus. I'd love to see a spinoff based simply on her and her experiences. Rarity stepping up as the head of the apple family was unexpected, but in part 2 and 3 you really get to see why she is. This was very interesting and it helped fill the void in sweet apple acres. I liked the description of her that is given later, how her dirtiness adds to her beauty. Pinkie is what I'd expect, but the addition of a child and husband was nice. The brief glimpses of the real Pinkie in her was a nice addition, showing that the characters are still themselves just different. I was glad to see that the Doctor wasn't an instant fix all like he had been in a couple others that I have read. That's all that I can think of for this one, I'm going to comment on the second one now. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

Fluttershy's reaction to Pinkie Pie seemed a bit OOC, but I liked what you did there with her exploding twice.

Applejack surveyed the ponies gathered a simple wooden circular table

That's missing "around" before the " a simple wooden ...".


Thanks! The first chapter is the first impression, I should make sure stuff like this doesn't happen!

Hmm the there weren't any rhymes.... Normally I find Zecora's ryhming to be annoying to read, but the lack throws me off now.

But interesting start to a story. Going to keep on reading I think.:twistnerd:

So far, this is looking interesting. Let's see where you're taking this...

This is getting very interesting... I must know more!

Ahhhhh, so they've switched places. This should be good.

She...cut off her wings? Oh mai... :unsuresweetie:

That was clever of AJ. Well played.

Heh. This chapter really reminds me just how old this story is.

So it looks like we're about to meet Pinkie. This should be good.

Doctor Whooves? I'm not sure how I feel about this. It feels far too convenient.

Overall, all I can really say is that this was very interesting setup. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this. Onward to Act 2!

Why must I find so many amazing fics? I'm doing a story where a hero I created visits many mlp-verses, and I have so many planned I can't list them.

2371935 (Bit of an old comment, but...) No rhymes? Read it again, Zecora talks entirely in rhyming couplets, sometimes separated by some non-rhyming lines from Twilight. Including one which is cleverly hinted at but not explicitly stated. Overall this is one of the cleverest uses of Zecora's rhyming quirk I've ever seen.


Thanks. That said, I'm really not happy with some of Zecora's lines, especially toward the end of the chapter. They're too awkward and forced.

I never used to get it when I heard other artists say they wanted to go back and rewrite already published works. But I do now. When I finally finish this story, I might have to go back and rewrite the first act entirely.

Honestly, I like this story. The mane six as a whole are all OOC to some degree, and we don't get nearly the level of in depth Point of Viewing as I'd like, but personal preferences aside, this is an intriguing story. Well done.

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