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Gotta Dash 'em All - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

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Chapter 7: How to catch a Pokémon

“Alright Rainbow Dash,” Ash instructed, “now push the button on the Pokéball to make it larger, and throw it!”

“Got it,” Rainbow pressed the button, causing the Pokéball to expand in her hoof. She swung her arm backward, then threw it forward, sending the ball flying. The ball struck the tree right behind the rock she was aiming at.

“Well,” Ash chuckled, “you’re getting better.”

“Come on, Ash,” Rainbow groaned, “I’m tired of just doing target practice. Can’t we go find something for me to actually catch already?”

Ash looked down at her, crossing his arms in contemplation, “Are you really sure? After all, you can’t catch a Pokémon if you can’t even hit it with the Pokéball.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Rainbow shrugged, “if the Pokéball misses I’ll just pick it back up and throw it again until it hits.”

“Okay,” Ash nodded, “if you’re sure you‘re ready, let’s go.”

“Trust me,” Rainbow grinned, “I was born ready.”

Ash chuckled, “You remind me a lot of myself when I first started my journey. I was so excited to get my first Pokémon that I slept in until 10 AM the morning I was supposed to get it. By the time I got to the lab, all three starter Pokémon had been taken already.”

“All three?” Rainbow blinked, “Then why do you have two of them now, Snivy and Oshawott?”

“Actually,” Ash pointed out, “where I’m from, in the Kanto region, there are three different starter Pokémon. The Grass-type is Bulbasaur, the Water-type is Squirtle, and the Fire-type is Charmander.”

“Really?” Rainbow tilted her head, “There are other starter Pokemon?”

“Of course,” Ash smiled, “every region has its own set of starter Pokémon. Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott just happen to be the ones here in Unova.”

“Cool,” Rainbow Dash looked down at Oshawott, “so if we were in another region, you’d be something else” she giggled a bit.

“Osha?“ Oshawott tilted its head, not sure if that was a compliment or an insult.

Ash laughed a bit, “It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the basic idea of a starter Pokémon.”

“Okay, I get it,” Rainbow Dash nodded, “when I find a Pokémon to catch, I’ll make sure to use Oshawott to catch it.”

“Osha, Oshawott!” Oshawott hopped up and down smiling.

“So Rainbow Dash,” Cilan looked down at Rainbow, “have you thought about what kind of Pokémon you want to try to catch?”

“You know it,” Rainbow grinned, “I need something awesome that can fly and use fire attacks. After all, how else can I do my Inferno Rainboom?”

“A flying Pokémon with Fire-type attacks, huh?” Cilan scratched his chin as he tried to think of a good choice. Suddenly, an idea hit him. He snapped his fingers, “I’ve got it, Heat Wave.”

“Heat Wave?” Rainbow asked, “That doesn’t sound like a Pokémon name, at least not based on the names I’ve seen other Pokémon have.”

Cilan shook his head, “No, it’s not a Pokémon, it’s an attack, one that many Flying-types can learn, even if they aren’t part Fire-type.”

“Really?” Rainbow asked him, “But why can’t I just find a Fire and Flying type like Ash’s Charizard? Ash has one after all, so they can’t be impossible to get.”

“It’s not that simple, Rainbow Dash,” Ash informed her. “Charizard is a Pokémon that normally appears in the Kanto region. That’s where I got mine; they almost never appear in the wild in Unova.”

Rainbow Dash frowned, “Oh, I see. Well, how about I look for a different Fire and Flying-type?”

“Sorry Rainbow Dash,” Ash replied, “but there are only two other Fire/Flying-type Pokémon, Ho-oh and Moltres, and both of them are legendary.”

“Legendary?” Rainbow looked up, confused, “You mean they don’t exist?”

“Oh no,” Ash shook his head quickly, “they definitely exist. I’ve seen them myself, but they’re extremely rare, and even if you did find one, they’re far too powerful for a Pokémon like Oshawott to defeat at its current level.”

“Oshawott! Oshawott!” Oshawott angrily threw its seashell at Ash’s face.

“OW!” Ash rubbed the red, seashell-shaped mark on his forehead, “What was that for?”

“Oshawott,” Oshawott stuck its nose up in the air and walked up to Ash, but instead of apologizing, just reached down to pick up its seashell. It placed the shell on its chest and walked over to Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash instantly fell over laughing, “Looks like Oshawott took that as a challenge.” She smiled and patted Oshawott on the head, “With a fearless attitude like that, I definitely chose the right partner.” Oshawott smiled victoriously.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Ash smiled at Oshawott, “sorry, I didn’t mean to insult you.”

Oshawott nodded, “Osha.”

“Good,” Cilan added, “now that we’ve sorted that out, how about we try to find a good Pokémon for Rainbow Dash?”

“Yeah,” Rainbow Dash nodded enthusiastically, “I’m ready to catch something.” She picked up Oshawott and placed it on her back, then flew back into the forest. Ash and the others followed Rainbow Dash through the forest, keeping their eyes peeled for any wild Pokémon that might fit the bill for what Rainbow was looking for.

“Hey, look over there,” Iris pointed to a clearing, where a small group of Pokémon were walking around. They were short, gray bird Pokémon that resembled pigeons.

Rainbow Dash turned and flew over to the edge of the clearing, making sure not to go too fast and scare the Pokémon. She turned and whispered, “What are those Pokémon?”

Ash whispered back to her, “They’re called Pidove. That was the first species I caught in Unova.”

“They’re kinda small though, aren’t they?” Rainbow raised an eyebrow.

Ash replied, “Yeah, but you can’t judge a Pokémon’s strength by its size. Some of the world’s strongest legendary Pokémon, like Mew and Celebi, are no bigger than Pikachu, but have enough power to defeat even the biggest Pokemon. What matters isn’t how big or threatening a Pokémon looks, it’s how you train them and trust in them to succeed.”

Rainbow Dash gave a small smile, remembering how she had learned a similar lesson back in Equestria, “Yeah, sounds a lot like my pet tortoise, Tank.”

Ash turned to her, “What’s a tortoise”

“Well, it’s a four-legged reptile with a hard outer shell.”

“Really? Sounds like Squirtle, Torkoal, and Torterra.”

Rainbow’s eyes widened, “You mean there are Pokémon that look like tortoises?” She thought to herself “If Twilight could build another Turtle-copter big enough for those Pokémon, maybe they’d be nice Pokémon to have. They could help me too.”

“If tortoises are like what you just described, then sure there are. I actually have a Squirtle, Torkoal, and Torterra back at Professor Oak’s lab in the Kanto region.”

“Who’s Professor Oak?”

“He’s the Kanto region’s leading professor, like Professor Juniper is here.”

“Um, Ash? Rainbow Dash?” Iris tapped Ash on the shoulder.

“Yes?” Both Ash and Rainbow turned to look at her.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Iris pointed to the clearing.

Rainbow jumped a bit, “Oh gees, the Pokémon.” She turned to face the clearing, “Oshawott, go...” the clearing was completely empty. She facehooved and sighed, “Okay, looks like we’d better find another Pokémon.”

Iris laughed, “You two are such kids.”

“Hey!” Rainbow glared, “I am not a kid!”

“Calm down Rainbow Dash,” Ash stood between Rainbow and Iris, “she’s just joking around. She calls me a kid all the time.”

Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes, “Okay, if you say so.” She turned and looked around, “So, where else can we find a good Pokémon to catch around here?”

Cilan looked at his map, “Let’s see. If you’re looking for Flying-type Pokémon, we should probably get out of the forest. The tree cover makes it hard for most flying Pokémon to get around, so only the small ones like Pidove are likely to be here.”

“Okay, that makes sense,” Rainbow Dash nodded, “I like having plenty of room to fly, at least when I’m not doing my stunt flying. If that’s the case, is there a field or something around here?”

“Hold on, hold on,” Cilan chuckled, “no need to rush.” He looked at the map again and smiled, “Bingo! There’s a large clearing not far from here, at the base of that cliff” he pointed up at a nearby cliff.

Rainbow Dash looked toward the cliff and grinned, “Then I guess we know where to go next. Onward!” she pointed toward the cliff and started flying, making sure to stay below the canopy so she wouldn’t lose the others or vice-versa.

“We’ll meet you there, Rainbow Dash” Ash called as he and the others started running after her.

“Do you think she’ll be able to catch anything?” Iris asked, “She’s never caught a Pokémon before or even seen someone else catch one.”

“You worry too much Iris,” Ash laughed. “You saw how tough Rainbow Dash is when she battled Charizard. She’ll definitely be able to catch something.”

“You’re right,” Iris smiled, “I can’t wait to see what she cat-” she was stopped by a blue hoof placed over her mouth. She looked surprised to see Rainbow Dash hovering in front of her.

“Shh,” Rainbow quietly instructed as she moved her hoof from Iris’ mouth. She then calmly touched down on the ground and slowly crept around a large tree. Ash and the others looked at each other in confusion, but followed quietly. They found Rainbow Dash and Oshawott carefully peeking over a large shrub.

The trio crouched down next to Rainbow, and Ash whispered “Why are we hiding?”

Rainbow whispered back “Because there’s already a battle going on here.”

“A battle?” Ash raised an eyebrow. He, Iris, and Cilan turned to look where Rainbow was staring, and they saw a pair of Pokémon battling in the clearing without a human in sight. One of them was a small black bird with a bald head, tiny wings, and what looked like the top half of a skull covering its lower body like a diaper. The other was a gray bird with a large plume of white feathers coming from the back of its head like a lion’s mane, and a red and white feather on its forehead. “Rufflett and Vullaby,” Ash spoke under his breath.

“They must be fighting over territory,” Cilan added.

“Which one should I go for?” Rainbow whispered.

“I don’t know,” Ash replied. “Here,” he reached into his pocket and took out his Pokédex, “check their data on this.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a Pokédex, a tool for classifying and identifying different Pokémon. Here, just look at the screen.” Rainbow Dash looked down at the screen, and Ash pushed a button on the bottom.

The Pokédex screen flipped up and an image of Vullaby appeared, and a mechanical voice spoke “Vullaby, the Diapered Pokémon. Their wings are too tiny to allow them to fly. They guard their posteriors with bones that were gathered by Mandibuzz.” The screen turned black.

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow in distaste, “Diapered Pokémon? Can’t fly? Um, what’s it say about the other one?”

Ash pushed the button again, and an image of Rufflett appeared on the screen, “Rufflett, the Eaglet Pokémon. They will challenge anything, even strong opponents, without fear. Their frequent fights help them become stronger.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes lit up, “Aw yeah, that’s definitely the Pokémon for me.”

“VULLABY!” The group was startled as they looked back into the clearing. Vullaby was lying on her back, unconscious, with Rufflett standing triumphantly beside her.”

Rainbow Dash grinned confidently, “Yeah, DEFINITELY the Pokémon for me. Oshawott? You ready?”

Oshawott saluted, “Oshawott.”

“Then let’s get out there and catch that Rufflett,” Rainbow Dash flew up from behind the shrub, and Oshawott jumped down from her back.

“Rufflett?” Rufflett turned and saw the new arrivals in the clearing. He puffed out his chest and yelled “Ruff! Rufflett!”

“Bring it on,” Rainbow grinned. “Go get him, Oshawott!” Oshawott ran up to Rufflett. “Now use… um, wait,” Rainbow suddenly rubbed the back of her head with a hoof, “what moves CAN you use anyway?”

Ash and his friends all collapsed upon hearing this. “Come on, Rainbow Dash,” Ash called to her, “tell it to use Water Gun, quick!”

“Water Gun? Okay!” Rainbow turned, only to see Rufflett pecking Oshawott rapidly, driving it backward. “Oh no! Oshawott, use Water Gun, quick!”

Oshawott opened its mouth and a blast of water shot out of it, pushing Rufflett back a few feet, “Oshawott!”

“Great shot!” Rainbow cheered. She turned to Ash, “What other moves can Oshawott use?”

“I don’t know for sure,” Ash told her, “different Oshawotts know different moves. I just guessed Water Gun because it’s very common for a young Water-type like Oshawott to learn it.”

“What?” Rainbow looked concerned. She turned to see Rufflett charging at Oshawott, his beak glowing brightly.

“Look out!” Ash yelled, “It’s using Peck!”

“Oshawott, dodge it!” Rainbow Dash yelled, but Rufflett was already too close and struck Oshawott. Oshawott staggered back a bit, so Rainbow called out “Now, use Water Gun again!”

Oshawott shot another burst of water at Rufflett, but Rufflett jumped into the air to dodge, “Rufflett!” His talons glowed brightly.

“That’s Crush Claw!” Cilan gasped.

“Rainbow Dash,” Ash called out, “have Oshawott block it with its seashell!”

Rainbow Dash quickly looked back toward Oshawott and ordered “Oshawott, hold up your shell to block it.” Oshawott held up its shell just as Rufflett was about to strike. Rufflett’s talons slammed into the shell and started pushing it back slowly, but Oshawott was just barely able to keep standing. Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth, but then realized this was the perfect chance to strike. “Now Oshawott, use Water Gun!”

“Oshawott!” Oshawott blasted Rufflett square in the chest with a Water Gun, sending him flying into the trunk of a tree.

“Now,” Ash pointed to Rufflett, “throw your Pokéball.”

“Got it!” Rainbow Dash grabbed the empty Pokéball from her belt and got ready to throw it, but stopped abruptly.

“What’s wrong, Rainbow Dash?” Ash inquired, “This is what you’ve been waiting for.” Rainbow Dash just stared and pointed at the tree Rufflett had crashed into, causing Ash and the others to turn and look.

Rufflett was staggering to his feet and glaring angrily, “RUFFLETT!” He spread his wings wide and started glowing a bright white and blue. His body began to grow and change shape.

“Wh-what’s happening?” Rainbow stammered.

Ash’s eyes widened and he answered, “Rufflett’s evolving.”

“E-evolving?” Rainbow asked.

The light around Rufflett faded, revealing a much larger Pokémon. His wings had grown much larger, the feather on his head had multiplied and formed a ring on red and white feathers around his face, and his legs had become longer and much more muscular. He spread his wings wide and cried “BRAVE!”

“What’s that?” Rainbow Dash backed up a bit.

“That’s Braviary,” Cilan replied, “the evolved form of Rufflett.”

“Evolved form?” Rainbow Dash stared in disbelief, “What do you mean evolved form?”

“When a Pokémon evolves, it turns into a different species of Pokemon altogether,” Ash replied, “and it usually gets much stronger in the process.”

“Stronger?” Rainbow Dash looked worried for a moment, but suddenly grinned. “That makes it even better! Oshawott! Use Water Gun!”

“Oshawott!” Oshawott blasted a Water Gun at Braviary, but Braviary didn’t even attempt to dodge. He stood in place with his wings folded as the Water Gun struck him square in the chest.

“Yes!” Rainbow cheered, “Direct hit! Nice job Osha-what?!?” Her jaw dropped as she saw that Braviary was still standing exactly the way he had been before the attack struck, a few drops of water falling from his feathers. “It-it didn’t do a thing!” Rainbow stuttered.

“Bravi!” Braviary spread his wings and charged at Oshawott, a few bright wisps of light flowing around him from the tip of his beak.

“That’s Aerial Ace!” Ash yelled.

“Block it with your shell,” Rainbow commanded.

“Oshawott!” Oshawott held up its shell to block the attack, but when Braviary struck it the shell was knocked out of its grasp and lodged in the trunk of a nearby tree.

Braviary flew up into the air and spread his wings, preparing for another attack, “Brave! Bravi, Brave!” He charged toward Oshawott, a series of pink and white rings encircling his body.

“Look out!” Ash called, “That’s Giga Impact!”

“No!” Rainbow Dash yelled, “Oshawott!”

Oshawott opened its mouth wide “OshaWOTT!” A beam of white energy shot out of its mouth and struck Braviary. The pink and white rings vanished and Braviary was shot back up into the air. He was panting, and there was a massive chunk of ice on his chest.

Rainbow Dash blinked, “What was that?”

Ash smiled widely, “That was Ice Beam!”

“It’s super effective against a Flying-type like Braviary” Iris added.

“Now’s your chance to catch it, Rainbow Dash,” Cilan cheered.

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow Dash grabbed the Pokeball. “Go, Pokéball!” She threw the ball at Braviary. However, before the Pokéball could hit, Braviary began flapping his wings rapidly toward the ground, causing a powerful wind current that both blew himself higher into the air and made the Pokéball fall back down. Braviary turned and flew away, although slowly because of the chunk of ice covering his chest.

Rainbow stood, mouth agape, “What was that?!?”

“It was Whirlwind,” Ash sighed.


“What?” Rainbow looked down and saw Vullaby starting to wake up.

“Vullaby?” She rubbed the top of her head with her wing. Suddenly, the Pokéball Rainbow Dash had thrown at Braviary landed right on top of Vullaby’s head. “Vullaby!” The ball rose into the air and opened, and Vullaby’s body glowed red. Her body turned into energy and flowed into the open Pokéball. The ball fell and landed on the ground, and then began to shake back and forth slowly. Rainbow Dash and the others watched as the ball tilted from side to side repeatedly, until it stopped, making a small pinging noise and releasing a few sparks.

Ash smiled and walked up to Rainbow, who was still staring dumbfounded at the Pokéball. He gave her a congratulatory pat on the back, snapping her out of her daze, “Great job, Rainbow Dash, you caught it!”

Rainbow Dash lowered her head and sighed, “Yeah, I did…” She flew over to the Pokéball and picked it up, looking at it with a dissatisfied expression on her face.

Ash frowned, “What’s wrong, Rainbow Dash?”

Iris walked up to Rainbow Dash, “Yeah, you should be happy. This was the first Pokémon you ever caught.”

Rainbow Dash looked away, “Yeah, but it’s not the one I wanted. Oshawott worked so hard against that Braviary, but we didn’t battle Vullaby at all. It was only weak enough to get caught because Rufflett damaged it for us. It just doesn’t feel right. After all the work me and Oshawott put into trying to catch Braviary, we accidentally caught a Pokémon we didn’t try to catch at all. Isn’t that right Oshawott? Oshawott?” She turned to where Oshawott had just been standing, but it wasn’t there. She turned her head a bit to see if she could spot Oshawott, and found it holding on to its seashell, which was still lodged in the tree. Its feet were against the trunk as it pulled as hard as it could, trying desperately to dislodge the shell from the tree trunk. Rainbow flew over to the tree, “Here, let me help you.” She grabbed the shell and pulled, finally dislodging it from the tree.

“Oshawott,” Oshawott smiled and jumped up, giving its trainer a big hug.

Rainbow Dash smiled warmly and hugged Oshawott back, “Thanks Oshawott, I needed that.” She held up Vullaby’s Pokéball in her right hoof and sighed.

“There, see Rainbow Dash?” Iris placed a hand on Rainbow’s shoulder. “Oshawott doesn’t care that you didn’t catch Braviary. If Oshawott’s willing to look past it and enjoy the fact that you caught Vullaby, can’t you too?”

Rainbow Dash turned to face Iris and nodded weakly, “Yeah, I guess I can work with Vullaby.”

“That’s the spirit, Rainbow Dash,” Cilan commented. “Now, I think Oshawott and Vullaby could use a trip to the Pokémon center, don’t you?

Rainbow Dash blinked and looked back down at Oshawott, only now realizing how scuffed up it was from the battle, “Yeah.” She nodded, “I think both of them could use some R and R.”

“Alright,” Ash nodded, “then let’s go. We can have lunch while we’re there too.”

“Sounds good to me,” Rainbow nodded as she placed Vullaby’s Pokéball in her belt. She set Oshawott down on the ground and touched down, then picked Oshawott back up and placed it on her back. “Well, I’m ready when you are.” She started trotting back into the forest in the direction they had come from earlier.

About an hour later, the group arrived back at the Pokémon center. Rainbow Dash trotted up to the door and giggled slightly, “It’s kind of funny, this is the first time I’m entering this place not as a patient.”

“Yeah,” Ash walked alongside her through the door, “from now on, when you come to the Pokémon center, your Pokemon will be the ones getting medical care.”

Rainbow Dash smiled and trotted up to the counter, “Nurse Joy, it’s me again.”

“Hello again Rainbow Dash,” the nurse greeted her, “back from another battle? We’ll be happy to help you again if need be.”

“It’s not for me this time,” Rainbow giggled. “It’s for my Pokémon.” She leaned down so Oshawott could hop off her back and onto the counter, then took Vullaby’s Pokéball out of her belt. “Make sure you take good care of them, okay?” She smiled.

“Of course, Rainbow Dash,” Nurse Joy replied, “it won’t be a problem at all.” She picked up Oshawott and the Pokéball and carried them both through the door to the operating area.

Rainbow Dash smiled, “I’m really proud of that little Oshawott. He really did a good job.”

“Yeah,” Ash patted Rainbow on the back, “he’s going to go far with skills like that. And with your leadership, I’m sure Vullaby will be following in his footsteps in no time.”

The group walked over to the Pokemon center café and sat down for lunch, this time managing to avoid having a crowd of spectators. Rainbow Dash looked around and commented “It’s nice to see the paparazzi decided to take the day off. I like the attention, but it’s nice to be able to relax for a change.” She happily ate several sandwiches, to compensate for missing dinner the night before. When she was finally finished, she smiled and rubbed her tummy, “Mm, those were good, but they weren’t as good as yours, Cilan.”

Cilan smiled, “Thank you very much, Rainbow Dash.”

The sign above the door behind the counter lit up and made a pinging noise, as the door opened and Nurse Joy walked out into the lobby. “Rainbow Dash,” she announced, “your Pokémon are all better.”

“Already?” Rainbow beamed and flew over to retrieve Oshawott and Vullaby. “Wow, I knew you guys worked fast, but this is awesome.”

Nurse Joy nodded, “Thank you very much. It’s always nice to know our work is appreciated, right Audino?” Audino smiled and nodded in agreement.

Rainbow Dash giggled “I know how that feels.” She placed Vullaby’s Pokéball in her belt and put Oshawott on her back, “Thanks again.” She trotted to the door, followed by Ash, Iris, and Cilan.

“You’re welcome” Nurse Joy waved to the group as they left.

“Where are we going now, Rainbow Dash?” Ash inquired as he walked up to Rainbow.

“To the field where I had my battle with Charizard. I want to see what Vullaby’s capable of.”

“Well, it sounds like you’re really warming up to Vullaby,” Cilan smiled happily.

“Yeah,” Rainbow shrugged, “I figure it’s my Pokémon, so I’d might as well make the best of it.” She trotted into the forest and headed for the clearing.

When the group arrived at the clearing, Rainbow Dash reached into the pocket of her belt and took out Vullaby’s Pokéball. “Go, Vullaby!” she threw the Pokéball, which promptly opened.

Vullaby appeared on the ground in front of Rainbow Dash, looking at her with a confused expression, “Vullaby?”

Rainbow Dash trotted over to Vullaby, “Hey Vullaby.” She tried to give a sincere smile, “I’m your new trainer.”

“Not for long, I’m afraid” came a sudden voice out of nowhere.

Rainbow Dash and the rest of the group all jumped and looked around, and Rainbow called out “Who’s there?!?” There came a rustling in a nearby tree, so Rainbow quickly turned and prepared to pounce at whoever it was. Instead of a person, however, a large metal ring flew out from amongst the leaves and flew straight toward Rainbow. “What the?” Rainbow jumped out of the way, spreading her wings. “What’s that thing?”

“Oh no,” Ash’s eyes widened, “I’ve seen those kind of rings before.”

“When?!?” Rainbow Dash demanded, but before she could get an answer another three of the rings flew at her from three other trees. “Ah!” She quickly dodged all three of them. “That was close,” she wiped some beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead. The rings that had missed suddenly turned around in mid air and flew back down toward her.

“Rainbow Dash, look out!” Ash yelled.

“What?” Rainbow Dash turned around, just as the first ring circled around her. Seconds later, the second and third rings encircled her, all three rings at different angles to form a spherical cage around Rainbow Dash. “What’s the big idea?” Instead of getting an answer, she was given a surge of electricity from the rings. “AHHHH!” she yelled in agony.

“Rainbow Dash, no!” Iris yelled. She held up a Pokeball and threw it “Dragonite, go!”

“You too, Charizard,” Ash yelled as he sent Charizard out of its Pokeball. “Now, get Rainbow Dash out of there!” Charizard nodded as both it and Dragonite flew toward the cage Rainbow Dash was in.

“Don’t interfere!” the voice yelled. The trees trembled violently as a massive jet rose up from behind the cover of the trees, with Giovanni at the helm. “This Pokémon coming with us” he announced over the speaker.

“No she’s not!” Ash yelled. “Charizard, use Flamethrower to destroy the cage!”

“Wait, no!” Iris interrupted, “You’ll hit Rainbow Dash!”

“In that case,” Ash replied, “use Dragon Tail.” Charizard’s tail glowed as it flew toward the cage. It flipped around and slammed its tail against the bars, but was blasted by a surge of electricity as soon as it made contact. Rainbow Dash screamed in pain inside the cage, having also felt the electricity.

“Rainbow, no!” Ash yelled.

“Keep it up,” Giovanni smirked, “that cage will deliver electrical pulses to anything that touches it, and the bars have been fortified to withstand even the most powerful attacks. Every time you strike the bars, the electrical pulses will become more powerful. Even if you do manage to break the bars, your friend will have already received a lethal dose.”

“Lethal?!?” Ash and his friends yelled in unison.

“Precisely,” Giovanni grinned as he reached to the side of the cockpit and pressed a button. A small door opened on the side of the jet, and the cage Rainbow was in began to fly toward it. The cage flew through the door and it slammed shut.

“No!” Ash yelled, “Charizard, use Overheat on the jet!” Charizard immediately obliged and blasted the jet with its Overheat attack. Before the attack could land, however, a series of vents opened on the side of the jet and released a massive smoke screen. The Overheat scattered the smoke, but the jet was no longer there.

“Look!” Iris pointed to the side of the smoke screen, where the had just turned around to fly away. “Dragonite, hit it with Ice Beam!”

“Charizard, Flamethrower!” Ash yelled. Both Pokemon launched their attacks, but before they could strike, the jet’s thrusters released a surge of flames and it sped away, easily avoiding both attacks. Ash and the others ran in the direction it had flown, but stopped as they came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t going to work.

As the jet sped out of sight, Ash fell to his knees and slammed his fists into the ground. “N-no,” he cried, tears falling down his face, “I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash.”

Iris put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Ash, we’ll get her back,” she stood up and looked to the sky in the direction the jet had flown, “somehow…”

Author's Note:

I admit the ending of this was a bit rushed because I wanted to finish it today. I will definitely improve it when I revamp the story after its completion.

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