• Published 20th Mar 2013
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Gotta Dash 'em All - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

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“And then, bam!” Rainbow threw a hoof up in the air to emphasize her point, “Twilight blasted one of those Spacial things from her horn and tore open a rip in space, which is what we used to get home!”

“Oh my,” Rarity’s eyes widened, “that sounds like a very impressive feat.” She turned to Twilight and asked “It didn’t wear you out too much, did it?”

“Not too much,” Twilight shook her head, “in fact, it only caused a minor headache the first time, and all three of the other times I’ve used it I felt fine.”

“Three?” Rainbow raised an eyebrow, “I know you used it to send us home, but when was the third time you used it?”

“Oh, right,” Twilight giggled a bit, “I guess I forgot to mention it to you, mainly because you were sound asleep five minutes after we got back.”

“Can you blame me?” Rainbow crossed her hooves, “I just couldn’t wait to get some sleep after the long day I’d had.”

“I understand, Rainbow,” Twilight nodded, “that’s why I didn’t wake you.”

“But you still haven’t answered my question; when did you go back?”

“Well, actually it was about an hour after we got back.”


“I wanted to pay one more visit to Professor Juniper so I could get a bit of information that could help us know how to raise these Pokémon we brought home. She was generous enough to give me this,” she lit up her horn with magic and picked something up off of a nearby table. When she floated it in front of her, Rainbow and Pinkie both recognized it as a Pokédex.

“A Pokédex,” Rainbow smiled widely, “awesome!”

“A Poké-what?” Applejack raised an eyebrow.

“A Pokédex,” Twilight replied, “it’s a device that contains detailed descriptions of every known species of Pokémon.”

“All of them?!?” Fluttershy beamed. She was sitting among a group consisting of nearly all of the Pokémon that had been brought home. The only ones not there were Looney, who was floating next to Pinkie, and Oshawott, who was sitting in Rainbow’s lap. “How many are there?” she asked excitedly.

“It says here that the exact number is unknown because more are being discovered all the time, but there are currently 648 included in the database.”

“648?!?” Fluttershy‘s smile widened, “Oh, I’d love to go there and make friends with each and every one of them.

“Well, that might be possible,” Twilight responded, “once I’ve done a bit more research on ways to get there.”

“What do you mean?” Rainbow asked. “You’ve got that Spacial Rend thing; isn’t that enough?”

“Not exactly, Rainbow,” Twilight shook her head, “that only works if I’m available to come with the pony that wants to visit Unova. I’m a princess, and even though I haven’t been given many royal duties just yet, I do expect to have more in the near future. When that happens, I won’t be available to send you to Unova, nor to accompany you there so I can send you back. I plan to design a way for ponies to harness the power of my Spacial Rend without myself being present. It won’t be for commercial use, but for research.”


“Don’t worry, Fluttershy,” Twilight giggled, “I will make exceptions for you girls.”

Fluttershy sighed in relief and wiped a few beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead. “Thanks, Twilight, I don’t think I could stand knowing there’s a world full of wonderful creatures that I could never visit.”

“It’s okay, Fluttershy,” Twilight smiled warmly, “soon I’ll make sure all of you can have Pokémon of your own.”

“All of us?” Applejack interjected, “How are all of us gonna do that if none of us have any of those Pokéball things?”

Twilight smirked and replied, “Who said you don’t?” Her horn lit up again, this time lifting her saddlebag off the back of a chair in the corner of the library. The saddlebag floated over to the middle of the group, then opened, revealing that it was full of Pokéballs. “Ta da!” Twilight cheered.

“Where did you get all those?!?” Rainbow gasped.

“From Professor Juniper. When I told her I wanted to come back to study Pokémon again in the future, she was happy to provide me with enough Pokéballs for all six of us.”

“Really?” Rarity asked, “That was strangely accommodating.”

“She’s a professor,” Twilight replied, “of course she was eager to provide me with these when I explained that it was for the sake of future research.”

“Aw yeah,” Rainbow grinned, “first she gave me Oshawott, then tried to help me get home, and now she’s given you a Pokedex and Pokéballs? I’ve definitely gotta remember to bring her those postcards I promised, and maybe a few bits to thank her.”

“Rainbow,” Twilight responded, “I don’t think Equestrian currency has any value in Unova.”

“Oh, right,” Rainbow chuckled and rubbed the back of her head with a hoof.

“Relax, Rainbow,” Twilight patted Rainbow on the back, “the postcards will be enough. That’s all she asked for, after all.”

“You’re right, Twilight,” Rainbow nodded, “I’ll just make sure to get a lot of postcards.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Twilight smiled. “That reminds me, I wonder how Princess Celestia liked the souvenir I brought her.”

The door to Princess Celestia’s throne room opened and a royal guard entered, a small box supported in his magic. “Your highness,” he began, “I bring you a package from Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

“Ah, this must be the souvenir she promised me,” Princess Celestia smiled, taking the box in her magical grip, “thank you for delivering it to me.”

“You’re welcome, Princess,” the guard nodded as he turned and left the throne room.

Princess Celestia opened the box, tilting her head in confusion when she saw what was inside, a note taped to the side of a red and white ball. She picked up both items, removed the note from the ball, and read it.

“Dear Princess Celestia,
I have brought you a new pet to take care of. It is contained inside of the enclosed ball, which is known as a Pokéball. I hope you enjoy this new companion as much as I enjoyed the act of obtaining it for you.
Sincerely, Princess Twilight Sparkle”

“Hm,” Princess Celestia held up the Pokéball, not quite sure how it worked. She turned it around and noticed that there was a large button in the middle of it. Carefully, she pressed the button with a hoof.

The Pokéball burst open, causing Celestia to jump back in surprise as a beam of white energy was released. The beam landed on the ground next to Celestia and materialized into the form of a massive purple blob. “Muk!” The blob smiled and wrapped Celestia in a big hug.


Author's Note:

Before you comment about it being short, remember that epilogues are supposed to be short.
Also, it was not a typo when I said there were 648 Pokémon in the Pokédex instead of 649; I excluded Mewtwo because as far as they've shown in the series Mewtwo is still not a species that would be recognized in a Pokédex. That's one instance where the anime actually makes more sense than the games, because Mewtwo is a one of a kind Pokémon who was not only man-made, but recently made at that, so it makes sense that it wouldn't be in the Pokedex. And no, I shouldn't also exclude Genesect for the same reason, because Genesect is a prehistoric species, not created by Team Plasma but modified by it.

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Comments ( 165 )

Does this mean there might be a sequel?

Muk? riiight.... and then they always claim it's Trollestia.... mayve we need Trollight?

eagerly awaiting a Sequel, whenever possible.

see ya around
mfg Nordic

I remember Ash's Muk would always do that to Oak. Great story.

not sure if twilight was being a troll, or actually serious......

just saying though, mewtwo isn't in the pokedex because no one knows it exists (aside from Ash and friends). if they did, it would be added to the pokedex for the same reason any other one-of-a-kind pokemon is, for the sake of recording ALL pokemon.

Trollestia got Muk'd by Trollight Sparkle.

I agree sequal is a must.


I still remember when Ash caught Muk. When he sent it to Oak, Oak sent it out of the Pokeball to see what species it was, and as soon as it appeared and gave him the first hug, he screamed "What's the idea in sending me a Muk?!? Yuck!"


I've said it several times already; there is going to be a sequel.

2344537 *Cough*


I'm surprised its not Solrock/Lunatone I mean theres the Great Chasm after all

Muk is a good call though :rainbowlaugh:

:twilightoops::Apparently, becoming an Alicorn comes with a new craving for Trolling!
:twilightsmile::Guess, who is going to get it for not telling me?
:twilightsmile::Yep, sure guessed it!

Oh, it so replayed in my mind when I read this scene! Granted, we have dubbing...:fluttercry: but I still remembered it word for word!

The ending is very funny hahahahaha:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

A muk......BBBAAAAAHHHHahahahahahahahahahaha, HELP HAHA I'M GONA HAHA DIE AHAHAHAHAH.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

2344564 Did you watch Pokemon since the beginning? It was a kind of family thing to me. My cousins played and watched Pokemon. I still have a VHS tape somewhere that has the Diglett episode and the episode where Primape leaves Ash to be trained after winning the fight tournament. I can't remember everything, but I have a portion of my memory that is tuned to Pokemon.


I'm thinking they'd have where Twilight and Rarity don't have horns in human form, but instead channel their magic through their finger tips (or just do it all with their minds like the gym leader Sabrina. For the flying, I'm not entirely sure; I'm thinking of having where they can either sprout wings when needed like that one guy on X-Men, or where they just fly without wings like Superman.

Now, there's something I should explain about the human thing (this isn't really a spoiler; it's the kind of thing that would be included in the initial synopsis anyway). What happens is Twilight makes a machine that can transport ponies to Unova (my ideal design is a lot like the time machine in Dexter's Lab, where it's a bit larger than a refrigerator). One of the functions of the machine is that it uses illusion magic to give the ponies the appearance of being humans so they can blend in. The CMC get sent to Unova when they sneak into the library and use the machine, not knowing that it hasn't been finished yet and does not yet have a way to bring them back.

While getting her a Muk was hilarious, I have to say that it would have been awesome if Twilight had gotten her a Solrock.

On that note, I think it would be funny for CMC to actually catch that one. And maybe a Lunatoone Lunatone(derp keyboard is derp...) for Luna.
You know, the more pets, the merrier, right?:unsuresweetie:

For the sequel make Fluttershy catch healing pokemon like a Chansey or Audino ect.

Fr the sake of making the sequel funny when Fluttershy is presented, make her be able to befriend the strong pokemons easily without even fighting them. Rainbow would go all like "OH COME ON! She gets all the cool pokemons without even trying, that's not fair."

Flutters would probably be the pony to get a magicarp, love it to bits for ten minutes while Dash laughs, and then it instantly evolves.

Ash's Muk, he's a hugger XD

Ah yes, I remember that moment from Pokémon:rainbowlaugh:

Poor professor Oak, but I bet his Dry Cleaner made a fortune from him, though:derpytongue2:

2344744 Maybe Fluttershy will have a couple godly friends in the pokemon world if you get my drift.

Celestia with a smothering Muk, BRILLIANT:rainbowlaugh:

Oh I hope there will be a sequel:pinkiehappy:

2345109 :twilightsmile: Took the words right out of my mouth. I think that was a pretty funny prank Twi pulled on Celestia.

2345198 the only question is were would Twilight find a Muk in the Unova region, unless its Ash's but he usually doesn't trade his pokemon?:rainbowhuh:

The Pokeball burst open, causing Celestia to jump back in surprise as a beam of white energy was released. The beam landed on the ground next to Celestia and materialized into the form of a massive purple blob. “Muk!” The blob smiled and wrapped Celestia in a big hug.

:rainbowlaugh:LOL sucks to be you Celestia:rainbowlaugh:
Great job, now I demand a sequel:ajbemused: Bring me more good work, I will be watching from the shadows:rainbowdetermined2:


They can be found in the wild in the sewers of Castelia City in B2/W2. In BW most of Unova only had Unova species, but as of B2/W2 there are pre-5th gen Pokemon all over the place. For example, Chargestone Cave now has wild Nosepass, the route right above Driftveil City now has Castform, and the Resort Desert has Trapinch and Sandshrew.


And a few months later they started seeing Grimers roaming around the lab with gray hair and lab coats.

Um... You do know that the Pokedex basically says that Muk is deadly as all hell right? Here are a couple excerpts.

A toxic fluid seeps from its body. The fluid instantly kills plants and trees on contact.

Its body is made of a powerful poison. Touching it accidentally will cause a fever that requires bed rest.

As it moves, a very strong poison leaks from it, making the ground there barren for three years.

So basically Muk hugging Celestia would cause the same effect she would get from eating poison. I thought you ought to know....


2345245 I've got Pokemon White 2 and you can get a Grimer from the sewers in the city that has the Bug Gym Leader.

But Ash's Muk hugs Prof. Oak all the time... meh, Nintendo never has been very consistent with Pokemon facts

ha! she gave her a muk! she's professor oak now!!

2344641 there's still one thing i don't get though... you said that it would just be an illusion. so i thought they would still really be ponies, but look like humans to non-ponies... but than you said:

I'm thinking they'd have where Twilight and Rarity don't have horns in human form, but instead channel their magic through their finger tips (or just do it all with their minds like the gym leader Sabrina. For the flying, I'm not entirely sure; I'm thinking of having where they can either sprout wings when needed like that one guy on X-Men, or where they just fly without wings like Superman.

you mentioned stuff like human form, actually having fingers, and how they would fly/use magic while in human form. this implies that 1: they are actually going to be humans, or 2: they're part pony and part human. or there is something else is yet to be explained. correct me if i'm wrong.


It's basic shapeshifting, like Queen Chrysalis: they have the physical appearance of being human but still retain the abilities they have as ponies.

Very nice crossover. I'm not very knowledgable about Pokemon, but it was written so that people like me can understand, which is always nice.:twilightsmile:

(I was close to 30 when Pokemon became noticable... oy vey!:duck:)

2346252 so they are exactly the same except for how others see them, or they are humans, but can do pony stuff? i just want to make sure i understand the concept.:derpytongue2:


They have the external anatomy of humans, but can still do the thins they were able to do as ponies that normal humans aren't able to do.

2346399 okay, i get it. and now, just like pokemon x and y, I'M GONNA DIE WAITING FOR THE SEQUELLLLL:raritydespair:

Celestia gets a Muk. That's hilarious

can't tell if The pokeballs that twilight got from prof juniper have pokemon already in them or they have to go back and catch some of them instead

I can see the cutie mark crusaders already this is what the get CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS POKEMON MASTERS
:unsuresweetie: Chimecho
:applecry: gurdurr
:scootangel: some kind of psychic type or other

sequel please

Oh my god that ending XDDD

2345801 not to mention celestia's immortal anyway so it wouldn't affect her

2346714 You are on the right track there but the sequel will be in Unova.

2346772 its been said by me and snakeman plenty times before that we are working on a sequel.

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