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Gotta Dash 'em All - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

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Chapter 2: Seeking Answers

“Oh no oh no oh no, this can’t be happening!” Twilight flew all over the sky, desperately trying to find Rainbow Dash. “What happened to her? She was flying and then just vanished! That can’t be!” She scanned the area where Rainbow had disappeared, for about the twelfth time, when she suddenly got a horrible theory. “Uh oh,” she looked down “what if she went too fast and crashed?” She flew down to the ground and started looking around, hoping she wouldn’t find a crushed Rainbow Dash. About thirty minutes of searching later Twilight was convinced that Rainbow did not in fact crash, but she was still left wondering what happened. Looking back to town, she frowned “I hope Rainbow’s okay. Hopefully, my friends can come up with something.”

Twilight flew back to Ponyville and headed to Sugarcube Corner. She reached up a hoof to knock on the door, but before she could the door swung open and she was pulled inside by a pair of bubblegum-pink hooves. “Twilight, it’s terrible!” Pinkie cried as she hugged Twilight tightly.

Struggling to escape Pinkie’s vice grip, Twilight sputtered “H-how did you know about Rainbow Dash?”

Pinkie instantly released Twilight, causing the Alicorn to drop to the floor with a thud. “Know what about Rainbow Dash?”

Twilight took a moment to catch her breath “Wait, if you’re not upset about Rainbow Dash, what are you upset about?”

Pinkie frowned “I broke the Cakes’ new blender when I tried to make a jawbreaker smoothie.” She reached behind the counter and held up a blender that looked like it had been beaten with a hammer. She embraced the blender and cried “It was so young! It never even got the chance to make its first milk shake!”

Twilight raised an eyebrow “Um, Pinkie, I’m really sorry about your blender, but there’s an emergency. Rainbow Dash vanished into thin air this morning and I have no idea why! I used a spell to make her fly faster, but when she was using it she just vanished!”

Pinkie blinked, paused for a moment in contemplation, and suddenly gasped “I knew it!”

Twilight’s mouth dropped “Y-you did?!? But how?!?”

“It was my Pinkie sense, silly,” Pinkie giggled, “when my ears flop, my tail twitches, my left hind hoof skips and I hiccup, it means somepony just got sent to another dimension.”

Twilight stared at her for a moment “And, how exactly did you discover that particular combo?”

Pinkie put a hoof to her chin and thought. “Hmm, when did I learn it?”

“My turn!” Kaiba said as he drew his next card. “Now Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, finish off that annoying pony!” The three-headed dragon reared up, all three of its mouths gathering energy, aiming at Pinkie Pie.

As the energy blasts were fired at Pinkie, she pointed to a face-down card “Nice try, but I play Magic Cylinder! This cancels your attack and hits you with damage equal to your monster’s attack power.”

“What?!?” Kaiba gasped. A pair of golden cylinders appeared next to Pinkie. The beams flew into one of the cylinders, and moments later they shot out of the other one, aiming straight for Kaiba. “NOOO!” he yelled as the blasts struck him.

“Hmm,” Pinkie shrugged, “Sorry, I can‘t remember.”

Twilight sighed “Okay then, let’s just focus on the problem at hoof.”

“Okie dokie lokie,” Pinkie said, holding up the broken blender, “to the appliance store!”

“I mean the problem with Rainbow Dash” Twilight deadpanned.

“Oh,” Pinkie said, putting the blender back down, “to the library!”

“Not quite,” Twilight pointed out, “you head to the library, I’ll go get the others.”

“I’m on it” Pinkie saluted, before hopping out the door and bouncing towards the library.

“Well, I guess next up is Rarity” Twilight muttered to herself. She trotted out the door and headed for Carousel Boutique. “Rarity?” she knocked on the door, “are you home?”

“Coming,” Rarity responded from the other side of the door. A few moments later, the door opened and Rarity smiled at the sight of her friend. “Twilight,” she greeted, “come in darling, I was just about to make some tea.”

“Sorry Rarity” Twilight shook her head, “but there’s an emergency. Rainbow Dash vanished, so I need you and the others to go to the library so we can figure out what happened and how to get her back.”

Rarity gasped “Oh my, that’s terrible. Don’t worry, I’ll be at the library in no time.” With that, she started to trot to the library.

“Well,” Twilight said, “at least that didn’t take as long as Pinkie. Next up is Fluttershy.” About thirty minutes later, Twilight finished delivering the message to Fluttershy, and she and Applejack were now trotting to the library together.

“Now what exactly do ya’ mean Rainbow vanished?” Applejack asked, “Ya mean she skipped town or somethin’?”

Twilight shook her head “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it when we get to the library.” They arrived at the library and entered, where Pinkie, Rarity, and Fluttershy were waiting for them. “Okay girls,” Twilight started “take your seats and I’ll explain everything.”

“Okie dokie lokie” Pinkie giggled as she pulled a bean-bag chair out of her mane and set it on the ground next to herself. The others chose not to ask questions and opted instead to just sit down and listen to Twilight’s explanation.

Twilight stood in the middle of the room and began her summary of the morning’s events. The others listened intently, with expressions of confusion at times and fear at others. “…and when I was finally able to see again, she was gone.” Twilight finished, looking around at all her friends.

Applejack was the first to speak up “Wait, so what you’re saying is she just vanished into thin air. How did that happen? Did’ja mix up a teleporting spell in with the speed spell or somethin'?”

“I don’t know, Applejack” Twilight shook her head, “I don’t know how it happened. That’s why I gathered all of you here, so we can try to figure out what happened to Rainbow Dash and start working out a way to bring her home.”

Rarity was the next to speak up “So, if I’m understanding this, you want us to search through all of the books in the library so we can find a spell that can find Rainbow Dash?”

“Almost,” Twilight responded, “we can look for either that or a spell that has the same effect as what happened to her.”

“But, wouldn’t that be dangerous?” Fluttershy squeaked, “If the spell made Rainbow Dash vanish, shouldn’t we avoid it?”

“No Fluttershy,” Twilight shook her head, “if we can find a spell that has the same effect as the one I used, we can figure out a way to reverse it. Now, we’ve got a lot of reading ahead of us and I don’t know how much time we have. Let’s get to work, ladies. Let‘s do it for Rainbow Dash!”

The others all nodded and gave a mutual cheer of “For Rainbow Dash!” before they spread out to look at the different sections of the library.

“Spike,” Twilight called upstairs, “send a letter to Celestia and tell her what happened. Even if our library doesn’t have the information we need, the royal archives in Canterlot will.”

Spike saluted and responded “You can count on me Twilight,” before running to write the letter.


Hours of reading later, there were five large piles of books in the room, five exhausted ponies lying next to the books, and zero books left on the shelves. “Well girls,” Twilight sighed, “we checked everywhere, and still nothing.”

“Ah guess that means we need to head fer Canterlot and check those archives” Applejack replied.

“I guess so” Twilight responded, “but the last train for Canterlot for today already left. We’ll have to wait and go there tomorrow morning.”

“Well, look at the bright side,” Rarity spoke up “that means we’ll have plenty of time to get our beauty sleep and pack for the trip.”

“Rarity,” Twilight started “this isn’t vacation, it’s a rescue mission.”

Rarity stood up “Well, so was our mission to the Crystal Empire, but we were given plenty of time to pack for that mission.”

“I guess you have a point,” Twilight said as she rubbed her chin with a hoof. “Okay girls, let’s all head home for the night and meet back here in the morning. We’ll catch the first train to Canterlot.”

Applejack yawned “that works fer me. Ah’m beat after all that readin’. G’night y’all. See ya in the mornin’.” She trotted out the door, followed by Pinkie, Rarity, and Fluttershy.

After she closed the door, Twilight frowned and slowly made her way to the stairs. Spike noticed her sad expression and spoke up “Aw, don’t worry Twilight. I’m sure Rainbow’s gonna be fine.”

Twilight sighed “It’s not just that I’m worried about. I’m also worried that this was all my fault. It might have been my spell that made her disappear. If it turns out it was my fault, and something really bad does happen to Rainbow Dash, I don’t know how I’ll live with myself.”

Spike placed a hand on her shoulder “Come on, Twilight, you need to cheer up if you want to find the spell in the archive tomorrow. You can’t search the archives if you’re too busy sulking.”

Twilight tried to smile, but couldn’t, “I’m sorry, Spike. I’ll try to keep my spirits up when we get to Canterlot, but I don’t know how.” She slowly climbed up into her bed and pulled the blanket over herself, sadly looking up at the same spot she had looked that morning, saddened by the fact that Rainbow Dash wasn’t there anymore because of her.

Author's Note:

From this point onward, every third chapter will be in Equestria. I realize this one was kind of short, but I plan to try to make the others longer. They won't be as long as the chapters about Dash, but I'm going to try to make them a respectable length.

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