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Gotta Dash 'em All - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

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Chapter 13: Souvenir Pokémon

“Wow, that was great,” Twilight wiped her mouth off and placed her napkin on the table.

“Yeah,” Pinkie placed another plate on top of her growing stack on the table, “this Pokemon center’s food is delicious! It could use more deserts though.” She turned to Twilight, “Hey Twilight, think I could bring a menu from Sugarcube Corner with me next time we come, just to give the cooks some ideas?”

“I guess that would be okay,” Twilight responded, “after all, Sugarcube Corner has some of the best sweets in all of Equestria.”

“Really?” Ash’s eyes widened and his mouth watered a bit. “Maybe I should pay you a visit in Equestria sometime.”

“Yeah!” Pinkie grinned, “You could all come and I could throw you a great big ‘Welcome to our Universe’ party!”

Cilan chuckled “Sounds like a strange theme for a party.”

“Trust me,” Twilight giggled, “with Pinkie Pie, there aren’t any strange party themes.”

“Yeah, if it’s a reason to party it works for me!” Pinkie threw a bunch of confetti into the air.

“Loon, Loon,” Looney floated down to Pinkie, curious about how she created confetti out of nowhere.

“Oh, do you want some too, Looney?” Pinkie giggled and placed a small pile of confetti on Looney’s head.

“Drifloon?” Looney was still confused, but decided to follow its trainer’s lead and threw the confetti into the air.

“That’s the spirit, Looney,” Pinkie hugged Looney, “when we get home I’m gonna teach you and all my other Pokémon all about the art of the party.”

“That reminds me,” Rainbow Dash stood up, “I think it’s time we teach you two how to catch a Pokémon.”

“Yay!” Pinkie cheered, “I can’t wait! I’m just so excited!”

“Then let’s go!” Rainbow grinned and flew to the door.

“Rainbow Dash,” Iris stood up as the others started running after Rainbow, “wait for us.”

“Yeah,” Twilight flew alongside Rainbow Dash, “Pinkie and I are the ones who are going to be catching Pokémon. You already caught Mandibuzz, isn’t that enough for one trip?”

“No way,” Rainbow and held up a Pokéball, “Ash gave me one more Pokéball so I can demonstrate for you.”

“Okay,” Twilight raised an eyebrow, “but do you know what Pokémon you want to catch?”

“Of course,” Rainbow grinned, “Mandibuzz and I have a score to settle.”

“How do you know it’s still going to be here?” Ash asked Rainbow Dash as they approached the clearing where she first caught Vullaby.

“You said Rufflett and Vullaby were fighting for territory,” Rainbow replied, “so with Vullaby gone Braviary had the area all to itself. It’s got to be here.”

“Wow,” Twilight looked over to Rainbow Dash, “that actually made a lot of sense.”

“Hey, I can be smart on occasion,” Rainbow winked.


“What was that?” Twilight looked around quickly and spotted Braviary flying in a circle over the clearing.

“That,” Rainbow grinned, holding up Mandibuzz’s Pokeball, “is my next Pokemon.”

“Oshawott,” Oshawott nudged her.

“Sorry, Oshawott,” Rainbow patted Oshawott on the head, “but you already fought Braviary before and won by scaring it off; Mandibuzz lost to it, so she deserves a second chance.”

“Besides,” Ash added, “if Rainbow Dash catches Braviary you can battle it all the time for training.”

“Osha,” Oshawott sighed and sat down.

“Aw, it’s okay, Oshawott,” Pinkie gave Oshawott a comforting and constricting hug, “you can cheer on Rainbow Dash with the rest of us.”

“Oshawott,” Oshawott gave a small nod.

“Alright,” Rainbow nodded, “now that that’s sorted out, go Mandibuzz!” She threw Mandibuzz’s Pokéball into the clearing. The ball opened and Mandibuzz appeared.

“Buzz!” Mandibuzz spread her wings.

“Bravi?” Braviary looked down and noticed Mandibuzz and Rainbow Dash. “Brave!” He glared at Rainbow Dash and began to charge toward her for an Aerial Ace attack.

“Mandibuzz!” Mandibuzz flew in front of Braviary and fired a Dark Pulse at him. Braviary dodged the attack, but in the process he stopped charging the Aerial Ace.

“This is fascinating,” Twilight commented as she held up a notebook, diligently writing down everything she saw.

“She’s certainly off to a better start than her first battle with Braviary,” Cilan added.

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked.

Iris turned to Twilight, “During her first battle, when she was using Oshawott, she didn’t know what moves Oshawott could use at first, so she had a rough start.”

“If that’s the case,” Twilight looked down at Minccino, “I’d better figure out what moves you can use before we try to catch anything.’

“Minccino,” Minccino smiled.

“Glad that’s settled,” Rainbow interjected, “I wouldn’t want you to miss too much.”

“Oh, sorry Rainbow,” Twilight held the notepad back up.

“Good,” Rainbow turned back to the battle. Mandibuzz had used Double Team, and Braviary was currently destroying the fake ones one at a time using Aerial Ace.

“Brave!” Braviary destroyed the last fake Mandibuzz and began charging energy into his claws.

“Mandibuzz, use Bone Rush!” Rainbow called.

“Buzz,” Mandibuzz nodded as she began to focus energy into her beak. A blue bone appeared in her beak, and she charged toward Braviary.

“Bravi!” Braviary cried as he charged back at Mandibuzz. He reached his claws forward for a Crush Claw, which collided with the Bone Rush. Braviary and Mandibuzz leered at each other as they tried to push each other back.

“Mandibuzz,” Rainbow yelled, “spin in place to throw him off!”

“Mandibuzz!” Mandibuzz quickly flipped around as ordered.

“Brave?!?” Braviary’s talons were swept out from under him, throwing him off his balance. “Brave!” He slammed into the ground.

“Good work, Mandibuzz,” Rainbow cheered, “now use Dark Pulse!”

“Buzz!” Mandibuzz blasted a Dark Pulse attack down at Braviary, but Braviary stood up before it could hit. Instead of dodging, however, Braviary began flapping his wings straight forward, creating a powerful gust of wind. The Dark Pulse stopped advancing, and started to get pushed backward.

“Look out!” Ash called to Rainbow Dash, “He’s using Whirlwind again!”

Rainbow gritted her teeth and yelled “Keep going, Mandibuzz! Push back that Whirlwind!” Mandibuzz nodded slightly and began to channel more power into the Dark Pulse.

“Brave!” Braviary flapped his wings harder, making the Whirlwind even stronger. The Dark Pulse began to twist in the wind, and the tip of it turned around. Suddenly pushed along with the wind instead of against it, the Dark Pulse flew straight back at Mandibuzz, striking her square in the chest.

“Buzz!” Mandibuzz fell out of the air and landed in the clearing.

“Mandibuzz, no!” Twilight started to get up, but was stopped when Ash grabbed her shoulder.

“No, Twilight,” he insisted.

“But Mandibuzz-”

“Don’t worry, Twilight, Rainbow can handle it.”

Twilight looked unsure, but nodded, “Okay, I’ll let Rainbow handle it.”

“Bravi!” Braviary flew up into the air and began charging his energy for a Giga Impact.

“Get up, Mandibuzz!” Rainbow called.

“Mandi-buzz,” Mandibuzz stood up groggily.

“Good work, Mandibuzz,” Rainbow smiled. “Now, wait until he’s about to hit, and then dodge.”

“Buzz,” Mandibuzz nodded, spreading her wings to the side for easy takeoff. Braviary charged, the energy of the Giga Impact swirling around him. When Braviary was about ten feet away, Mandibuzz gave a powerful flap of her wings and quickly ascended.

“Brave?!?” Braviary crashed into the ground.

“Now Mandibuzz, finish him off with Dark Pulse!”

“Mandibuzz!” Mandibuzz turned around and blasted a Dark Pulse at Braviary, striking him square in the back.

“Brave!” Braviary cried as it was struck by the Dark Pulse. “Brave…” he collapsed, unconscious.

“Now, go Pokéball!” Rainbow threw her empty Pokéball at Braviary. The ball struck Braviary and rose into the air, pulling him in. The ball landed on the ground, and everyone watched intently as it rolled from side to side. Suddenly, it stopped moving, and the button on the front stopped blinking. “Aw yeah!” Rainbow cheered, flying up to the Pokéball and picking it up. “I got a Braviary!”

“Nice work, Rainbow Dash,” Twilight complimented as she flew up to Rainbow Dash.

“This calls for a party!” Pinkie cheered.

Rainbow grinned and replied “Yeah, a party sounds good, but only after we get back to Equestria. First, you two need to find Pokémon to catch as well.”

“That reminds me,” Twilight turned to Ash, “Ash, is there any way to see what moves Minccino knows other than just battling?”

“Sure,” Ash held up his Pokédex, “you just need to scan them with a Pokédex like this.” He held the Pokédex in front of Minccino and pressed a button. The Pokédex scanned Minccino, so Ash turned the screen toward Twilight.

“Hm, let’s see,” Twilight read the screen, writing the moves down in her notebook. “Okay,” she closed the notebook, “I got it.”

“Great,” Ash smiled, then turned to face Pinkie, “now let’s take a look at what moves Looney has.” He held the Pokédex up to Looney and scanned it.

Pinkie excitedly hopped up to Ash, “What’s it say? What’s it say?!?” Ash turned the Pokédex to show her and she read the moves. “Okie dokie lokie,” She smiled, “I got it.”

“Aren’t you going to write it down?” Twilight asked.

“Nopesy dopesy,” Pinkie giggled, “I’ve got it memorized.”

Rainbow laughed, “That’s just like you, Pinkie. Now we just need to find something for you to catch.”

“Um, Rainbow Dash,” Twilight raised an eyebrow, “how are we going to do that anyway?”

“We’ll search by air,” Rainbow responded. “I’ll fly Pinkie over to the hill over there,” she pointed to a nearby mountain range, “and you fly over the forest.”

“What about us?” Ash asked. “We can’t fly.”

“Oh,” Rainbow frowned, “right.” Suddenly she perked up and held up Braviary’s Pokeball. “I’ve got it, you can help by taking Mandibuzz and Braviary to the Pokemon center. Mandibuzz, return,” she returned Mandibuzz to her Pokéball and hooved both Pokéballs to Ash. “Think you’d be up to it?”

“Sure,” Ash nodded, “I’d like to see Pinkie and Twilight catch their Pokemon, but if it’s for the sake of your Pokémon’s help, we’ll do it.”

“Awesome,” Rainbow smiled, “we’ll meet you at the Pokémon center once we’re done. Once we’re done catching our Pokémon, we’ll have some dinner, let Nurse Joy take care of any of our Pokemon that are hurt, and then head home.” She turned to Twilight and asked “That sound good to you?”

Twilight nodded, “Sounds like a great idea to me, Rainbow.”

Pinkie hopped on Rainbow’s back, right behind Oshawott, and cheered “Woohoo! Let’s go!”

Rainbow Dash grunted a bit when Pinkie jumped on her back, “Do I look like a bus to you?”

“Of course not, silly,” Pinkie giggled, “but I didn’t want to make Looney carry me all by himself. Now onward!” She pointed toward the mountain.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, “Pinkie Pie, you are so random.” She flew up into the air and started flying toward the mountain. Meanwhile, Twilight took off and flew over the forest.

“Good luck!” Ash waved to them.

“I can’t wait to see what you catch,” Iris added, also waving to them.

“We’ll see you at dinner,” Cilan added.

Twilight flew over the forest, scanning the are below for any sign of a Pokémon to catch. “See anything, Minccino?”

“Minccino,” Minccino shook its head sadly as it looked down over the forest. “Ccino, Minccino,” it perked up and pointed its tail down to a stream.

“What is it?” Twilight looked down at the stream. She saw a small, pink Pokémon taking a drink from the stream. It stood on four legs, had tiny stubs of antlers on the top of its head, and had hooves. “Interesting,” Twilight noted, “it looks very similar to a deer faun from Equestria.” She turned her head to face Minccino and asked “Do you think you’re up for it?”

“Minccino,” Minccino nodded.

“Then let’s go catch it,” Twilight angled downward and flew to the stream, trying to be quiet so that she wouldn’t scare the Pokémon. She failed.

“Deer?!?” the Pokémon jumped back when it saw Twilight. Minccino jumped down off of Twilight’s back.

“Alright Minccino,” Twilight held up her notebook and looked up Minccino’s moves, “let’s see. Here’s one,” she lowered the notebook, “use Tail Slap.”

“Minccino!” Minccino’s tail glowed white and it jumped at the Deerling. It flipped around and swung its tail, but Deerling dodged it.

“Deer,” Deerling opened its mouth and a ball of green energy began to form in front of its mouth. “Deerling!” It yelled as it fired the Energy Ball at Minccino.

“Minccino?” Minccino’s eyes widened just as it was struck by the Energy Ball.

“Minccino!” Twilight gasped. “Now, use Swift!” Minccino flipped around, swinging its tail in a wide arch. A large number of small yellow stars flew out of the tip of its tail and right toward the Deerling.

“Ling!” Deerling jumped up above the Swift and its hooves began to glow.

“Ccino?” Minccino ran and just barely dodged the Jump Kick attack.

When its Jump Kick missed, Deerling struggled to its hooves, having taken damage from the crash. “Deerling!” It opened its mouth and fired another Energy Ball.

Twilight smirked, “Not this time! Minccino, use Tail Slap!”

“Minccino!” Minccino’s tail glowed white and it swatted the Energy Ball, parrying it back so that it struck Deerling.

“Ha!” Twilight cheered, “Nice shot!”

“Deerling,” Deerling’s body glowed green as the Energy Ball hit it.

Twilight gasped “What’s going on? It looks like it just absorbed the attack!”

Deerling glared at Minccino and jumped into the air, its hooves glowing for another Jump Kick. “Minccino!” Minccino cried as it was hit.

“Minccino, no!” Twilight yelled.

“Cc-Ccino,” Minccino staggered to its feet.

Twilight gritted her teeth and muttered “Minccino can’t take much more of this, and that other Pokemon has hardly taken any damage.”

“Deer!” Deerling jumped into the air and charged up for another Jump Kick.

Twilight gasped “No, not again! If it hits Minccino’s finished-” she stopped, coming to a sudden realization, “but if it misses the other Pokemon will take a lot of damage.” She grinned confidently and called “Minccino, quick! Use Flash!”

“Minccino!” Minccino’s eyes glowed white and it released a blinding flash of light.

“Deer!” Deerling squinted its eyes and looked away, blinded by the light. “Deerling!” unable to see where it was going, Deerling crashed into the ground, taking heavy damage from the Jump Kick.

“Alright, here goes,” Twilight held up her empty Pokéball, “go Pokéball!”

Deerling struggled to try to stand, but found itself being struck in the head with a Pokéball. “Deer…” The Pokéball opened and pulled in Deerling.

“Come on, come on” Twilight mumbled as she watched the ball move back and forth. After a few moments, the ball stopped moving. “Yes!” Twilight cheered, using her magic to pull Minccino toward her and wrapping it in a tight hug. “We did it, we did it!”

“Minccino!” Minccino hugged back happily.

Rainbow Dash touched down in a rocky canyon on the hill. “Okay, Pinkie, we’re here,” she announced.

“Thanks Dashie,” Pinkie hopped down off of Rainbow’s back.

“No problem Pinkie,” Rainbow smiled, “thank you for flying Air Awesome.”

“Where are the Pokémon?” Pinkie ran around, looking behind every rock and in every rocky crevice she could find.

“Pinkie,” Rainbow shook her head, “you’re going to scare them away if you keep that up.”

“Found one!” Pinkie announced.

Rainbow’s mouth hung open and she stuttered “Y-you did? Already?”

“Absolutely,” Pinkie trotted out from behind a large rock, “see?” She turned so Rainbow could see her tail. There was a basketball-sized Pokémon biting onto her tail. It had a large fin like a shark on its back, several sharp-looking teeth in its mouth, a red underbelly, and stubby arms and legs.

“Gib, Gib,” the Pokémon nibbled on Pinkie’s tail a bit, but spit it out when it confirmed that the tail was not in fact cotton candy.

“Come on, Looney,” Pinkie cheered, “let’s catch it.”

“Loon, Loon,” Looney floated over to Pinkie.

“Gible!” The Pokémon, whose name was apparently Gible, jumped at Looney, its mouth wide open and its teeth glowing white.

“Looney, duck!” Pinkie called.

“Loon,” Looney obeyed and ducked under the Gible.

“Now use Wrap!”

“Drifloon!” Looney flipped over and wrapped its stringy arms around Gible.

“Gible!” Gible tried to struggle and bite at the arms, but they were too thin for it to grab.

“Now Looney, throw it up into the air and use Shadow Ball!”

“Loon, Drifloon!” Looney flipped over several times and then let go, sending Gible flying up into the air.

“Gible!” Gible flailed its arms in the air.

“Loon!” Looney charged a ball of shadows in front of its face and blasted it at Gible, striking it square in the face.

“GIBLE!” Gible yelled.

“Way to go, Looney!” Pinkie cheered.

“Gib,” Gible landed on the ground, unconscious.

“Now, go Pokéball!” Pinkie threw her Pokéball at Gible. The ball pulled in Gible and fell onto the ground, rolling side to side for only a moment until it stopped. “Alright!” Pinkie cheered, hopping over to the Pokéball and picking it up.

Rainbow Dash’s jaw hit the ground and she stuttered “P-Pinkie? How did you do that so easily?”

“I didn’t do it, silly,” Pinkie giggled, “Looney did.”

“Loon, Loon,” Looney nodded.

“No, but, I mean, oh never mind,” Rainbow sighed and rubbed her head, “let’s just go before you give me a migraine.”

“Osha,” Oshawott patted Rainbow on the back for comfort.

“Okie dokie lokie,” Pinkie hopped over to Rainbow and hopped on her back. “Hi ho Dashie, away!”

“So, how’d it go, Twilight?” Ash asked when he saw Twilight walk into the Pokémon center.

“It went great, although you can see that Minccino got pretty beaten up.”


“Well, what did you catch?” Iris ran up to Twilight.

“This,” Twilight threw the Pokéball into the air and sent out Deerling.

“Deerling?” Deerling looked around, although it was still wobbly from its previous battle.

Ash smiled, “It’s a Deerling.”

“That’s nothing,” Rainbow Dash grinned as she trotted into the Pokémon center, “you should see the Pokémon Pinkie caught.”

“Yeah, it’s really cool,” Pinkie hopped down off of Rainbow’s back. “Looney did a great job, he didn’t even break a sweat.”

“Loon,” Looney smiled.

“What?” Twilight’s eyes widened, “Minccino and I barely managed to catch this Deerling, but you caught a Pokémon without breaking a sweat?”

“She sure did,” Rainbow Dash nodded, “she’s a natural.”

“Oh, Rainbow Dash,” Nurse Joy interjected, walking up to Rainbow and handing her a pair of Pokéballs, “your Mandibuzz and Braviary are all better.”

“Thanks, Nurse Joy,” Rainbow happily accepted the Pokéballs.

“Oshawott,” Oshawott smiled.

“Um, excuse me Nurse Joy,” Twilight spoke up, “would you be willing to take care of my Minccino and Deerling?”

“Oh, oh, and my Pokémon too,” Pinkie held up Gible’s Pokéball.

Nurse Joy nodded, “Of course, it will be my pleasure.” She accepted the Pokéball and turned around, calling “Audino, one stretcher please.”

“Audino,” Audino rolled a stretcher into the lobby. Together with Nurse Joy, Audino lifted Deerling and Minccino onto the stretcher.

“They’ll be all better in no time,” Nurse Joy assured the group as she turned and rolled the stretcher out of the room.

“In the meantime,” Pinkie smiled over at the café, “let’s eat!” She ran to the café at full speed, leaving a pink cloud in her wake.

Ash laughed, “She’s got an even bigger appetite than me.”

“And that’s saying something,” Iris responded, inciting a laugh from everyone and everypony there.

The whole group headed to the café and sat down at the same table as Pinkie, who had already amassed a pile of plates as tall as herself next to her. “Where’s she putting it all?” Cilan whispered to Twilight, “She eats like a black hole, but isn’t fat at all.”

Twilight giggled a bit at the analogy, “Yeah, she has a metabolism unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Honestly I wish I could do that; it’d be really nice to be able to eat cake for every meal and not gain any weight.”

“Yeah,” Ash responded, “that would be awesome.”

“Sure is,” Pinkie giggled, “especially when it’s the super extra delicious cake they have at Sugarcube Corner.”

“Don’t mention Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie,” Rainbow frowned, “you’re making me anxious to go back there and stuff my face.”

“Oops, sorry Dashie.”

“Don’t worry about it, Pinkie.”

“Okie dokie lokie.”

About thirty minutes later the group was finished with their meal. Even Pinkie Pie was finally full by now, although her chair was no longer a chair but a pile of plates. Rainbow Dash laughed a bit and commented “Aw man, I wouldn’t want to be the one in charge of washing the dishes here.”

“Me too,” Nurse Joy responded from right behind Rainbow.

“AH!” Rainbow jumped out of her seat, startled. “What was that for?”

“I’m very sorry for startling you, Rainbow Dash,” Nurse Joy apologized, “I was just here to return your friends’ Pokemon.” She moved to the side to reveal a stretcher, with Deerling, Minccino, and Gible lying on top of it.

“Hey,” Ash smiled, “so that’s Pinkie’s Pokemon. It’s a Gible, just like mine.”

“Oh,” Pinkie smiled as she hopped over to the stretcher and picked up Gible. “I can’t wait to introduce you to Gummy.”

“Gummy?” Ash tilted his head to the side, “Who’s Gummy?”

“Oh, he’s my pet alligator,” Pinkie smiled, but suddenly gasped. “Uh oh, I need to feed Gummy.”

“Don’t worry, Pinkie,” Twilight stepped up next to her. “Whenever you’re ready we can step outside and I’ll send us home.”

“I’m ready,” Pinkie nodded, “can’t let Gummy go hungry after all.”

“And I’ve really got to check on Tank,” Rainbow added, “he doesn’t eat much but it’s probably bad for him to be without me for this long.”

“Alright, Rainbow,” Twilight giggled a bit, “we’ll be on our way.” She turned to the stretcher and smiled at Deerling and Minccino. “Come on, guys, it’s time to go home.”

“Deer,” Deerling hopped down onto the ground, followed by Minccino.

“Wait,” Cilan stood up, “before you go, there’s something I want to give you.”

“What is it?” Rainbow asked.

“Well,” Cilan reached into his backpack and pulled out three lunchboxes, “I remember how much you enjoyed the food I made, so I decided to give each of you one for the road.”

“Oh boy!” Pinkie hopped over to Cilan and took the lunchboxes, then hopped back to Rainbow and Twilight, giving one lunchbox to each of them.

“I hope you like them,” Cilan smiled.

“Don’t worry,” Rainbow Dash replied, “we will.”

Twilight turned to face Ash, Iris, and Cilan. “Thank you for taking care of Rainbow Dash these last couple days,” she smiled warmly.

“Any time,” Iris nodded.

“It was a real pleasure getting to know you,” Cilan added.

“I hope we see you again someday” Ash gave Twilight a thumbs up.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to send you some postcards from Equestria now and then,” Twilight smiled, “and maybe even visit once in a while.”

“Well, I look forward to seeing you again when you do,” Ash replied.

“Thanks,” Twilight turned to face Rainbow and Pinkie. “Well girls, are you ready to go home now?”

“Sure thing, Twilight,” Rainbow nodded. She turned to face Ash and his friends and added “Bye guys, I’ll see you later.”

“Bye,” Pinkie waved at the group and tossed them one last hoof-full of confetti.

“Bye Rainbow Dash, bye Pinkie Pie, bye Twilight,” Ash and his friends waved back at the ponies.

Twilight’s horn lit up as she began to focus her energy on Spacial Rend. Everyone in the Pokemon center watched in awe as a burst of energy shot out of the tip of Twilight’s horn, creating a rift hovering in the air in front of the door. “Come on, girls,” Twilight said as she began trotting to the rift. Minccino hopped on her back and Deerling walked next to her as she trotted through the rift.

“Yippee!” Pinkie cheered as she hopped through the portal, Looney wrapping his arms around her waist and Gible biting onto her tail.

“Next stop, Equestria,” Rainbow Dash smiled as she flew into the rift, Oshawott riding on her back.

As the rift closed, Iris turned to Ash and asked “Do you really think we’ll see them again?”

Ash smiled confidently and answered “I know we will.”

Author's Note:

I realize the very end is rushed, but that's because I HATE sappy, drawn out goodbye scenes; they're just so cliche and never accomplish anything anyway.

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