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When Twilight Sparkle was coronated as a Princess , everything seemed as if it were going to be fine But only a short period later Canterlot was torn apart by a betrayal from the lower rings of nobility causing a conflict that not even the Elements of Harmony were prepared to stop. Generations later the enemy's followers still lurk, growing stronger once again. Twilight prepares her student to take up the responsibility of the Elements to face a much more complex threat than an evil princess.

Meanwhile the Doctor and his companion work to find their own solution to the problem by searching through the past to find the key to the Dissenters' long lasting power over Equestria and the Crystal Empire.
Cover image by Scootalooo/Greavy on deviantArt

Chapters (3)
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this is really good can't wait to read more!
p.s i NEED to know who the fathers are!!:flutterrage:

looks good but i wont read it until there are more chapters out. sorry. if i do read it now ill probably end up stalking you until another chapter comes out, then read that one and stalk you some more. trust me im doing you a favor.:pinkiecrazy:

yeah, who are the fathers?:rainbowhuh:

Thanks for your interest. :) and I don't mind frequent watchers/ stalkers. In the meantime try checking out my other fic The Burden of Knowledge.

Also the identities of Lightning's and Dawning's father will be revealed in some time and Dawning's father will play a role in the war subplot. Right now as far as we know he is in the Crystal Empire, originally on work duty but he was kept in the Empire for the sake of safety.

One thing I've never figured out: are the stories with Doctor Hooves represented as "the Doctor" supposed to be tagged "crossover?"

4589209 :twilightoops: Hmmm...that's a good point. Maybe I should just to be on the safe side. Thanks

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